A Hunting We Will Go

by Patricia

ATF Universe

Disclaimer: Magnificent Seven belongs to MGM/Trilogy/Mirisch. Do not mean to infringe on any copyrights, no profit is being made, strictly for entertainment purposes.

Rating: PG-13 general for some violence [must have been in a bad mood when I was writing parts of this]

Note: The lakes and lodges are made up in my imagination as I lack the geographical knowledge that is necessary to place the guys in the appropriate area. And after spending days staring at maps on my computer trying to figure it out, I decided this was the wisest choice for all involved...hence it takes place somewhere make-believe in the Rockies, [which really do exist]. Thanks to Mog for letting us play in her world. I want to thank Shellie and Gloria for being such wonderful Mag 7 cheerleaders to me. A huge, huge thank-you to Lynne for taking on the task of beta reading for me. I can’t begin to tell you how much help you have been.

Size: Approx. 347K

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