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Sarah's comments about "Love And Honor":

Andy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOTT

Nina Lahtinen's comments about "Achilles":

I think that this is one of the best episodes in the history of "the magnificent seven", it's one of the episodes that i really remember from the serie. Andy was incredable in it, it was a touching episode and you definantely couldn't tell that andy was acting! HE WAS GOOD!! SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

And i agree with that one message -writing a letter to casey was funny in that one other episode! :P

Heather S.'s comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

Are Casey and JD ever have a better relationship?

G. M. Atwater's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

Hey, Me again,

Just in case anyone wonders, there IS reason for my sudden burst of over-verbosity ~ I'm FINALLY in possession of video tapes for ALL the Mag Seven episodes, so I'm getting slowly caught up... And then this afternoon I just had too much time on the keyboard! What can I say, when I like a good thing, I LIKE it. And The Magnifcent Seven is absotootin'lutely a good thing. :-)

Okay, off to feed critters and finish chores. Peace and Joy!

Gloria M. Atwater

G. M. Atwater's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

I first noticed Andy Kavovit in the film, "Andersonville." At the time, I had no clue who he was, but I remember sitting up and thinking, "Wow, who's THIS guy? I can't even tell he's acting!" (Okay, so that's how it's supposed to be, but some guys 'n gals are just ... visible actors.) I am a big fan of historical fiction, especially the Civil War, and this film was a good 'un ~ now if I can only find it to watch again!

I missed out on The Magnificent Seven's first run, on account of we were ... well, there ain't much TV reception, out in the boondocks on a cow outfit. So I got to see the TNN reruns, when we finally moved closer to town ~ and brother, I am hooked! (Thank goodness for video tape...) Simply put, Mag Seven is THE best, most entertaining, most well-done, well-cast, well-written ~ I'm running out of adjectives ~ shows to hit the small screen in a looooong time. Last really good Western was "Lonesome Dove," and this belongs on the same top shelf, far as I'm concerned.

The character of JD Dunne was terrific, and I can't imagine the show without him. He was infectious, so courageous and cheerfully gung-ho it scared the heart out of ya, and so green he made a body's teeth hurt. Good lord, it's wonder he survived the first two episodes! In the Pilot, he almost gets shot in the first fight, and nearly gutted by a sword in the second. But he lives, and in the next episode, "One Day Out West," JD picks up that damned busted Remington pistol - (hey, Kid, WHY you suppose someone left it behind?) - only to have the cyliner drop out in his hand, when he points it at the bad guys. So he turns and runs slam into a post, knocking himself silly ~ thankfully Chris busts in to save him and Judge Travis ~ and THEN the poor kid goes barreling out the door to avenge his pride, only to leap right out in Vin's line of fire, as the bad guys were riding away. WHEW! ... I can't decide if Buck was a saint or a masochist, for taking on an armful like that! Taming bobcats might be easier work...

Still ... there is a lot to be said, for JD Dunne. He reminds me a lot like the young cowhands we know on the big cattle ranches, the new kids who show up green as grass, but just so full of spit and vinegar. They want to ride the toughest horses, rope the wildest cows, ride the longest miles, and to jump higher, spit farther, and shoot straighter than any man alive. God love 'em.

JD is just like that. He is brim-full of courage and idealism, and I really liked how we see him slowly mature, during the course of the show. Heck, even by the 3rd ep, "Working Girls," I saw a change. Oh, he's still "gee-whiz" as ever, especially with the ladies, and I wanted to slap him for complaining about how Buck ruined his chances of getting laid! However, I got a real kick out of him in action at Wickestown, both times when the fecal matter hit the fan. As they rescue Dora, there is JD, watching Chris's and Buck's backs and covering their retreat, eyes always over his shoulder. And in the final scene, where the Seven rescue Mary Travis from Wickes, there is JD in the background, head on a swivel, gun in hand, stalking around trying to watch everything and everybody who might be a threat ~ for all the world like a Secret Service agent! The teachings of Buck and the others were already starting to take.

