The Game is simple:
Pick a celebrity (an actor, sports star, political figure, etc.) and link Andy to him in six steps or less.

For example, to link Andy to actor Harrison Ford you can do it this way:

  • ANDY appeard in The Magnificent Seven with Eric Close...
  • Eric Close was in Now and Again with Margaret Colin...
  • Margaret Colin was in Independence Day with Will Smith...
  • Will Smith was in Men in Black with Tommy Lee Jones...
  • Tommy Lee Jones was in The Fugitive with HARRISON FORD

So, it's:

ANDYEric Close
Eric CloseMargaret Colin
Margaret ColinWill Smith
Will SmithTommy Lee Jones

Bet you can think of other ways to link them! Give it a try!

Here are the rules:

The link must be direct. For example, the linked celebrites must have participated in a film, tv series, event, role or relationship together. For example, you can link Andy to President Clinton because the President and Tommy Lee Jones (see example above) were college room mates. You can link Andy to Robert Conrad through Will Smith, even though they never acted together, because both actors played James West in The Wild Wild West, even though it was two different versions. You may also link Andy to real persons by way of actors who have played that person on screen. For example, one way to link him to Elvis Presley (and there is more than one way!) is through Dale Midkiff (Buck Wilmington in The Magnificent Seven) because Dale portrayed Elvis in the film Elvis and Me.

What you could NOT do would be, for example, to link Andy to Wesley Snipes only because Andy appeared in The Magnificent Seven with Michael Biehn, who appeared in The Fan because Wesley Snipes also appeared in The Fan. In this case, Wesley's The Fan and Michael's The Fan are two completely different films wherein they played two completely different characters.

The celebrities you name must also be reasonably familiar. Local personalities or actors who have appeared only in small, obscure roles probably should be avoided so that other folks will have more fun reading your entries.

Got it? Okay, then, you're ready to start! (If you want to check first and see some of the celebrities Andy has already been linked to, click here.)

Here are some names to start with . . .

Gillian Anderson
Pierce Brosnan
George Clooney
Johnny Depp
David James Eliott
Carrie Fisher
Mel Gibson
Tom Hanks
Michael Jordan
John Kennedy, Jr.
Robe Lowe
Liam Neeson
Chris Noth
Haley Joel Osment
Brad Pitt
Winona Ryder
Keven Sorbo
Spencer Tracy
Eddie Vedder
Denzel Washington

But you don't need to use these. You can think of your own, too!

Have fun! Now on to The Game...