Oh, What a Party!

by Anneack

Characters: JD

This is in answer to two challenges. It has a Christmas carol in it and involves a Christmas party.

A Week Before Christmas
JD Dunne was almost vibrating with excitement. He had never had the guys over before. Well, he had but not like this. They had never been here for anything special, the one time they were here it was when he was moving in. Today, he was having them over for a Christmas party. This was the first time he had ever had a party. He just hoped he didn't screw it up.

He opened the door to a familiar knock and Buck Wilmington, his best friend, co-worker and surrogate big brother came in.

"This place was any cleaner and Nathan could do surgery in here," Buck snorted. He knew that his young friend was excited and more than a bit nervous.

"All I have to do is pick up the food and I'm ready," JD replied almost vibrating with excitement.

"You're sure your ready for this?" Buck asked. "We can bring food."

"I'm fine, I'll be back at work in a few days. I was ready to go this week, but the doc wanted to be cautious," JD snorted his opinion on the last word.

"Well, okay then, we'll all be here after work. Just remember that you're supposed to be taking it easy," Buck said. "Just wanted to drop in and see if you needed anything before I left."

"Nope, I'm good, you go have a fun day at work.," JD grinned at him.

"You have a good day too, call me if you need anything."

JD waved as his friend went. Buck was such a mother hen!

As he left Buck shuddered remembering the incident three weeks earlier that had resulted in the young man's current health leave from work. It was a miracle he had not been hurt worse.

Three Weeks Ago

JD yawned as he was leaving Mystique after a late lunch. Inez's tamales were to die for. Considering how many he had eaten, it was a good thing he was on monitor duty since he would not be able to move comfortable for an hour at least.

"You're hurting me," a young woman was telling the huge body building man with her

JD turned as he heard the man snarl something back and saw the woman grimacing as her escort's hand gripped her hard and shook her.

"I need back up outside Mystique's," JD said into his collar microphone as he charged at the man.

The woman yelled as she was tossed aside as the man turned to back hand JD.

JD landed on the floor but was back up and at the man before he could go back to harassing his girlfriend.

The guy made about ten of JD and was throwing him around like a rag doll, but somehow JD kept bouncing back after hitting a wall or the floor or anything else in range.

Inez had come out and was berating the man in Spanish so loudly and furiously that no one could understand her, but it was a sure bet she was not saying anything repeatable.

The last thing JD remembered as he lay on the floor20was Vin leaping over him and Buck coming barreling at the man like a bull going for a matador. Josiah was a half step behind him. He recognized the voices of Chris, Ezra and Nathan as well. Help had arrived, knowing the girl was safe JD slide into unconsciousness.

He came to a few moments later to see Nathan beside him. Vin and Ezra were tending to the brainless muscle mass, while Chris and Josiah were bodily restraining Buck to keep him away from the guy until he could be hauled to a holding room. Inez had taken the young lady into the restaurant.

"I'll be sore tomorrow," JD groaned.

Buck was instantly beside him. "Boy, you've watched Hellboy once too often."< o:p>

"He sounds like Josiah," JD explained once more his love for the movie.

"You'll have to share that movie with me, son," Josiah told him. He and Chris had released Buck seeing that he was now focused on JD.

"There's two now, we'll do a movie fest night," JD grinned as the medics descended on him.

Four days later he was released from the hospital, but was not allowed to return to work until he had gone a week without a dizzy spell. He had not had one for five days and was scheduled to return to work in a few days.

A week before Christmas

"Jingle bell, Batman smells, robin laid an egg."

JD could be clearly heard singing in the hallway.

"Buck, you're certain that our compatriot is in good health?" Ezra asked.

"Checked on him before I went in to work and called him twice during the day, seemed okay," Buck answered, hesitantly. Maybe he should have been watching the kid better.

"No sense waiting, brothers," Josiah said, leading them towards the apartment.

Vin knocked on the door.

"Come on in," JD called out.

Taking a deep breath, Chris entered with the others right behind him.

