A First Time for Everything

by Luna Dey and Suzy B.

Part of the Just When You Thought... collection.

Author’s Note: Well, we don't have the excuse of it being the wee hours of the morning this time. It is definitely a PWP piece, based solely on an overheard conversation between Josiah and JD.

Disclaimer: I do not own them. They are the property of MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy Entertainment; however, if they ever come up for sale, I will be in the front row at the auction.

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"Please, Josiah?" JD's voice low and begging filled the hushed corners of the saloon.

"Told you son, you ain't gonna like it so just don't ask." Josiah's attempts to lessen the rumble of his voice all but useless.

"I need ya to, Josiah." JD paused, "Wouldn't ask if I didn't, and you know I can't ask the others."

"Okay son, if you want me to that bad, meet me in my room in ten minutes." Josiah stood and turned away from the table, "and don't tell the others. Lord above only knows how many times they'd want me to do it for them too."

"You think I want to tell them?" JD retorted as he watched Josiah leave.

<Josiah's room>

"You sure about this son?"

"Yep, I need ya to."

"Once you've done this there's no going back, JD." Josiah waited and watched the younger man's reaction. "I want you to be sure."

"Just do it already," JD sighed.

"Alright." Josiah sat on the straight-backed chair and gestured to JD. "Kneel here."

"Why?" JD frowned.

"Because, you asked me to do this and it's what I told you to do," Josiah said shortly, then noticing JD's expression he explained, "It'll give me better access."

JD stripped off his shirt and undershirt and knelt between Josiah's knees, his arms resting across the bigger man's thighs. He waited and watched while Josiah placed one hand on either side of his face and used his thumbs to open JD's mouth.

Outside the church, Buck, Vin, and Chris walked up the small flight of steps. All sought Josiah for counsel. As they stepped into the church, they heard the sounds of voices coming from Josiah's small room, thinking that the preacher was hearing one of the townsfolk's confessions, Chris gestured for them to remain silent.

"Wonder which of the fine folk have sinned?" Buck grinned.

"You'd never get out of there," Chris joked as they all moved to sit on the front pew and wait. The thin wood of the door did little to conceal the noises from within.

"You ever done this before?" The preacher's deep voice asked tentatively.

"No, I haven't, but. . ."

"You sure you want this son?" Josiah's voice echoed.

"Can't hurt anymore than it has already, Josiah," JD voice answered. Buck's attention was riveted by the voice he heard. He rose to his feet and moved closer to the door to hear better.

"Just don't want to hurt you more than I have to," Josiah's resigned voice filtered through Buck's confusion as he stepped closer to the door. Chris and Vin exchanged glances behind him, both stood and moved closer.

"That's JD," Buck looked at the others with a puzzled expression.

The sound of metal clunking against something caused a frown to crease Buck's brow.

"What the hell was that?" Buck was starting to get upset. "What the hell they doin' in there?" He turned back when he heard JD saying something else.

"You ain't gonna put that in my mouth, Josiah" they could hear the panic in JD's voice. "No way that's gonna fit, it's too big."

"Now son, you can't back out now…..you said you wanted me to do this." Josiah's placating tones followed calmly.

Buck spun to face the other two. "You hear that?" he hissed. "He ain't gonna hurt JD."

Chris's arm shot out to grab Buck's arm. "You heard him Buck, whatever they're doin' is none of our business."

"How do you figure that?" Buck almost snarled. "He's hurting JD"

"And, JD agreed," Chris stated softly. "We should just leave them alone; they should have their privacy."

"Chris, surely you aren't gonna let him do that to JD."

"Do what?" Vin asked.

"Chris, he's tryin' to force the kid. We gotta do somethin'."

"Calm down, Pard. You heard them. JD asked him to do it; he wants it."

"And, you heard as well as I did that he doesn't want it now," Buck hissed and shrugged out of their grip. "I don't give a damn; I'm goin' in there."

Chris and Vin, not exactly sure what to do, followed slowly. All three were halted by the sounds of struggle.

"Naaa 'Siah." JD's gutteral mumbling voice called. "Schtop."

"I can't stop now, son, gone to far to stop."

"Acckkk . . . gotta 'wallo, 'Siah."


"Ge' i' ou..!!"

"I'm nearly there, JD. Just try to take it just a little longer," Josiah urged.

Buck could wait no more; he pressed his hand against the door and pushed it with enough force to slam it back against the wall behind it. JD knelt on the floor between Josiah's legs, his fingers whitened by their grip on Josiah's trousers. Josiah's face split into a big grin as he lifted a small pair of pliers in front of JD's tear stained face. Caught between the pincer like fingers of the pliers was a tooth.