A Dream Come True

by Luna Dey

Author’s Note: This story was done as a reward for participation in a group activity on our list. Everyone who participated was rewarded with a kiss fic in their name, with the Mag 7 character of his or her choice. The person who is the object of this fic has given her permission for the fic to be posted on an open site. This one was written for Celeste. Thanks, for allowing me to post it, Kid.

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It had been a long day, and it was not even starting to get dark yet. He hated the mornings when he had the early patrol. No one should have to get up at that God forsaken hour. The green-eyed gambler stretched out on his bed for a short rest, before he took his customary place at the gaming table. He had not realized just how tired he was until he woke up to feel familiar hands gently rubbing his shoulders and back. Ezra let out a soft moan of contentment as the slender fingers continued to work the knots out of his sore muscles.

"I could do this much better without the shirt in the way," a soft voice whispered near his ear.

The southerner was only too happy to oblige. He turned on his side long enough to unbutton the shirt, and then he rolled back to his stomach. Soft hands slide the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. The action was slow and deliberate, allowing gentle fingers the chance to caress each arm as the fabric was slowly removed.

Each aching muscle was given equal attention as it was kneaded firmly and expertly, releasing more of the day's tensions with each knot that relaxed. "Ummmm....Ezra sighed. "I am beginning to think that you could cure a rainy day with those hands."

A soft chuckle sounded above him as the hands continued to work their magic. "Not cure it, but perhaps make it a little more pleasant."

The gambler rolled over, caught one soft hand, and lightly brushed his lips to the palm. "In that case, perhaps I should prey for a deluge." He reached up to lay his hand on a tawny cheek and allowed his thumb to trail across soft lips. Gently, he pulled his willing companion toward him until those sweet lips were close enough to touch his.

Ezra jumped slightly when he heard a loud banging. It took a few moments for the sound to completely register with the sleepy southerner. Someone was pounding on his door, and he sat up quickly, intent on getting to the door and opening it before the racket could wake..... He shook his head to clear the sleep from his mind as he looked to the opposite side of the bed. There was no one there. He groaned in despair. It was that dream again. All he could ever remember of it was the touch of soft hands, a pair of incredible brown eyes, and the sweet taste of those sensuous lips on his. Someday.... He knew deep down that someday he would meet his dream lover, but until then he had only to sleep to see the love in her beautiful "Brown Eyes."

+ + + + + + +

The dreams continued to haunt the gambler for several weeks, leaving him frustrated and somehow feeling in his heart that she must be real, but also feeling that he would never meet her; never feel her tender touch or taste her lips on his. He tried to put her from his mind but always she crept back into his dreams.

Ezra gratefully accepted the assignment to run an errant to Red Fork that Chris had given to him. He thought that maybe a change in location might dispel the dreams. The ride between the town had been uneventful and he started to relax.

Once in town and his business was completed, the gambler arranged for a room. He looked forward to spending a couple nights away from Four Corners and brushing up his skills at the gamine table. Ezra arrived in the saloon early enough to claim a prime table for his purposes and pulled out a new deck of cards.

Standish was having a lucrative evening. As he racked in yet another pot his attention was caught by a commotion near the bar. He glanced up to see a couple of rough looking brutes engrossed in harassing a young Chinese woman, as she tried to make her way back into the kitchen. His jaw clenched as he glared across the room at the scene that was unfolding. When one man grabbed the young woman, Ezra saw red. His thoughts drifted back to another time. The gambler rose from his seat and pocketed his winnings. "Gentlemen, if you will excuse me, I feel the need for a break."

Ezra quickly crossed the room to the site of the altercation. The young woman tried to pull her hand free of the brute's iron grasp, but he clung all that much tighter. "I do believe, Sir, that the lady does not wish the 'pleasure' of your company."

Hard dark eyes fixed on the southerner. "Yeah, an' just who asked you?"

"No one need ask me, for I cannot stand and watch this young woman be molested in my presence. Let her go!" The last came out as a command.

The man growled and rounded on the gambler, a massive fist striking him in the ribs. Ezra staggered backward but came back swinging. It became obvious that he could not win with fists alone. With a flick of his wrist he held his derringer in his hand and had it pointed squarely between the man's eyes. "Now Sir, if you and your fellow miscreant will vacate the premises, no one will be harmed further."

The big man looked like he wanted to argue but thought better of it. He glared at Standish but backed down and motioned to his friend to head out the door. Once he was sure they were gone, Ezra slumped against the edge of the bar and pressed a hand to his sore ribs.

A soft voice pulled him back from his discomfort. "Please, come with me. They will come back with others." Gentle hands took his arm and led him out of the room and to her small room in the back. She settled him on the edge of her narrow bed, poured some cool water into a basin, and wet a cloth to bath his face.

Ezra watched her graceful movements; once again the past surfaced again, but this young woman was not like the one he had know back then. She was much taller, nearly matching him in height, and although she tended to him carefully, she was not subservient in any way. "Might I inquire as to you name, dear lady?"

She responded hesitantly as she tended to his bruised cheek. "My name is Han-Yee Ling."

Her fingers worked nimbly to undo the buttons of his shirt. "My dear, this is not necessary," he said as he covered her hand with his own.

"Your ribs are hurt. It will be easier if the shirt is not in the way," she said softly as she raised her eyes for the first time to meet his own.

Ezra's breath caught in his throat as he looked into the brown eyes of his dreams. Without thinking, he reached out to gently caress her face and sighed softly when she turned to nuzzle his palm with soft full lips. The gamble leaned forward, cupped the back of her head to gently pull his willing companion toward him until those enticing lips were close enough to touch his. Lightly, he brushed a kiss to them, and he was instantly rewarded when the kiss was returned. He took the kiss deeper, playing his mouth over those luscious lips, savoring the taste of her. Ezra slowly slid the tip of his tongue over that soft, full bottom lip and the mouth opened to invite him inside.

Standish moaned softly as teeth gently raked at his tongue creating ripples of pleasure to pass though him, causing him to take the kiss even farther. His lips began to demand more as he felt his her tongue slip into his mouth. Coherent thoughts became impossible as the two gave into their more primal instincts letting the kiss take on a life of its own. They clung to each other, both intent on tasting and enjoying all that the other had to give. At last, a need to breathe caused them to reluctantly pull apart. The gambler cradled his trembling paramour to his chest and sighed deeply, at long last finding the contentment he had recently found only in his dreams.


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