Putting Together a Security Team:

In 2003 Orin Travis, owner of the Montecito Hotel and Casino, discovered the need to replace his head of security and several other key members of his security team. He heard about Chris Larabee who was a former special agent for the FBI, Las Vegas Unit, who had the qualities he needed. When Chris was approached about the job, he agreed to take it under the condition that he had carte blanche on picking the key members of his team. Orin agreed and Larabee was hired.

The first person Chris brought in for his new team was his old friend, and former FBI special agent, Buck Wilmington. He wanted one man that he knew he could trust; however, he didn't put him in a position of authority. He put him where he had more freedom to interact with other employees and with the public. As casino/hospitality host, Buck had access to information and people someone strictly from security could not get near.

Once he had Buck on board, Chris started filling in the rest of his team. Vin Tanner, a former Texas Ranger, applied. Vin had a ghost in his past that he could not get away from. During his time as a Ranger, he had been accused of a murder he did not commit. He had not be prosecuted due to lack of evidence and the charges were dropped; however he had never been able to fully clear his name. His history would have raised a red flag and warned most prospective employers to avoid him at all costs, but Chris trusted his gut and hired the young man anyway.

Next to be added were Josiah Sanchez and Nathan Jackson. Josiah, the son of a missionary, liked working directly with the people. Chris saw another opportunity to have someone under his direction who had easy access to the clientele of the resort, and placed Josiah as head valet. Nathan was brought in as the resort's doctor on call, with ties to security. During times when they needed access to the guest rooms, Nathan's position could get them inside and get them information they could not get otherwise.

Although, Orin had given Chris his word that he could pick all his own team, Orin reneged on one position, head pit boss. Ezra Standish had been caught trying to run the tables at the Montecito, and Orin had never seen anyone as talented as Ezra. He cut a deal with the gambler, offering him the job as head pit boss, and a 'get out of jail free card', in return for Ezra teaching the lower pit bosses and dealers how to catch a cheat. Chris balked at bringing in a con man and known cheat for such an important job, but bowed to Orin's authority, making it known he did so under protest.

Last to join the team was JD Dunne, a young computer genius who graduated years ahead of his contemporaries at MIT. Holding a degree in computer technology at the tender age of 21, JD still continues to amaze his teammates with his abilities. Chris' initial concern that 'the kid' was just too young for the job has since been replaced with pride, thanks to Buck's insistence that 'the kid' deserved a chance. JD and Buck forged a close, brotherly, friendship and even live in the same apartment complex.

Through the three years the team has worked together, they have come to know and trust each other like family. Orin and Chris are both proud of having the best security team in Las Vegas.