Disclaimer. I don’t own the Magnificent Seven characters though I wish I did. I make no profit from the writing but the pure enjoyment of spending a few hours with them.

Note. This is not a standalone story – it assumes prior knowledge of the ‘Seven’ as I didn’t have the space to fill the reader in on all the details about Chris, Vin, Josiah, Ezra, Buck JD, Nathan and the rest. Read some of the other stories before reading this – they’re better than mine anyway!

Beware! Vin falls in love! There were two possible endings. This is the one I prefer. I like happy endings and didn’t want Vin to hurt any more.


Thanks to Brigitta for helping me with this. Maybe Moon was an Aussie!

Thanks to Ben and Jerry for the ice cream late at night that kept me focused on the writing.

Thanks to the cigarette companies that keep me poor but kept me focused on the writing.

Thanks to the Moody Blues for the words to the music I added to the story. ‘Strange Times’ was just right for Moon and Vin. Thanx for a lifetime of great music.

Finally sorry to Puddy and Omar (the ginger tom and chocolate burmese cat) for all the times they had to wait ‘just one more chapter’ for tea and had to put up with ‘Don’t walk on the keyboard!’

Size: Approx 250K

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