Travis Family:
What Three Little Brats Can Do

by Demaris

Alternate Universe: "The Travis Family"

Ezra and Vin were sitting in Ezra's room talking about what to do about their older brothers. "I'm sure it was Chris that ruined my candy. It has his mean style all over it. I'm sure Buck was the last one with the worms and sicking that girl on JD is something Buck would think of. Nathan might have been in on it but them two did it. We can't let them away with it or there will be no living with them."

Ezra sighed "I'm certain you are correct but as I already informed you and JD we must wait until the right opportunity presents itself. If we act prematurely we could miss a better opportunity later on or even worse our plans could backfire."

Three days later. JD ran into the playroom where Ezra was reading and Vin was playing video games. "Guess what I was listening to Buck on the phone and he finally got a date with that girl he's been chasing." Vin and Ezra grinned at each other. Their opportunity had come.

Orrin and Evelyn sitting in the swing on the porch. "I don't like it Evelyn. The boys have been to quiet lately. Why haven't Ezra, Vin and JD tried something yet."

"I think yet is right. My guess is they are just waiting for the right time."

Orrin grimaced "That's what I'm afraid of. If they're waiting it must be something big. I hope they leave the house standing."

Evelyn looked worried "Do you think we should put a stop to it. After all Ezra isn't use to having brothers playing pranks on him. He might not take to it well."

Orrin smiled "I wouldn't worry about that. Ezra seems to be taking to it a little too well. He is also becoming close with Vin and JD. We agreed that we won't always be here for the boys so they have to learn to depend on each other and work things out themselves. Their pranks have always been a way for the boys to help a new brother to fit in. Chris and Buck knew Vin and JD would tried to get Ezra to help them pull something. I don't think they counted on Vin and JD working so fast or on Ezra being so cunning. I still can't believe how fast and well they planned. Ezra, Vin and JD made some team. No I think we should let them be as long as they leave the ranch standing."

Nathan opened his bedroom door and was suddenly covered in water. He yelled in surprise. Evelyn and Josiah ran upstairs to see what was wrong.

Josiah tried hard not to laugh "It seems the prank war has entered the next round."

Evelyn sighed "Nathan get dried off and changed. Boys come wipe up this water."

Nathan was studying in his room when Chris and Buck came home and learned what happened.

"But Nathan you have got to get them back."

"No Buck. I glad they finally got me. Now I can study without worrying about what Ezra, Vin and JD are up to. I'm going to be in high school this fall and the better my grades are the better chance I have of a scholarship to college. If I'm going to be a doctor I can't be worrying about dodging my brothers' pranks. You and Chris are just going to have to deal with our little brothers yourselves. Besides you don't need me, the two of you do most of the pranks anyway."

Chris stood up "Alright Nate if you sure you don't want any payback of them. Come on Buck. They'll be after us next."

"Don't worry Chris I'm sure we can handle them three ourselves with no trouble."

Chris grinned "Yeah of course we can. What are those little brats going to do us. Don't look at me like that Nathan. They just got lucky on the fishing trip."

Ezra, Vin and JD slipped in JD's room. They grinned and nodded at each other. Chris and Buck would so know just how much trouble three little brats could cause for their two smug older brothers.

Ezra, Vin and JD ready. They each knew their part in the plan and were eager. Before these night was over they would have their vengeance. Now they were just waiting on Buck to finish getting ready for his date. Ezra had made sure that Buck would have to bring his date by the house after picking her up. He had done this by borrowing Buck's wallet without his knowing it and left it where Chris would find it after Buck left.

Josiah was running the youth center and had taken Nathan with him. Mom and Dad were at some fund raiser so Chris had gotten stuck babysitting his three youngest brothers. They had agreed that his girlfriend Sarah could come over to keep him company after all they trusted him. Anyway what could he and Sarah do with 10, 8 and 6 years old boys in the house. Chris went to his bedroom to get the movies he had rented for him and Sarah. Chris saw Buck's wallet on the floor. He hoped Buck he caught Buck at his date's house or he was in for a very embarrassing night.

Buck didn't want to leave his date sitting in the car while he got his wallet so he brought her in. He would come to regret that mistake. Buck left his date in the living room and went upstairs to get his wallet. As soon as Buck left, Ezra, Vin and JD came out of the kitchen. JD smiled at the girl "Hi my name's JD. You must be Carol."

The girl looked confused "No my name is Donna."

"Oh you're another one."

Ezra whispered loud enough for Donna to hear "JD we aren't suppose to tell about all the girls Buck has."

Vin agreed "Yeah just like we aren't supposed to tell about that book he has."

Donna narrowed her eyes "What book?"

Vin looked innocently at her "It's like an address book but it's only got girls' names."

"Yeah I bet it has a 100 names."

