One Fine Day

by Anneack

Summary: Just a normal day at the Monecito with a dead body

Characters: The Seven

Comments: This was written in response to an acronym challange. The acronyms meanings are listed at the end.

Thanks to Antoinette for the beta job, to Sarah for the LV/AU, and to Blackraptor for housing these tales for us.


JD gave a wave in response to Ezra's two fingered salute as both men headed to their respective positions in the Montecito. Ezra as always was impeccably dressed in his Armani suit. JD was nowhere near Armani, but was in his uniform jacket and dress pants and shirt.

JD grinned, Ezra was the last person he would imagine having a wardrobe malfunction.

"Ezra, XYZ," JD suggested to him.

"Might I inquire what you are referring to?" The Southern asked.

"Examine your zipper," Vin told him passing the two and winking at JD as he stepped into the elevator.

Swearing under his breath in a language JD had never heard the Head Pit Boss turned and discreetly zipped up.

With a nod of thanks, Ezra straightened his tie and headed to the game pits.

Still laughing JD headed to the elevator.

Seeing Nathan dashing for the door, JD held an arm out while his friend got in.

"Thanks, JD," The tall black doctor said as they were taken to the inner sanctum of the building that held it's offices.

"NP, I was glad to do it. Oh, thanks for the PFAK. Buck went BFC when he found out I didn't have one.

"BFC?" Nathan asked hesitantly. It scared him that he was already having trouble understanding younger people. He wasn't old enough to be suffering from culture gap already!

"He freaked."

"Well, it is a good idea to have a basic first aid kit in your home and your vehicle," Nathan told him.

JD grinned, "I think he would like to have me strap one to my body. The car would be a good idea though."

Nathan chuckled, Buck did tend to go a little over board at times trying to protect JD. "I'll get you one for it."

JD waved as he got off on the security floor and Nathan continued on to his office. Around here, there was not knowing what he might have waiting for him.

JD immediately logged into his e-mail account to see if any messages had been left for him. There was a high importance note from Shirley, Orrin Travis's secretary. His computer was acting up and he wanted fixed ASAP.

JD grabbed what he would need for the diagnosis and headed out.

"New guy in yet?" JD asked, seeing that the newest member of the security team was not there.

"Reckon he's still AWOL," Vin told him.

JD cringed, Chris was not going to be pleased. He was understanding about running late, but he expected you to call and let him know. And considering that this was the fourth time in the three weeks he had been here that he was late, JD didn't think he would last long.

JD found the problem and after replacing the CPU, Travis's computer was as good as new and JD headed back to security.

When he got back Vin was ready to go walk the floor so JD slid into his seat watching the monitors. Chris could be clearly heard reading the riot act to the new guy. JD shuddered, he would hate for Chris to be that POed with him! But, Chris had told the guy the expectations when he was hired and had warned him after the first couple of times, so the guy had it coming.

JD picked up the in house security line. It was a call from one of the rooms, that usua lly meant theft.

"Security, Dunne speaking," JD answered using the greeting they were trained to.

"OMG, I'm like here for the week with Amanda, my BFF, and, she's like dead!" A hysterical voice shrieked..

"Ma'am, just remain calm and touch nothing! We'll have security and the in house doctor there immediately," He told her sending the computer code to Nathan telling him the room number and the possible DB. They had rigged it up so that Nathan could be paged while the person taking the call remained on line to try and calm the caller.

The door to Chris's private office opened and the new guy slinked out of the bullpen. JD's h and waving brought the blonde over immediately. Seeing the scrawled note informing him of the situation and the room number, Chris ran out the door.

Chris sighed with relief when he saw that Josiah had been called in and was quietly ministering to the distraught bleached blonde girl that evidently called it in. Nobody could calm down a panicked witness like the former preacher could.

Exchanging nods of acknowledgement with Josiah, Chris headed over to Nathan.

Looking up from his patient, Nathan sighed. He really hated this part of his job.

8 0She's DOS. I don't think foul play was involved, but CSI's and LVPD will need to do their things," Nathan informed him.

