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'Seven men share one destiny…their battles continue until evil perishes, and justice prevails.'

Legend of the Quest by Tannertexaslady

'The promise of our Legacy lives within us. We were, we are, and will be again.'

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Characters: Vin, seven

Rating: gen ~ het ~ profanity

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes, based on the characters from "The Magnificent Seven." I don’t own 'em, but if I did I would run away with ‘em and never be seen again. CBS and Co., Trilogy Entertainment, and MGM had ‘em first. I play at this for fun and do not make any money doing it. No infringement of any copyrights intended. Any references to locations or people are for story use, and do not intend to depict any real place or person.

Universe: Legend Chronicles AU is inspired by the MCAT story, 'Code of Honor.' This AU spans different settings and times, recounting the many stories of their Quests. This AU is het only and contributed stories must include at least a mention of 'The Legend Book'. Find information about The Legends of the Quest @ http://www.tannertexaslady.com/codeofhonor.html

Legend of the Quest (OW/fantasy): This is the introductory story to the Legend Chronicles. As Vin awaits his journey home, he recounts how it all began. It was forever ago, and yet only a small twinkle in time.

Tannertexaslady Notes: While death of a character is implied, I don't consider this a deathfic, but one of transition, since our heroes' lives are never-ending. I am not an expert historian, and this is fiction. After researching the periods involved, I decided not to attempt a specific recounting of historical facts. Suffice to say the brothers' homeland is mythical and vaguely dated somewhere around 800 to 600 B.C. Any mistakes are mine.

Acknowledgements: Wendy, I finally got this one down, so you can quit pushing. <G Thanks for the beta. Sarai, you are the greatest, thanks for making me look good. Muse's ladies, y'all are appreciated. Sue co-wrote Code of Honor and her contributions helped inspire this AU. She also created the awesome collage for 'Legend of the Quest.'

Legend of the Quest

Ambling onto the wooden porch, he looks toward the mountains on the horizon. Moving slower than in his younger days, he shivers. Gonna snow before the day's over for sure. Damn cold makes my old bones ache like hell. I hate the cold, hate being alone, and hate waiting for this lifetime to close.'


With trembling hands, he clutches the old book he carries close to his chest, and settles into the weathered wooden rocking chair. It was time to make the last entry before letting go. He remembers it all as he thumbs over the pages, picks up his treasured ink pen, and begins to record his message for future warriors.

'It was forever ago, and yet only a small twinkle in time. Born in a homeland, which traversed mortal and mystical spheres, our ancestors were a spiritual people composed of poets, musicians, storytellers, seers, scribes, folk healers, warriors, and priests. Our world overflowed with tales of romance, heroism, vision, and honor. I was one of seven powerful brothers bound by blood, heritage, and love.

The Greeks called us Keltoi, while the Romans called us Galli. We called ourselves warriors, charged with the task of leading our tribe to travel a path of righteousness, and honor. Our battles with evil were fierce and numerous, yet always victorious…until dark forces of iniquity used the power of sorcery to destroy our physical bonds in this earthly sphere, and cast us into the winds of time. They did so, believing it would end our quest for rectitude forever.

Fate, however, favored our honorable pursuits, and intervened. Separately, our souls perpetually return to the mortal realm, but the sorcerers curse forever denies us to share blood ties again. Our individual journeys through eternity twist and turn, yet our quest forever binds us…seven men…one destiny.

There are periods in our history when forces of inequity, strong enough to demand attention, threaten the righteous, and endeavor to gain absolute control. Then, Destiny and an undying bond of trust, rejoin our seven spirits to balance the scales of justice. Reborn as strangers, with precious memories of our past erased, we still find one another, and unite as brothers of the heart. Each experience is different, but once rejoined; our destined quest is set into motion. ‘The book’ reveals itself, and our correlated memories renew. Guided by our ancestors, we regain the powers of our legacy, and emerge victorious.

My spirit brothers and I often rediscover our eternal mates, and experience again the loves founded ages ago. We live long fulfilling lives together, and raise children, before our bodies grow old, and fate decrees our work finished. In other lives, circumstances, or errors of time, force us to settle for relationships, unable to complete the needs of our souls, yet nonetheless produce offspring to ensure our lineage continues.

We are seven, and each possesses predestined warrior's roles and unique inherent abilities, which balance our power. Our eldest, guides us from a spiritual plain, a man of philosophy and contemplation, he deciphers the messages we require to progress. He is the first to remember, and his gifts guide us when the road ahead is unclear. Next in line, our Chief, the rock we anchor to, and the commanding inner voice, which keeps us focused. We follow him without question. His sense of right and wrong is infallible, and the righteous path he leads us to pursue, ensures our success. Beside him stands our third brother, Guardian of the clan, in battle and in life, his arms enfold and protect us from unmerited attacks. Our fourth brother is skilled in the art of healing. Sibling number five directs us with his ability to see beyond the obvious. Part is mental; the rest, an inert awareness he has to 'ferret out' things we don't see. Our youngest finds the best way for us to adapt to new ideas, and gives voice to our message.

