Spring is in the Air

by Anneack

Summary: Just a typical day with Spring in the air.

Characters: Josiah

Thanks to Antoinette for the beta job, to Sarah for the LV/AU, and to Blackraptor for housing these tales for us.


Josiah Sanchez smiled. Life was good, there was no denying it. God had truly and wonderfully blessed him and he was grateful for it. He had immensely enjoyed his vacation visiting Emma in New York City, and now, he was happy to be back home with the friends that he considered family.

Added to that was the fact that it was spring. Josiah was no spring chicken, but something about this time of year always made him feel about twenty again. Well, okay, maybe thirty.

He stepped forward as a van with a springboard painted on it pulled up. Something told him these guests were with the gymnastics convention. He opened the door, and then assisted with the luggage. From their wide eyed look of wonder, he was guessing they had never been in Las Vegas before.

“We’re from Hot Springs, South Dakota,” the dad said, offering his hand to Josiah.

“Welcome to Las Vegas and the Montecito. If you need anything, you just let one of us know and we’ll be happy to help,” Josiah beamed, shaking the offered hand.

A tall black man was approaching the doors.

Josiah held them open for his friend and the Montecito’s doctor, Nathan Jackson.

“Thought you were off today,” Josiah commented as the man neared.

“Seems someone got a little too much spring fever and over did it by the pool and now has a severe sun burn,” Nathan sighed. He wasn’t scheduled to come in today, as it was his day off. But he was on call to back up Tony, the other doctor, and he had gotten called. Tony had had to leave early and collect a sick child from school and the guest’s blistering sun burn was needing attention.

“Spring comes and a body does just want to soak it all in at once,” Josiah agreed.

“Nothing wrong with soaking up spring, just don’t do it for so long that you get a blistering sun burn,” the doctor advised, as he headed in to see his patient.

An hour later Josiah had just seen a regular guest off with a wave. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a man barreling out of the main doors. Reaching out an arm, he snagged him and drew him in for a crushing bear hug.

Vin Tanner and Chris Larabee came out seconds later.

The man started whimpering as Chris grabbed hold of him and dragged him back into the hotel.

“Thanks, Josiah, man was tryin’ ta do a little spring cleaning at Ezra’s table,” the Texan explained.

The large ex-preacher shook his head and sighed, “I would imagine that Brother Chris has that sinner repenting of his ways.”

“Reckon he does have a way of getting people to see the light,” Vin chuckled.

Thankfully, the rest of the morning was quiet. He slipped into Mystique for a quick bite on his lunch break and was handed a spring roll by Inez.

“We’re thinking of adding them to the menu. What do you think?” She asked.

Josiah took a bite and closed his eyes in bliss. “Umm-umm-umm a man could go to heaven and not get food like this.”

“Gracias. I was just wanting to make certain before I added it.” She smiled and went back to handling the lunch crowd. It would be a good addition to the updated menu.

In the middle of the afternoon, a van came for the photograph convention. Buck hurried out and helped Josiah to unload the luggage, including a beautiful picture of a Spring Beauty. Josiah recognized the flower because his mother had loved them.

“Lovely picture,” Josiah smiled at the young woman hovering over the frames.

“Thanks, I’m a student at the University of California at Riverside. I took that picture on Box Springs Mountain. I’ve got it entered in the show.”

“I’m sure you’ll do really well, Darlin’,” Buck began as he helped her and her things into the hotel.

Josiah chuckled at Buck’s flirtatiousness with the young lady, and greeted the next car load of guests.

This job was certainly interesting in the variety of people that you met.

A few hours later and the shift was nearing its end.

“I’m late, I’m late,” JD berated himself as he dashed out the door with a bouquet of flowers.

“For a very important date,” Josiah said, watching the running man. Casey was evidently waiting on him. It was the young lady’s birthday and JD was going all out to make it a special one. It would appear that things were going well for the young security tech and his paramour.

Yep, spring sure did get folks twitterpaited.

Ezra left shortly after JD, sniffling, sneezing and red nosed.

“Spring just does things to a man,” Josiah told him happily.

“Indeed, with the pollen in the air and my allergies, it makes me consider the advantages of a humane killer,” Ezra replied seriously.

Josiah winced. “Right sorry you’re so miserable, brother.”

Ezra gave him a two fingered salute and headed towards his car.

Yes, indeed, for better and worse, spring was in the air.



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