By the time we get to "Achilles..." What can I say, but Andy has definitely made JD Dunne his very own, by then, and in this episode he shines. JD has come a long ways, now. He has learned how to fight, and what it is to take a life, and what it takes to save his own. His loyalty to the Seven is cast in bronze, his dedication to doing Right is branded to the bone. Then to make such a tragic mistake ... I can't imagine the horror of it. Andy portrayed that, in JD, with such beautiful sensitivity. There were so many subtleties of voice and face that just wrung the heart. Buck/Dale was incredible in this ep, too, as we watch his desperate attempts to salvage JD's name and spirit, unable to even touch the agony JD is going through. I almost wept, during the farewell scene where Buck so openly confesses his friendship for JD, and JD simply has to feel his heart fall to pieces, yet he bravely tells Buck that his decision is made to leave. Boyhood died, on that street with Annie, and yet Andy's performance kept it gracefully above the saccharine. In many episodes, I wonder if certain touches are the actors' own, rather than scripted, and "Achilles" was no exception. When JD came to the church, we see him hang his guns and hat, approach the alter, kneel down, and then ~ just the smallest gesture ~ JD makes the Sign of the Cross. Was that JD, or was that something of Andy, peeking through? Whatever it was, details like that are what made his performance so good. Oh, so many exquisite moments in this episode, by ALL of the Seven, yet I was ever so pleased to see JD given center-stage, and to see Andy perform such a difficult story with such magnificent skill.

"Ladykillers" was another, full of so many wonderful scenes, especially for Buck and JD. The thought comes to mind to wonder if JD would have seen some horrible, cosmic justice, in his being shot by a woman, perhaps mortally, after having taken Annie's life. The feeling I got was that, not only did Buck's ideals of womanhood receive a shuddering blow in this ep, but so did JD's. Even as he stood holding his rifle on the outlaw leader, his suspicions howling for answers, he could not quite grasp that the greater danger wore a feminine face. There seemed such hurt disbelief, when he tells Buck, "She shot me ~ Mattie shot me." This, by the hands of the same woman who dragged him off for a roll in the hay. You can read a lot into his face, in the final scenes, when Buck and Casey roll him along the street in his wheelchair, and they see the surviving sister preparing to leave town. All of a sudden he's tired, now .... One wonders of just what. The death of innocence? The toppling of the last domino of his dimestore novel ideals? Is that really bitterness I saw in that look?

By the final episodes, I think we see JD has gotten a good deal older, at least in spirit. Oh, he'll always go after life with a big grin and a smart-aleck remark. That's just how he is. That's one thing he and Buck have very much in common, a love of life, a joy for living, a drive to seize the day, laugh when the laughing is good. But maybe, like Buck, he is learning about the darkness in the world, and perhaps no longer spends quite so much time with those old rose-colored glasses. The scene (help, was it in "Obsession?") where he faces that other young gunslinger in a classic showdown frankly chilled me. ~"It's not how fast you draw, it's how straight you shoot."~ Good God, JD, WHAT were you thinking? I tend subscribe to Vin Tanner's philosphy ~ put the bad guy down first, and be damned with how you do it, because dead lasts an awful long time. That whole showdown business seemed a lot more like something Chris Larabee would do, than any of the others, let alone JD. JD is always so cheerful and laughing, quick to fight but as quick to embrace living, afterwards, that I wondered where that cold, calculated, suicidal moment came from. A vestige of his dime-store novel ideas? Or something darker? I really wish we could have seen more episodes, to explore just where JD's character was going. He has always been cocky and brave and impulsive ~ was he also losing a little bit of his soul? Obviously a he's a young man of much feeling, great sensitivity, and a good heart. It would be a shame to see that too much bruised, but then again, with Buck around ease the load, and the rest of the Seven who care, he would come out all right.

Last but not least, I absolutely loved the emergance of the friendship between JD and Buck Wilmington. So many great laughs, so many wonderful moments, such terrific chemistry between two very talented men. Between Buck's blustering tirades and JD's feisty come-backs, Buck pestering JD and JD playing Buck for the fool, to the quiet moments, where we saw Buck's big heart, and JD's shining affection for his tall pardner ... it was all splendid. They made us believe, made us laugh, made us cry, made us wish WE had a friend like that.

Anyhow... what more can I say, except that JD Dunne was a wonderful character in a cast of wonderful characters. Ahh, for world where one really DOES have stalwart friends at one's back, and Justice and Righteousness riding in twin holsters. ... But then again, maybe we just need to look a little closer to home, for the quieter ways in which we, too, can be a friend, and make a difference.

Thank you, Andy Kavovit, for giving us this impulsive, cocky, scrappy, comical, loveable young friend, and thank you for helping create such a wonderful place in which to dream.

