Lunch Delights

By: LadyViper & Lisa S.

Author's Note: This is what happens when snowbound writer (Lisa S.) finds bored snowbound demented lurker (LadyViper).

Disclaimer: I do not own them. They are the property of MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy Entertainment etc.; BUT if I find them running free, I'm keeping them! (Innocent smile)

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Buck walked through the lunchroom crowd to the table in the back where his fellow ATF agents, Ezra Standish and Josiah Sanchez, were seated. "Hey guys, sorry I'm late," said Buck as he placed his tray on the table and sat next to Ezra.

"As usual, Mr. Wilmington, still trying to arrange a rendezvous with the cashier?" asked Ezra as he grinned at Josiah.

Buck grinned as he folded the paper with cashier's phone number on it and placed it into his pocked. "Not trying," he responded as he grinned.

"I'm telling you JD is sooo smooth, you'll just want more," purred the redhead at the table next to them.

"Tastes rather . . . sweet," commented the blonde as she smiled.

"And what a great body," countered the redhead.

"I really love JD's taste," said the redhead. "I just can't get enough."

At the sound of the coworker's name, the three men grew quiet as they tried to hear more of the conversation between the two women at the nearby table.

"Have you had JD with ice cream?" asked the one woman in a breathless tone. "JD the taste mixes so well with all those other. . . flavors."

"I just have to lick my hands when it spills over," commented the redhead.

"And it's sooooo easy to swallow," continued the blonde. "I just can't get enough of it."

"But sometimes it's just so sticky, licking isn't enough," replied the redhead.

"You know . . . this is making me sooooo warm just thinking about JD," said the blonde as she smiled wickedly.

At the nearby table, Ezra coughed as Josiah raised a questioning eyebrow. Meanwhile, Buck grinned, secretly pleased that his roommate had such a reputation with the ladies. It seemed JD was following in his footsteps.

"A taste that lingers, I can feel the tingle right down to my toes," redhead cooed.

"JD is so versatile, no matter the situation or location." The blonde smiled as she continued. "JD warms you after a good hard workout, and I love JD after skiing."

"You know, JD in the hot tub is the ultimate pleasure," said the redhead.

Meanwhile, Buck thought to himself, 'Damn where has this boy found the time to do all this? And why didn't I know?'

Ezra glanced over to Josiah who shrugged. "Who knew, our JD could give Buck a run for his money?" commented Josiah.

Buck coughed. "I. . I. . Seriously doubt that."

JD entered the cafeteria to join his fellow agents. Buck stood and patted the youngest agent on the back as he reached the table. JD looked at him with an eyebrow raised. "Never new you had it in you boy," said Buck as he smiled. JD sat next to Josiah.

Seeing the ladies, he knew from the secretary pool he waved at them. They nodded in return, and JD stood and went over to them. "Oh, JD, thanks so much for printing out the drink recipes from the Jack Daniels web site," said the blond as she smiled warmly. "I didn't know JD was so. . . versatile."

"Yeah it is pretty smooth whiskey . . . glad I could help," replied the young agent as he turned back to the guys confused by their actions. Ezra held his hand over his mouth hiding a smile. Josiah chuckled, while Buck's mouth remained opened.

Of course Buck would never live this down, and he was sure Ezra would tell them all about this lunch special.

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Completed: 2-23-03