by Antionette

A jewel in the desert
Las Vegas shimmers in the starlight
Twenty four hour action

The Montecito
Magnificent and sparkling
Casino and Resort

Mystique.. a nightclub
Opus and the Bella Petto Pool Bars
The Wolfgang restaurant

A bouncing white ball
The roulette wheel is spinning
Flashes of red and black

Reeling in a whale
Diamonds and emeralds flashing
A whiff of perfume

A bevy of chorus girls
Cards played on the green felt table
The house in darkness

Young people in love
A TV evangelist

A beautiful singer
An excellent singing voice
Enjoying the classics

Gloria Potter
Running the gift shop
Caught by her gossamer dreams
Bright hopes and wishes

Mary Travis
Determined to win
Feisty newspaper woman
Researching stories

Billy Travis
A confused young boy
Comforted by his grandparents
Searching for heroes

Orin Travis
Montecito's owner
Intelligent and cautious
Hired the best man

Casey Wells
A natural horse rider
Galloping along the trails
Learning bookkeeping

Nettie Wells
Running a horse ranch
Catering to the tourists
Helpful to her guests

A secretive lady
An excellent manager
Watching and waiting

+ + + + + + +

Security chief
A FBI special agent
Struck by tragedy

Tall, dark and handsome
Forging friendships with his men
An extended family

Laughter in his eyes
A variety of people
Loving the ladies

Host to the hotel guests
Entertaining and charming
Mentoring JD

A Texas Ranger
Carefully watching the guests
A keen observer

Haunted by his past
Determined to clear his name
Diligent watcher

A cautious pit boss
Caught by the eye in the sky
Banned from casinos

A dapper con man
Emerald eyes holding secrets
Watching the players

Electronic wizard
Caught by a horse riding lass
Kissing under the moon

Wanting adventure
Escaping haunting memories
Found a big brother

Tending a diverse flock
A missionary's man son
Skilled in martial arts

Words better than fists
A multilingual speaker
Lives on the outskirts

Physician on call
A sparkling bedside manner
A generous man

Warm and friendly style
Following his instincts
Runs a free clinic