Best regards to all, I am,


Gloria M. Atwater
In the sagebrush hills of Nevada...

confederatecowgirl's comments about "Obsession":

I am a big fan of Chris Larabee. I think this is a good episode but I believe they left it for Ella to return in a later episode. I thought it was fitting for Chris to hesitate and not shoot Ella. Then when Vin saw her and he didn't shoot and kill her either, I would have loved to see how Chris and Mary would have talked after the initial shock Mary had with how Chris took up with Ella. To me it was too short to have accomplished finding the killer of Chris' family. I thought the way they did Chris when he found out was really good. Then the part where Chris followed Ella to her soverign room was also a good part. I really enjoyed seeing Michael Biehn really dressed up as he was with Ella. Buck was great with the lady at Ella's. He was so caring not to hurt her feelings and then when she was dieing to tell her how he cared.

Luanne Maldonado's comments about the Pilot:

This is the episode that won my heart. I never tire of it. There is so many things about it that I love. Michael Biehn makes such a good Chris Larabee. When he and Vin speak the first time across the street without words almost as if they read each others minds. When Vin and Chris gather the guys and fool Buck when he was with that woman and he fell off the roof trying to get away. When Nathan has to be rescued from hanging scares me everytime. I hold my breath.A favorite scene is when Vin and Chris are talking and the sun sets behind them is super. I love the Seminoles also. They are so serious but make comical comments. The confederate rebels are so authenic. The commander when he is shot so many times because he has drink so much laudaman is wild.
Almost forgot JD is such a cutie coming to town and wanting to be in on the action. When he has words with Buck about Chris gets me everytime I see it. Josiah, I adore when they talk him into joining them. He is such a good character.Nothing like I would imagine a preacher would be.

Jaime's comments about "Love And Honor":

Love and Honor was such a good episode! I like the way Buck cared for Inez and how he protected her. I also like that scene where Josiah and JD go to Casey's house and JD tries to recite that poem to Casey and he screwed up. It was also very funny when Josiah told JD that his fly was down too! I think JD should tell Casey that he really likes her and should actually go up and propose to her too.

FD's comments about "Chinatown":

You were terrific!

CINDY's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

The Magnificent Seven is a very refreshing show. I am sorry to admit that I have only seen it several times. It is a show that does touch on serious matters, but it also makes it fun to watch. It doesn't have the violence that you see on everyday television and at the movies. My favorite show so far, was when Andy was going to no longer be a "virgin" on the show, the facial expressions were really believeing that it was actually going to be his first time. The poor guy.

NLR's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

I'm not sure which episode it is where the man with the fake leg keeps gambling against Ezra and they end up with no clothes on, but that's one of my favorite ones.
I like Chris. He's kinda mysterious like a person who has a dark and scary past, well he does. Michael Biehn fits the part as the "leader" of the seven.
I "love" Vin. He's really cute. I was shocked while watching the episode where he tells Mary or well, she finds out he can't read. He is the greatest fighter, shooter and well, he just awesome.
Ezra is hilarious. He is a good gambler and I wonder how Anthony Starke can have such a southern accent, when he was born in Syracuse, New York. I love the way he talks.
Buck is really awesome. I liked the episode where he said that he had that animal mag.... whatever thing. That thing where woman adored him. Him and JD go good as being buddies.
Nathan is another of my favorites. He's just seems too nice to even have a gun, more or less shot one.
Josiah is awesome also. But I hate the robe type things they make him wear. There really ugly.
JD is really cool. He shouldn't be called the kid, cause Andy Kavovit is 28 years old and he is no "kid". He's a man.
In order from favorite to least favorite: Vin, Ezra, JD, Nathan, Chris, Buck, and Josiah. I hate JD'd hat, but I like Vin and Ezra's. Chris and his hat rock!! I hope the show will come on again, really, really soon. I miss it. (I'm just glad there is still
www.magnificent7.com) Love ya!!!

T.S.- from Nebraska's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

I really enjoyed the show. It was exciting, funny, and different. It had something that a lot of people really liked and I was heart-broken to see that CBS dropped it. I don't believe that they ever gave it fair play time or advertising. They kept bringing it in during March when they tied up their broadcasting for weeks with college basketball.

I liked the way that all of you worked together on the show and the way it came together. It had so much potential and was not just another sci-fi or gritty city drama. Some of the story lines could be related to events that still happen today.

I hope that may be someday there will be some way for the cast of The Magnificent Seven to come together and may be do a television movie. I know it is a lot to hope for, but there will always be hope for such a talanted crew.

I can't pick out one show that I liked any better than the others. They were all wonderful. I miss them...

