by Heidi

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on the characters from the television show "The Magnificent Seven". No copyright infringement intended to Trilogy, CBS, Mirish, TNN, MGM, or anyone else holding the rights. No profit will be made from this work.

Warnings: I'm putting a spew warning in effect for parts of this story. Eating and drinking during some sections of this story could be hazardous to your health. There are some adult situations, some violence, and some bad words.

Author's Notes: This is the third story in a series, and can be read independently from the first two. The first two are: Recertification, followed by Retribution, Seven Style. There will be a fourth story to this series, but it will take me a little time to write it. This story does have an OFC throughout, as did the first two, so consider yourself warned. Also, thanks to Cin for letting me borrow "Seven" from her story Seventh Heaven.

As you can see, this piece is rather large, and it took me awhile to write it, along with having it beta'd and edited. I owe many thanks to those who kept encouraging me to get this done, and probably I would have procrastinated a bit more without all the nudges and nags. Thanks for you readers for your patience, and I hope this is worth it!

Finally, SPECIAL THANKS to the following:

CIN - SUPERDIVA, sounding board, and insanity barometer. Also for giving me ideas and helping with missing scenes, suggesting things, and pushing me oh-so-gently (or not so gently) while this was being written. Thanks for keeping me grounded pard, and making sure I got this done. (( CIN )) The red and its wearer are for you!

ROW - Giving me lots of tips about points of view, and making sure I'm not bouncing all over the place. Between you and Cin, I'm a whole lot better writer, and I'm grateful to both of you. Big Thanks!

BRATE - Okay, B, It's done. Are you happy now? You have been so patient, and your continual questioning (read: heckling) of the status of this story (and me) has kept me moving. Heck, if it weren't for you jokingly posting a deadline, I probably would not have most of this written as fast and as quick as I did.

NANCY - For putting up with temperamental authors and formatting everything! It takes a lot of work and patience to maintain an archive, and Nancy does a great job. Thanks, Nancy

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