"I'll call it in," Buck offered. Seeing that the young lady was being handled, he can come over to see if either of his friends needed a hand. JD had told him what happened and he had come to see if he could help in any way.

"What do you think happened?" Chris asked.

"Heart I would imagine," Nathan sighed. Death always upset him, but it was particularly sad and pointless when it was preventable. If his hunch was right, this had been.

"Ma'am, do you know if your friend did drugs at all?0 Nathan gently asked Candy.

"She's been DF for a month now, we came her as kind of celebration, she'd been trying to kick the stuff for years," Candy sniffed.

Chris took a deep breath and let it out. He hated stuff like this.

"She wasn't using again, was she?" Candy asked, looking imploringly at Nathan.

"No, I don't see any evidence of it. The ME will be able to tell for sure when the test are run. On first glance I would say she had a heart attack."

Buck closed his eyes, he had seen this before and hated it. It was such a waste of young lives. He still remembered the girls that his mother would try and help. Some had made it but way too many hadn't.

"Um, can I, like, call her family?" Candy asked.

"Well, Darlin', all you can really tell them is that she's dead. If you let the officials do it, they'll have all the information and everything right there after running their test," Buck told her.

"That's probably a good idea. Theresa, that's her name, Theresa Mitchell, her daddy's a deputy director with the FBI. He'd have lots of questions," Candy said, seeing the wisdom in Buck's suggestion.

"As in Brian Mitchell?" Chris groaned. This was officially FUBAR!

Buck winced, the great DOD was coming here, and considering the reason, would not be rational. Maybe if he started putting tranquilizers in Chris's coffee now they would get through it without a second murder.

"You know him?" Candy spun her head around to stare at Buck and Chris.

"We were with the FBI before working here, yeah, we know him," Buck told her.

Chris still looked like he was chewing nails.

"I hope you two get along with him better than Theresa did, they pretty much couldn't stand each other," Candy sniffed as she looked again towards her friend.

"He and Chris have a love hate thing going, they loved to hate each other," Buck explained.

"Buck, why don't you take, Candy, and get her settled in another room until she's been questioned and is free to go," Christ instructed.

The large man nodded and lead the twenty something girl off.

"Rest in peace," Josiah said crossing the dead girls body as he passed. He hoped maybe the blessing would giv e her soul some peace if it was needing it.

"You go on, I'll stay here until the official body minders get her," Nathan informed Chris. No sense both of them standing around the scene. If they had any questions he could always get Chris then, but he doubted that they would this time.

"Chris, there's a situation down in the pits, Vin is asking for back up," JD informed him through the communication piece that all security people wore in order to stay in touch with one another.

"SNAFU," growled as he ran for the elevators. If it was in the pits Ezra was in involved and for Vin to be asking for help, it was not goi ng to be easy.

The doors opened to a Ezra running fast full speed straight at him. A woman was chasing him with Vin hot on their heels.

Chris braced himself as Ezra sailed right into him throwing him against the wall. The woman and then Vin, unable to stop in time, slammed into the two of them.

Chris was fairly certain that he had no air left in his lungs.

"WOH," Vin moaned as the four lay in a pile on the elevator floor.

"I beg your pardon?" Ezra responded.

"He's in a world of hurt," Chris translated. He had heard Vin and JD batting them around enough to know most of them.

"Indeed," Ezra concurred. "Might I assume that someone has relieved this woman of her lighter?"

"Lighter?" Chris looked at the woman. "Didn't we throw her out about a month ago?"

"That's correct, and she evidently took offense at it and attempted to ignite me," Ezra explained.

"WHAT!" Chris barked, looking at the woman who was coming to her senses.

"She came after Ezra with this lighter and I saw it and went to get hold of her and it turned into a chase," Vin informed him.

"Take her to room one, I'll send Nathan down as soon as the police take custody of the body," Chris instructed them.

This was a first, attempted murder by lighter.

"A body?" They asked in two part harmony.