"Chris! Great to see you!" JD bounced up and kissed the blond.

Six sets of eyes stared at him in shock and disbelief.

"Josiah!" JD embraced the man tightly.

"Nice to have you back," Josiah returned the hug.

"Good ta se ya, JD," Vin greeted him hastily moving inside and out of JD's reach.

"Yes, indeed, you would appear to be feeling quite fine," Ezra smirked.

"Too fine! Boy, you are higher than the space shuttle!" Buck boomed, steering JD into the apartment.

Nathan followed them, closing the door.

"JD, you still on pain killers?" Nathan asked, instantly going into medical mode.

"Great stuff," JD beamed at him.

"Where might I find them?" Ezra asked, seeing where this was going.

"Bathroom cabinet."

"On it," Vin called diving into the bathroom.

Nathan stared at the bottle the Texan handed him. "This can not be the right prescription!"

"Really?" JD asked fascinated.

"What's wrong with it?" Chris demanded.

"They gave him twice as much as he sh ould need of the strongest stuff out there."

"Oh, man, the food!" JD dove for the kitchen. "I forgot to put it in the oven!"

"Easy, we'll just order pizza," Vin assured him.

"JD, when was the last time you took your pain meds?" Nathan asked.

"This morning, I'll be do again in a few hours."

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Buck told him.

"I'm gonna call this Dr. Richards," Nathan informed them pulling out his cell phone.

"What do we do?" Chris asked, quietly as JD drifted off into a mystical discussion about crows with Josiah.

"Wait for him to come crashing back to reality. I'll make some calls and figure out where the screw up was. I'll check his blood pressure and if that's normal then we should be okay, but might want to take him in for a check up in the morning."

"Good Lord!" Ezra exclaimed from the kitchen.

"Think I got enough for everyone? I appreciate your helping me to get it all out," JD said as he and Ezra began pulling food out of the refrigerator.

"Even with Mr. Tanner and Mr. Wilmington's appetites this cornucopia of edibles should suffice," Ezra responded.

"Where's Nathan? He didn't leave did he?" JD asked, almost dropping the tray of cookies he was conveying to the table.

"He just went out to his car to get his bag," Josiah soothed him.

"Oh man, is someone sick?"

"You're on the wrong medication. Nathan's going to see if you need to go to the doctor," Chris reminded him. JD had the attention span of an ADD gerbil at the moment.

"Oh no! I'm NOT going to the doctor!" JD informed them.

"I don't think you need to, I want to be sure though," the tall doctor told him having re-entered in time to hear the young man's announcement.

With Buck and Josiah each taking a side in case he got difficult, Nathan rolled up the youngest of the security team's sleeve and jotted down his blood pressure.

"Is it bad?" JD asked, biting his lip.

Vin shook his head, JD was certainly all over the place tonight.

"It's fine, JD. Why don't you go relax on the couch and watch a movie with the others while I make a few calls," Nathan suggested.

"Oh yeah! I got the Great Escape! Figured we'd all like that," JD burbled as he bounced over to the entertainment center.

Chris and Buck were the only ones that did not move off with the others. Nathan waved them off, so they reluctantly followed the others.

"I hope someone got a picture of that," Nathan chuckled when he came back to find JD fast asleep leaning against Ezra.

Four cell phones were held up.

"The indignity," Ezra sighed, but lacked his usual cutting sarcasm.

"What are we looking at?" Chris asked, ever the leader.

"He was bound to crash soon . Probably best not to leave him alone tonight. Apparently the pharmacist mis-read the prescription and gave him 500 milligrams instead of 50. Good thing he hadn't taken enough to need a refill. Sue said she'd drop in tonight with the right prescription," Nathan told them.

"For a first party, this certainly was memorable," Vin smirked.

"Amen," Josiah laughed.

Buck and Ezra got JD into his bedroom and tucked into bed. Buck settled himself into the chair that Chris had brought into the room.

The other five men settled themselves around the apartment for the night. They were family and none of them were going to leave until they knew their youngest was back on the road to recovery.



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