The Abduction

by IndigoCat

Part of the "The Magnificent Seven After Twilight" Collection

Ratings: Strong PG-13 for some elements that might disturb some people so be warned.

Disclaimer: The papers giving me ownership of the Seven still hasn't arrived in the mail, so that means John Watson still owns them.

I would like to thank Gabrielle Bessey, Marian, and Killash for the betaing this story. This story was greatly improved because of them.

Ezra Standish pressed down on the Jag’s accelerator. “You will be the one to explain to our esteemed leader why we are late once more.”

“Ez, I was hoping you’d do the explaining.” Vin Tanner turned pleading eyes on Ezra.

“I am not the one responsible.”

“For once.”

Ezra fought back a smile when he heard Vin’s muttered words. He started to reply, but was distracted by a green glow in front of the Jag. A light was sitting on the middle of the road.

“What the…” Vin leaned as far forward as his seat belt would allow.

“I am not sure.”

The light emanated from a round object that hovered over the road. Ezra swerved around it. A few yards further down the road, Ezra brought the Jag to a stop. Both he and Vin turned to look through the rear window. The light grew brighter, obscuring the object within.

“Is that a UFO?” Vin asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“I don’t know.” The light drifted towards them. “But I don’t intend to hang around and find out. Ezra turned, his foot moving quickly from the brake to the accelerator.

The tires squealed as the Jag practically leaped forward. Ezra drove quickly along the mountain road towards Chris’ ranch.

“It’s gaining on us.” Vin’s voice came out hoarse and shaky.

Ezra pressed his foot further down on the accelerator.

“It’s right behind us.”

An eighteen-wheeler blew its horn as it drove past them. Ezra kept his eyes on the road in front of the Jag. The car was traveling at an unsafe speed for the road. Slowing down could mean death for Vin and himself.

“It’s firing at us!” Vin screamed.

The Jag started to spin as the left rear tire exploded. Ezra fought to keep the car from going off the road and down the mountainside into the trees below. Regaining control, he tapped the brakes gently as he maneuvered towards the side of the road.

Before the vehicle could come to a complete stop, there was a thump as something connected with the roof. The Jag stopped then began to rise in the air.

“Get out. Get to the trees,” Ezra ordered as his hand reached for the door handle. The doors refused to budge. A greenish light filled the vehicle. The air grew thick and hot. Ezra turned towards Vin, to find the younger man also struggling to breath. He reached for Vin, but his hand dropped short of its goal.

Then everything went black.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra opened his eyes and tried to scream, but his mouth wouldn’t open. No sound would come from his throat.

“We wish you no harm.”

The voiceless words were in his mind. Ezra felt no reassurance from the words. Especially when something that resembled Thor from Stargate leaned over him. There was something malevolent in the creature’s eyes.

As the creature moved out of sight, he heard a humming sound and felt a warm sensation caress the soles of his feet. The sound and warmth slowly moved up his body. A band of light that was the source of the sound and heat passed over his eyes. All disappeared when it reached the top of his head.

Ezra felt the skin being peeled away from his chest then the muscles being pulled away from his bones. There was neither pain nor the wet heat of blood spilling down his body.

He wasn’t sure how long he lay open before he was put back together. The process was repeated on his arms and legs. Something rolled him over onto his stomach. This time, he felt a pressure on his spine.

qqq When his back was closed up, he was rolled over once more. His genitals were cupped with something that felt unbearably cold. Something slithered through his scalp and into his skull. He felt his testicles tighten. Before his body had a chance to recover from its first orgasm, another one was triggered.

Nausea and humiliation overwhelmed him. Something brushed across his forehead, taking away those feelings and replacing them with a feeling of peace.

Then everything went black.

+ + + + + + +

A jarring motion brought Ezra back to consciousness, a headache his first sensation. He slowly raised his head. The Jag was sitting on the side of the road.

“Vin!” Ezra twisted towards the passenger seat.

Vin covered his ears with his hands. “Ez, do you have to shout?”

Ezra ran his hand down Vin’s arm. “Vin, how are you feeling?”

“Like I got a marching band in my head.”

“What do you remember?”

A long silence, then, “I don’t think I’ll be laughing the next time I hear a story about alien abductions.”

Green eyes met blue. “Neither will I.”

Slowly, Ezra released Vin’s arm, not wanting to lose contact with his friend, but not wanting to remain parked for long on the side of the road. After all, they might come back for them.

They had only traveled a short distance down the road when they saw headlights approaching them. Ezra tightened his grip on the steering wheel. The headlights went pass them. In the rearview mirror, Ezra saw the headlights make a U-turn and come up behind the Jag, then pull alongside the vehicle.

Ezra started to press down on the accelerator until he realized the lights belonged to a black Dodge Ram. Better yet, the lights belonged to Chris Larabee’s black Dodge Ram. Ezra pulled the Jag over to the side of the road.

Chris barely gave Ezra a chance to unlock the car’s doors before the older agent was yanking open the door. Ezra looked at him a second, then toppled over into Chris’ arms.

“J.D., call Nathan and tell him where we are, then call 9-1-1,” Chris yelled over his shoulder as he sat Ezra back up in the Jag.

“Hey, Cowboy,” Vin said from where he slumped down in the passenger’s seat.

“The two of you had us worried.”

“I am sorry that we are late,” Ezra said as Chris placed his fingers against his wrist. “I am afraid that Vin and I were unavoidably detained.” Which in its own way was the truth, but Ezra wasn’t sure if Chris would believe him.

“We’ve been searching for the two of you for five hours. Picked up a trucker on the scanner talking about a black Jag being chased by a huge ball of light.” A smile crossed Chris’ face. “Knew it had to be you and Vin. There’s been no sign of you, so where have been?” The smile vanished without a trace.

Ezra turned his head to look at Vin. Blue eyes silently gave him permission to tell Chris their story. “You are not going to believe this…”