Josiah surreptitiously watched from his place at the window. Across the kitchen, Mary stood, poised at the edge of the counter. He always knew that woman had a thing for Chris Larabee, blackened pie pan and all, but Josiah would never have suspected that she also had a taste for Ezra Standish with his tangy, southern flavor.

But there Ezra was, in all his glory, immediately before her.

Stick it in, Josiah urged silently. Go on ... just slide it right in there ... nice and slow....

Josiah was hot, and the scene before him was doing nothing to cool down his savory innards.

Oh yeah ... do it....

His thick, rich filling bubbled, and then spurted through the slit in his crust as Mary pushed forward. Ezra yielded to her soft yet decisive hands, giving her all she wanted to take.

Mary removed the slice of key lime pie from the silvery pan and gently laid it on the china plate. Josiah had the feeling that it was Mary's intension to devour Ezra completely; he just hoped he would get to watch. He had always enjoyed the vision of a lovely woman licking sweet, white meringue from her lips.


March 2003

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