This Year's Recipient

by Anneack

Summary: One of the boys is given an award.

Notes: Thank you to Antoinette for the beta and BLackraptor for giving the stories a home.


Orin Travis looked over at his top security team and grinned. Who would have thought it? He was sooo going to enjoy tonight’s award ceremony. He had been proud when he had heard that one of his own would be honored, but he was floored when he heard who it was. They were all good, decent and giving men. But, well, if he had not been told he never would have guessed who had won the award.

Chris Larabee tried not to glare or growl at anyone. He really did hate these dress up affairs. Orin had demanded that they all be in attendance tonight, however, as one of them was being honored. He had not said who, though. Chris was proud of all his men and thought of them as family . Which one of them would be being recognized tonight? Probably Nathan for his free clinic.

Nathan tugged at his collar a little as he took his seat. It was always nice to see someone that gave to others getting recognition. Even better was the fact that it was one of his friends. Would have been nice of Orin to say who it was though. With all the places he helped out, it was almost certainly Josiah. He was always helping out at this place or that.

Vin Tanner swallowed and took a seat next to Chris. Only for his friends would he have come to something like this. Well, okay, and because their boss had basically ordered them to come. He would have come anyway since one of his friends was going to be spot lighted. His guess was JD. The kid did a lot of cancer research fund raising stuff on the quiet. He had felt real good after the talent show thing Evie had gotten them to do, so had begun doing some other stuff to help out. He just never told anyone about it. It was time that someone let folks know about that.

Buck Wilmington and JD Dunne arrived together. Buck loved stuff like this. A great place to meet some fine ladies. JD was excited to see someone from their group taking center stage. They were all great guys and it would be cool to see that acknowledged. They had tried to figure out who it might be. JD thought it must be Chris and Buck had laughed and said he was guessing Vin was tapped since he had started helping out with the mayor’s pet conservation projects. Not surprising since Vin loved the outdoors and all its wildlife.

Josiah took a seat between Nathan and JD. He had been to more of these kind of things than he wanted to think about. Tonight would be more than just some stuffed shirt being glad handed for throwing money at a problem though. One of his brothers was being held up as an example to others for the good he had done. Orin, while not saying who, had seemed shocked, so Josiah was guessing Chris.

Ezra came in last, nodded to his compatriots and seated himself next to Vin. It should be an interesting night indeed. Even he was not willing to take a bet on who was to receive the Star Citizen Award. Anyone of his co-workers and friends would be a most worthy recipient.

They all applauded as Evie Travis, last year’s recipient, took the stage.

“It was most difficult to decide who among the many fine people of the city to award this year. There are so m any who give of their time, effort, and money. However, what makes this year’s winner stand out is that he does so much and almost all of it anonymously. He has had a hand in finding a suitable house that is now a shelter for battered women and their children, he has given more than generously to the children’s ward of the hospital, and helped fund a shelter for runaways,” Evie began.

Six of the men went silent wondering which of them had done the long list of charities and donations that Evie was reading. Another swallowed and went white. There was a reason that he did all that he did anonymously. His mother had taught him that money was everything and that only fools gave it away. And yet, all the wealth he had ever had, had made him feel the way that he had the first time he had been able to truly make a difference to someone in need.

“And so, it gives me great pleasure to announce th is year’s recipient, Ezra P. Standish.”

Six men applauded and stared at the last person they would have guessed for this.

“Mother would be appalled,” Ezra commented as he arose and went on stage to accept his award.

Orin shook his head; when he had cut Ezra a deal after he was caught cheating at the casino, he had no idea what kind of a man the southerner truly was. He had only learned of the man’s heart of gold and truly generous nature after Evie had mentioned how many of the same charities she worked on had also been supported by Ezra. She had even gone so far as to nominate him for the award.

Ezra smiled as he returned to his table.

“Always said you were a blessing, brother,” Josiah gave him a big toothy smile.

“I guess the sanctified dead have been rising,” Nathan told him, smiling at a response Ezra had once made when he had mentioned a charity in need. The charity was among the ones that Ezra had given to.

“Ya done real good,” Vin offered is two cents.

“Why didn’t you tell us about all that?” JD asked.

“I have found that when it is known that one is willing to hand out money, one becomes inundated with requests,” Ezra responded, sipping his white wine.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Buck agreed.

Chris just smiled, and raised his glass. He had been against hiring Ezra as the man was a cheater. The same man was now among his closest friends. It was high time the rest of the world began to see the man that Ezra tried so hard to hide.



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