And me? Born the sixth of seven brothers, I am a Heart Warrior. My prophetic visions and gift of mental communications allow me to sense all we each need to complete our transitions, and embrace our destinies. A calling of silent protection, carried out with strength and integrity, for the hearts and souls of those we hold dear, while ensuring a strengthening of the bond that protects our legacy, as well as us as well as our souls. Belief in our code and perspective… that's what it's all about…always has been... and always will be.

Teyron, Gawain, Nickolas, Lucius, Dylan, Ty, and Vincent are a few of my many given names, but regardless of who others call me, I am a Tanner and forever will be. This go round I was born in Texas, never knew my father, and lost my mama when I was five. After that, well… I'll just say I learned most everything I know the hard way. I used my tracking skills to become a bounty hunter, until a no good, sorry son of a bitch framed me for killing a man, and I had to flee the state. Santa Fe was my next stop, and there I spent some of the best weeks of my life with a woman, I've known and loved for many lifetimes.

My eternal mate is a strong, sensuous woman, who reaches places within me that no one but she can touch. Anne almost ran me over when she rushed out of a dress shop after arguing with her sister. Our souls recognized one another instantly, and in a few short days, we became lovers again, savoring each moment Fate bestowed upon us. Soon, she carried my child, and we intended to share the remaining days of our lives. Her father disapproved, and on the day we were to leave, he tried to kill me. In a flash of intuitive vision, Anne understood her role with me in this lifetime, while brief, was essential, and sacrificed her life to protect me, and my destiny.

Devastated by the loss of my life mate and child, I forced myself to move further west. I found my first brother in a place called Four Corners and within twenty-four hours, all seven of us were reunited. It took a while for our past connections to surface, but we perceived our bond immediately.

Our current quest gathered us in nineteenth century America as Josiah, Chris, Buck, Nathan, Ezra, Vin, and JD. The charge of taming the western territories after a bloody civil war, called for men who wielded the heart and strength of warriors, men who had an innate sense of right and wrong… men such as us.  In this life, my brothers and I rejoined as peacekeepers for a lawless land until judicial law and statehood took over the job…passing the brand of frontier justice to history.

Eventually, I married an Apache woman name Miakota, she was not my Anne, but we forged a good life. Our son, Christopher James will lead the next generation of Tanners.

Time has reclaimed six of my brothers, and now it calls to me.'   

Closing his eyes for a moment, scenes rushed through his mind of kindred spirits perpetually united, and bound by their code of honor. He visualized seven men throughout the ages, standing shoulder to shoulder as one in fierce battles, and felt the wind on his face as they rode across the mystical lands of Camelot. The smell of salt air assailed his senses as the image of seven Viking Warriors sailing across the seas formed in his head. He could also hear the sound of gunfire that surrounded them as they fought side by side during the turbulent American Revolution.

Weariness descended over him, and taking pen in hand, he scrawled the last entry into the book. A message for the next time destiny called their spirits to gather.

'Our code of honor binds us.  We exist to defend the righteous, and triumph against dark forces of iniquity.  In life we are mere mortals, in death, we are as one, awaiting the call to serve again. Whenever needed, seven men, separated by generations, once connected by blood, and bound by integrity, will ride this way once more.  The Code of Honor ordains it; their love for their brothers ensures it.'

Vin closed the book. Knowing the nineteenth century peacekeepers would be there to guide their descendants, as their ancestors had them, was a comfort, but when and where they would meet again was a mystery. He hoped it would be their last assemblage, and the next gathering of his band of brothers could write the final chapter in the Book of Legends. To do that, their journey, which began so many years ago, must come full circle, and that pathway remained elusive.


With the knowledge that his memories were soon ending, he leaned back, envisioning sapphire blue eyes, which haunted his soul. Vin took pleasure in remembering another time, and clung to the image of his beautiful, loving, eternal mate. An endless yearning filled his soul for the day they no longer needed to separate. He could hear her gentle laughter, and feel the silkiness of her tresses brushing across his skin before his vision faded.

A cold chill swept through his frail body as the sound of thunder approached. His spirit brothers rode in from the mist of beyond on golden steeds to claim him. Vin Tanner, former bounty hunter and one of seven peacekeepers of the western territories, joined his siblings to await their next calling. The book dropped from his lifeless hands, disappearing into the void of time, as wings of love flew him home.




Reference to code passages, were taken from 'Code of Honor."