"Little Britches" Universe

Disclaimer: Once again the Magnificent Seven are not mine. This story was motivated by the creative ideas of those who own the rights to these characters and others who have written about them. I claim no rights to any of the personas described in this story except perhaps Happy Roy Haly and his cohorts. I am making no financial profit from writing this but it has been surprisingly fun.

This is in the "Little Britches" universe which creative people thought up and shared, for which I am grateful, but I am not one of them, so thanks... It will be my one and only venture in this realm.

Thanks to kind people who took the time to comment upon my last endeavor. Here goes another shot at a story from a little different angle. There are spoilers for the pilot but nothing else that I am aware of.

Special thanks to Brigitta B. whose Hell of a Shot series inspired this tale...especially the part about Vin shooting the wolf. Go read her stories and send her nice comments because they’re capisimo.

Comments, tips, and ideas welcome,

Thanks Mady Bay for suffering through this :-)

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