Looks to be natural causes, I'll send Nathan and an officer down PDQ," Chris told them, as they hauled the contained woman off the elevator and towards the holding room.

Chris leaned against the wall as the elevator headed up. He didn't know if he could stand it if the day got much better.

Chris yawned as he sat in his office. Thankfully the last two days had been quiet. He had needed it to recover from the total insanity earlier.

Looking at the report on his desk he tried not to throw anything. The woman that had gone after Ezra was trying to get a NGRI verdict. Hopefully the court would see through that and nail her for attempted murder. She was an absolute nut case, but knew what she was doing when she came after Ezra so was fit to stand trial.

"There's a Brian Mitchell to see you," His secretary informed him via the intercom.

Chris groaned. "Send him in."

"Couldn't hack it in the FBI so you're reduced to this?" Brian snorted as he came in.

"Needed a change," Chris replied in a cold even tone.

"I want to see the room," Brian demanded, getting down to business.

"Talk to the LVPD, I'm not on the force and until they tell me other wise they are the only ones in and out of that room. You're in law enforcement, I don't need to tell you how it works."

"You're the head of security, you must know something," the man growled.

"Your daughter was here with a friend celebrating a month of being clean. She came up to the room and found your daughter dead. That's as much as I know. It was reported to us, our doctor went down to check and declared her dead. The police took it after that," Chris told him. He understood how hard it was to loose a child, so he was trying to be patient.

"They said it was a heart attack, how does a twenty six year old have a heart attack?" Brian roared.

"How would I know? I'm not a doctor," Chris shot back. "Her friend said she had been using for years, maybe that had something to do with it."

"My daughter was not some druggie!" Brian yelled.

In the security bullpen Buck winced as he heard the raised voices go up another decibel.

"Don't reckon I'd go in there," Vin told him.

"Ol' Chris and Brian are never a good mix," Buck informed them.

"Who's the PIA?" JD asked.

"Brian Mitchell, a deputy director in the FBI, always hated that Chris was better than him. The dead girl was his daughter," Buck sighed. It was too late for him to run interference now.

"Probably came here lookin' for answers and Chris hasn't got them," Vin said quietly.

The trio went quiet as another few words were heard, none of them repeatable in polite company.

JD winced as Chris was heard suggesting that the man do something that was not physically possible.

"Is there anything we can do?" JD asked.

"I can think of a few, but people around her would be a bit upset if we did them," Vin grinned.

Buck chuckled, "Well, at least we've got you if it gets to that point."

Brian Mitchell stormed out a few minutes later.

"You all right, there?" Buck asked.

"I'm just Ducky," Chris growled.

"Please tell me he's not staying here," JD said turning and staring at his friend.

"Nope, staying at the Stardust," Buck said

"TGFT," JD muttered turning back to the monitors.

"What was Midget Mitchell after? Information about Theresa?" Buck asked.

Chris nodded. "I think I finally got it across to him that we are not involved and he needs to talk to the police."

"I'll call and warn Luis," Buck said pulling out his cell phone. The detective was a friend of theirs and the warning would let him get ready before the storm hit.

Vin motioned him over and pointed out a cheater on the floor. JD smiled as he flagged Ezra that security was on the way. Life was back to what passed as normal at the Montecito.



XYZ - Examine your zipper
NP - No Problem
PFAK - Personal First Aid Kit
BFC - Bug Freaking Crazy
ASAP - As soon as possible.
AWOL - Away with out leave
CPU - Central Processing Unit.
PO - Pissed off
OMG - Oh my God
BFF - Best Friend Forever
DB - Dead Body.
DOS - Dead on Scene
CSI - Crime Scene Investigators
LVPD - Las Vegas Police Department
ME - Medical examiner
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FUBAR - Fouled up beyond all recognition (polite definition)
DOD - Disturber of Defecation
SNAFU - Situation Normal All Fouled Up (polite definition)
WOH - World of hurt
PDQ - Pretty Darn Quick
NGRI - Not guilty by reason of insanity
PIA - Pain in the Ass
TGFT - Thank God For that

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