Mind the Chandeliers!

by Sue M.

Summary: A little too much post-Superbowl celebrating!

Characters: JD, Vin


"Okay...they're kicking off again, JD...your turn!"

Security tech JD Dunne looked over at his partner, pulling a
face. "Aww come on, Vin...you just know they're waiting for me to walk
in there."

Tanner nodded. "I know, but you have to face them sometime, better
now than when they're too drunk to know who they're hitting and how

Dunne got up from his console, shaking his head. "Gee Vin, when you
put it like that, I can hardly wait to get down there," he said,

Vin chuckled as he watched the younger man leave. He spoke into his
comm. "Heads up, guys, JD's about to crash the Superbowl party...let's
stay alert."

"I *am* on this frequency, y'know!"

Vin chuckled at JD's exasperation. "Just being cautious, squirt!"


JD groaned at Vin's use of Buck's nickname for him, over the
air. 'Great...another name they can call me...still, it's better than
some I've heard this week...fucking Yankees...they won, didn't they? What
more do they want? A Bostonian kissing their asses...that's what...yeah
well, screw that!'

He was suddenly at the door to the Gold room, pausing for a moment to
gather his thoughts. `Probably should have worn a helmet', he
considered, instantly laughing it off to himself. With a nod to the
guys on the door, JD walked in, to be met by a room full of noisy,
celebrating Giants fans. He headed toward the guy tossing a football.

"Hey, fellas, could you keep it down to a dull roar, please? The guys
in the next room are trying to meditate."

The man turned to him, his smile looking more one of evil than
pleasure. "Well, lookee here...it's our favorite...LOSER! Oh, sorry..." he
snickered, "...Patriots fan!"

JD gave a tight grin. "Yeah, yeah...'cause I haven't heard *that* at
all this week, have I?"

The man tugged at his jersey. "You want this...huh? Time to wear a
winner's jersey, kid!"

"Gee, thanks," JD nodded, "but it just wouldn't go with my suit
pants." He suddenly pointed across the room, calling out. "Hey! Quit
tossing that football...these chandeliers cost thousands!"

Suddenly the fifty or so men in the room looked his way. JD gulped,
turned slightly and spoke into his comm. "Aww shit. Vin...I think it's
about to get ugly."

"Nah...you're doin' great, kid...they're not too bad." Vin's voice
crackled in his ear. JD wasn't so confident, but even as he had his
doubts, Vin was on his way.

"Here, short stuff...have some pizza!" Before JD could react, he had a
slice of pizza pushed into his face.

"Okay, Vin...listen up," he gasped out, as two chuckling men were
tugging him closer to the buffet table. "I have pizza in my face,
dude and...aww shit...and now he's going for the nachos...VIN!"

As the place erupted, security poured in through the doors and a
battle ensued.


Arriving at the treatment room, Chris and Buck howled in dismay at
the sight of the two youngest members of Team Seven covered in blood,
JD more so. The youth held up his hand to try to explain, as Chris
yelled out the inevitable question.

"What the hell happened?"

"Before I go on..." JD began, "...it's not all blood, okay? There's a lot
of pizza sauce and salsa dip here too." He groaned inwardly on seeing
his words hadn't seemed to appease the two men in any way.

"Superbowl party went into overtime," Vin offered, as he attempted to
remove the offensive, sticky red goop.

"Damage?" Chris inquired.

Vin shrugged. "Nah, nothing that can't be fixed easily...and maybe a
few sore Giants fans."

"Sore?" the blond pushed.

Vin grinned. "Let's just say JD and me scored a few touchdowns."

Chris narrowed his eyes at the food-covered pair, then turned to look
at Buck "I really don't want to know, do I?"

Buck shook his head. "Nah...best not..."

The fan who had started it all, came from the corner of the room,
walking toward JD. As the young tech looked up, the guy extended his
hand. JD shook it.

"You're alright, kid. Sorry about the pizza...see you next year?"

Dunne nodded. "Yeah...next year." He whispered to Vin as the guy
left, "Not if I see you first."

Vin chuckled, then winced when, while wiping, he found a sore spot on
his cheek.

"Right, you two...go get cleaned up and write up your reports. I want
them on my desk in an hour." With that, Chris left.

Buck winked and followed him out. "Later, guys!"

Vin and JD looked at each other, sighed and got up from their chairs.

"Y'know..." Vin said, "I could just go for some pizza."

JD laughed. "You just read my mind...but no nachos, though..." he
adjusted his underwear reminding himself why he felt uncomfortable,
"...those jalapenos really smart!"



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