"Now JD there aren't 100 names in there. I counted 114 names last week. I suppose your name will be number 115."

Vin laughed "Yeah there sure are a lot of names but I like the stars."

Donna looked confused "What stars?"

"You know like they used to let people know how good hotels are."

Ezra disagreed "No. The best thing about the book Vin is the comments. I supposed Buck does not wish to mix the names up so he put comments by their names. I don't know how he keeps up with them all but Buck saids variety is good."

"Yeah Buck is always telling us he can get any woman is wants. He calls it animal magotism."

Vin shook his head "Naw JD. It's not animal magotism. It's animal magnetism."

"You do have to admire Buck's planning. He says that it only takes him 1 date to size a girl up. First he takes her out to eat and charms her to soften her up. He then takes her to the movies during which he causally puts his arm around her. If she removes it, it means she's a cold fish and he has to work to warm her up. If she doesn't remove his arm, he already has her wrapped around his finger." Donna could believe it. Buck had seemed so nice but his little brothers looked so sweet and innocent that they couldn't be lying. Well she would go with Buck but if he tried putting his arm around her he was going to do it.

Buck came downstairs "Well darling let's get going. Night boys."

"Night Buck"

"Night Bucklin"

"Good Night Buck"

The three boys grinned. Buck would remember this date alright. Now for Chris.

When Sarah arrived, Chris sent the boys upstairs. The boys had already eaten and Mom had left a couple of plates for him and Sarah. Chris figured him and Sarah could have a nice dinner and some romantic music. They could then watch movies. As Sarah sat up Chris started the music and went to get their plates. Chris was getting the plates out of the oven when Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys started playing. What was going on here? That was not what he put in the player. Chris checked the CD player. It had a disc of cowboy hits in it. Well he knew it was just a matter of time before they struck but he wasn't going let them ruin his evening with Sarah. Chris could find the CD he had pick out. The romantic music was out but he still had the rest of his plan. Chris started the movie and sat down beside Sarah. Instead of the movie Chris had put in before coming on, John Wayne's Red River came on. Chris knew what they were doing. He hated being called cowboy so they were using things about cowboys to ruin his date. Well that wasn't happening. Sarah liked John Wayne so Chris watched it trying to pretend that nothing was wrong.

As soon as Sarah left, more cowboy songs started playing. "Alright that's it. You three are dead!" Chris ran upstairs but their rooms were empty. He started searching the house but it couldn't find either his brothers or where the music was coming from. During his search Buck returned home covered in coke cola and popcorn. "What happened?"

"I don't know. All I did was put my arm on the back of her seat at the movies and she poured her drink and popcorn on my head and stormed out calling me a pig."

"Well I don't know how but with the way my night went I think you can thank our little brothers. I was actually just trying to find them to kill them."

"If you don't mind I think I will just join you Chris."

Orrin and Evelyn came home to find Chris and Buck making a mess of the house in their haste to find their brothers. "What do you two think you are doing?" Chris and Buck stopped at the sound of their father's voice and saw the mess they had made.

Chris spoke up "We were trying to find Ezra, Vin and JD and stop them playing that music."

Evelyn turned to Orrin "You take care of these two and I'll go see about our other three."

Orrin glared at Chris and Buck "I'm not sure where to start. Why is the house a mess? What is all over you Buck and how did it get there? Why aren't our brothers asleep at this hour? And what music are you talking about?"

For the first time Chris and Buck realized the music had stopped. They had been so intent on finding their brothers they hadn't noticed. Chris and Buck both told their Dad everything that had happened to them that night.

Orrin just barely managed to keep the smile off his face at hearing what his three youngest had accomplished. His older sons were going to have to learn to stay on those three's good side. Vin and JD together had been trouble. Ezra, Vin and JD were down right diabolic. "Chris you were left in charge. It was your job to make sure things didn't get out of control not lose control yourself. I have not heard any reason for the two of you making a mess of the house in your search for your brothers. You should be setting a better example for your brothers. Since this war has gotten out of hand and affected the house, it is over. There will be no retaliation. You two will spend tomorrow cleaning up your mess."

"Yes sir."

"Now go to bed."

Evelyn came downstairs. "They're asleep. They must have slipped upstairs while Chris and Buck were searching down here and went to bed. I can't believe what they did to my house."

"Don't worry. I have already informed them they will be spending tomorrow clean it up. You would think an 18 and 16 year old would have better sense. I've told them the war is over. I'll tell Ezra, Vin and JD in the morning and hint that as a gesture of goodwill they help Chris and Buck clean. I'm sure it will all be forgotten in a couple of days." Orrin told Evelyn what Chris and Buck had told him as they got ready for bed.

"How do you think they interfered with Buck's date."

Orrin looked puzzled "I don't know but I'm sure I don't want to know."