by Kim

WARNING! This is about the terrible terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001.

It ain't real. That's what I keep tellin' myself. But it's as real as it fuckin' gets. I can tell the other guys don't believe it either.

Josiah's prayin'. It's what he does. Gives 'im comfort I guess. It'd be nice to find a little comfort right now.

Nate's on the phone already, seein' if they need 'im. He's a paramedic and he's always the first guy lookin' to lend a hand when this kinda thing happens.

Fuck! This kinda thing ain't never happened. Two fuckin' buildings and they just ain't there no more.

Buck's over there with the kid. Seems like Buck's always there when one of us needs him. He was there for Chris and he's there for the kid. Kid's a mess.

He's from New York and he worked with some of those guys. Damn! Those guys are the real heroes in this whole fuckin' mess. They're covered with dirt and ashes from shit fallin' on their heads, and they're crawlin' out from under cars they dove under and walkin' back into that hell, to try to help one more person.

Chris'll be OK for now. He's in ATF Team leader mode and he's makin' calls and gettin' the facts, so he can kick the right ass. I hope to hell somebody else gets the guys who did this, 'cause if Chris gets 'em first, he might end up in jail. He's gonna be fine, 'til it's all over. Then he's gonna be a mess. He ain't gonna let himself see how close this is to what happened to his family, until the bastards are dead or locked up. After that though - we're just gonna have to be ready to pick up some big fuckin' pieces.

Ezra ain't OK though. He ain't got a hold o' Maude yet. It ain't that she's there or nothin'. It's just that he doesn't know where she is. Maude's always poppin' off to New York to shop or just hoppin' on a plane 'cause she feels like it. She don't usually fly commercial though, and she could be anywhere. She's probably OK. Probably. Ezra ain't gonna be OK though, 'til he knows for - wait a minute, he just said, "Mother!" Now he's wipin' his brow and spouting some shit about wantin' to know if she wants to come to Denver for some kinda museum thing. BULLSHIT!! Guy was worried as hell. But that's Ezra and Maude for ya.

Me, I'm OK. It's a good time not to have family to worry about. Well, not blood family. And the family I got are all right here and safe. I guess that's all that matters right now.