Karin's comments about "Achilles":

not much else to say but wow.. i watch and rewatch it..just me and my box of tissues..

Bunny's comments about "Vendetta":

This was a really great episode!I thought it was kinda funny,that guy coming on to Casey...kinda wish they'd elaborated more on that...but,I liked the way it turned out,anyway.I liked how,even though JD was severely hurt,he still wanted to help his friends,and even shot that guy from the window,saving Vin's life.

Bunny's comments about "Wagon Train" - part two:

My favorite part of this episode was where Buck was writing that letter to Casey for JD...{Buck:"I love the taste of yer ruby red lips,the smell of your hair...Ooh!That sway of yer hips!"}.That,and JD's reaction,was the best part of BOTH ep.s!

Bunny's comments about "Achilles":

This was such a sweet episode!Andy Kavovit portrayed the angst so well...and I felt Casey was WAY off base!It wasn't JD's fault!I really loved the way Buck was trying to protect him from all of it,and the little scene between Buck and JD,where they both looked like they could cry...*sooo sweet!*...I was really glad that JD ended up redeeming himself in his own eyes(b/c it really WASN'T his fault!),and the little gesture at the end...when Buck handed him his guns...Also,I thought Ezra getting cheated by the big-city gambler was funny!(I esp. loved the scene where he was in the street clad only in hat,boots,and a rug!){Buck:"Loose yer shirt,did ya,Ezra?"}

yellowrose50's comments about "Inmate 78":

one of the best episodes of the first season.

Katie's comments about "Working Girls":

I really enjoyed your performance in "Working Girls" because
you seemed and acted like you were having the time of your life in
some scenes and it really made me smile! I thought you did a really
good job on making the audience believe that were JD, this "kid"
who doesn't know a lot about women. (hopefully not in real life)
I just thought you might like to know that!
Keep up with your great acting!

Michele's comments about "Chinatown":

Chinatown was another great episode. It was nice to see a tender side to Ezra.

I loved the subplot with the potions. I liked Buck and his reactions to JD and the potion to get taller - his "hooey" and his whole reaction to the limp noodle remark. I especially liked the scene where JD 'comes on' to Buck. Too funny and cute. JD playing with Buck's mustache - I wonder how many takes it took to get that scene. Inez playing up to JD was good and Buck's reactions again were priceless. I also liked JD's remark of "hooey" to Buck and the shove Buck gives him at the end of the show. As you can tell, I really enjoy the JD/Buck relationship and this episode has some classic moments.

While I think the entire cast has great chemistry, there is something about the JD/Buck relationship that makes for some of my favorite moments on the show - the ones that make me smile/laugh or cry.

Michele's comments about "Achilles":

I was blown away by Andy's performance in Achilles. This episode was a real showcase for him and he delivered a very powerful and moving performance.

I agree with Bonnie, Andy can say so much with his eyes, they are so very expressive.

Bonnie's comments about "Achilles":

I knew he would make me cry, and he did. This is an episode Andy should be proud of. There was so much emotion and Andy didn't over do a second of it -- a feat many other actors wouldn't have been able to carry off. This man can say so much with just his eyes -- the tears welling up and turning their hazel to mud, the pain too intense to be contained spilling down his cheeks. The anger, the horror, the grief lapping at the edges. Caliber -- above and beyond.

Mattie's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

Mind you, I'm *not* giving up on the show, but I'd like to express my appreciation for what's been done to date. Thanks Andy, I *like* J.D. Dunne. He's matured quite a bit since we first met him, and he's only getting better as time goes on. Before long he'll lose the *kid* appellation...

Ant's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

Love the show
I hope it hasn't bit the dust :(
It's too good and all the actors are just incredible in their roles
You all play your characters brilliantly.
I wish for your speedy return.
Bring the Seven Back for good and lets get on with the show!!!!

Stephanie's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

I am a huge fan of The Magnificent Seven. I can't say that I have a favorite episode, because they are all great! JD is, simply put, my favorite character. I think his age and sense of adventure are what most appeal to me. Being young myself, 20, I can relate to wanting to see what is out there waiting for me. I fell in love with the American West the first time I vacationed there as a child. That love has poured over into my writing and most of my characters are a lot like JD. You are a wonderful actor and I don't think anyone else could make JD the "person" he is better than you. I look forward to many more episodes, and I can't wait for some more development between JD and Casey!Keep up the wonderful work!!! You have my total support and love!!!

jdarlin's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

Andy~I think you do a phenomenal job in every single episode of M7. From the first episode, JD has been my favorite, cause every single person who has ever wanted to fit in can relate to him. JD has gone from stupid kid to essential M7 member with style, and that's all you baby! Keep up the Magnificent Phenomenal work! Oh, and kiss Casey will ya? Ssheesh...I'm waiting here! By the way,if you ever need someone to play JD's little sister, I'm here for ya pal! :)))) Love you!

