Red Cross

by Oann

ATF Universe

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Note: Thanks to Mog for creating the ATF AU and for Eleanor telling me that when bored-write.

What the heck was the thought going through Ezra Standish’s head. There was not supposed to be such an amazing amount of water in his car. In fact it was up to his hair. No, that was not right. If it was up to his hair he should not be able to breathe. The bewildered man pondered this thought for a moment until it dawned on him that he was actually upside down. He could feel the seatbelt digging into his torso and strangely enough there was what seemed to be a deflated balloon in front of his face. Ok, concentrate Ezra. You are upside down in your car with water in your hair and - oh shit – now would be a good time to panic.

While he had been contemplating the situation, the water had reached his eyebrows and he now felt an urgent need to disengage himself from the situation. Right, first things first. Now reach carefully for the seatbelt and undo it and remember to brace yourself so you don’t fall down and break your neck – OUCH – brace yourself I said.

Reminding himself never again to be so stupid as to release his seatbelt when he was upside down in his car without first making sure that there was something soft to land on, he carefully checked all body parts and was pleasantly surprised to find that nothing seemed more broken than it already was before he fell. This water is frigid. Might be a good idea to exit the car. Let’s see. Door won’t budge so window it is.

Carefully maneuvering until he could get his feet in position to kick out the window, he proceded to do just that. With the window gone sounds all of a sudden seemed to intrude on his wet, cold and generally uncomfortable world. He could hear the sound of the river his car was in and strangely enough the croaking of a frog which sounded suspiciously like it had bronchitis. Get your act together, Ezra. Frogs in all likelihood do not get bronchitis. Maybe a bad case of sore throat, but not bronchi – OUCH!



"JD, I told you to be carefull with that first aid kit. You’ve gone and knocked poor old Ez for a loop. He is gonna be pissed when he wakes up."

"I’m sorry Nathan, it kinda slipped out of my hand. Is he gonna be allright?"

"Yeah, he’s gonna be fine, but you’re gonna have to explain to him how he survived a full speed pursuit, having his car all shot up and finally taking a header into the river only to be knocked out by his team mate, y’hear?"

"Mmm, are you sure Nate? Couldn't we just tell him he got hit by a loose rock or something?"

"Yep, could do that, but the imprint of a cross on his forehead might give it away. I’m telling you he’s gonna kill ya."

Standish chose that moment to groan and with a terrified squeal, JD took off for the woods. Nathan later swore he had never seen the kid run so fast, not even the time he was trying to escape the painter who wanted him to pose in the nude. It took 2 days for the rest of the team to talk him out of his hiding place.


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Note: Here in Norway first aid cases are usually marked by a stamped out cross.