D. Endecott's comments about "The Trial":

This was an outstanding episode dealing with an important subject. I thought it was done very well. Hats off to Mr. Worthy and Mr. Lumbly. Their interaction together was wonderful. Loved Ezra's revenge. And of note is Mr. Biehn's ability to look menacing sends chills down a persons body.

Cindy's comments about "Vendetta":

I thought this episode was the most dramatic of all of them. The tone was very different from other episodes in that it had only one main storyline and no real 'comic' relief. Although I like a bit of comic relief, I do prefer the more dramatic episodes. I thought Vendetta stood out because all seven men were involved with the one plot, rather than having a few of them in Story A and a few in Story B, etc.
This structure lent itself to showcasing an aspect of the show that I love - the bond between the seven men and what they would do to help or protect or even avenge each other. The scene where JD walks into the saloon is the most graphic example of this that I can think of. It is framed in the front by a pointed conversation between Josiah, Ezra and Nathan where they discuss how untouched they all are, despite the threats and damnation raining down on them from the Nichols clan. Then Chris, Vin and Buck walk in, seemingly relieved that the whole issue will be resolved now that Hank is on his way to Mexico and perhaps they can get rid of the Nichols family without a confrontation. These events set up JD's entrance - irony in a true sense. In walks the personification of how wrong they all are. It is a defining moment for them, in my opinion. It is as if they are being punished for being so smug and confident that their mere presence could avert disaster. Striking at JD as the Nichols' did, strikes at the very heart of the group and the fury evident in Chris' voice as he says, 'we're gonna finish this' is formidable. Even Ezra looks over at Chris with something akin to fear in his eyes. He quickly looks down and loads his gun, as if to comply with Chris' order. Not that Chris needs to order the other men to do anything at this point - I think they are all angry enough to single handedly take on the whole Nichols clan. So there is my dissertation on one scene! Sorry to go on and on, I just love story structure and character development and this was such a good example. I really think that although JD might be a bit embarrassed to be the subject of such anger and revenge (he has his pride after all and I don't think he wants to imagine that they are all looking after him), I also think that he is the most logical target for this kind of action. Although they would all go to bat for each other, JD represents the part of each of them that they've lost - the innocence and quest for knowledge and acceptance of the young - and by attacking that, the Nichols' brothers attacked that part of each man. Okay, class dismissed! There will be a test tomorrow :-) And nah, I don't read too much into things, really....

Michele's comments about "One Day Out West":

ODOW had what I think is the defining JD moment - when he says he'll be sheriff. It shows how he can act without thinking the results completely through, his bravery and his taking another step in fulfilling his dreams of being a part of the west.

ChristyKC's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

I love the balanced mix of drama and comedy. I definitely agree with Michele about the facial expressions and postures. So many times, just an expression has totally cracked me up. "The Trial" was the perfect example of this - two unrelated storylines - one hardnosed & one very funny - combined into a one hour program. The interaction of all the characters is great!

I'd also like to say that I enjoyed "Wagon Train". I felt it let us "see", rather than just infer, a little bit more into several of the characters. It opened them up more emotionally. (And I love to see "Chris" smile!)

I truly hope we can keep M7 going, whether it be at CBS or another network. I was afraid that the Westerns were going to completely disappear from television and was overjoyed when I first heard M7 would be a series. It would be a travesty of quality television to cancel this show and break up this team of actors and crew.

Let the Magnificent Seven Ride!

Michele's comments about various Mag 7 episodes:

Mag 7 is a terrific show - the photography is beautiful, the attention to detail in the language and the costumes is great, the guys are so perfect in their roles and have such a wonderful chemistry.

One of my favorite things about the show is the "JD/Buck" relationship. Some of their scenes are the best and sure to bring a smile to my face. In their scenes, while one is speaking, if you watch the other's facial expressions, well it says a while more then words. Actually, this is true for the entire cast, their expressions and body language convey much more then words at times.

It's nice to see that "JD" has been allowed to grow up a little, not too fast which would take away from the character. It's interesting to watch how he's changed from the pilot to the Trial. The difference is subtle but it's there.


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