It's All in the Hands

by Luna Dey and Glori

Part of the Just When You Thought... collection.

Author’s Note: Another product of two warped minds who have nothing better to do than think of our Mag 7 guys. It is definitely a PWP piece, based solely on a conversation overheard by Nathan, Buck and Mrs. Potter.

Disclaimer: I do not own them. They are the property of MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy Entertainment; however, if they ever come up for sale, I will be in the front row at the auction.

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Completed 10-25-02

Buck moved a little faster and caught up with the woman ahead of him. "Evenin' Ma'am."

"Evenin', Mr. Wilmington. Are you headed over to the church too?" Mrs. Potter asked.

"Yes Ma'am." He offered his arm to the older woman, who slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow. "Thought I would go see if Josiah could use some help."

Mrs. Potter held up the bag she was carrying for Buck to see. "I thought I would take this to Mr. Sanchez, just in case he needs it before tonight."

Buck took the heavy bag from her with his free hand. "Let me carry that for you."

"Thank you. It is a little heavy."

They walked in a companionable silence for a short distance before Nathan joined them. He was carrying a crate and seemed to be headed in the same direction. The three continued on together chatting amiably.

Mrs. Potter released Buck's arm so he could open the door for all of them and stepped inside first. The two men followed closely behind and headed toward the front to deposit their burdens on the front pew. Mrs. Potter had moved on ahead and stood poised at the door to Josiah's room in the back, her hand raised to knock.

Nathan walked up beside her, his concern apparent in his voice. "Is something wrong, Ma'am?"

She shook her head no, but never took her eyes off the door. Just then Josiah's deep voice caught his attention. "Ezra, your balls are too small."

"I beg your pardon, but the size of my balls is more than adequate," Ezra replied indignantly.

Nathan was certain that Mrs. Potter would be mortified by what she overheard, but he was mistaken. He glanced back at her face and saw her struggling to keep from laughing. He was stunned. The usually straight-laced Mrs. Potter stood there shaking slightly as she fought to keep silent.

Buck could see the slight shaking of the older woman's shoulders and the stunned look on Nathan's face. At first he thought she was crying, but then he realized what he was witnessing was stifled laughter. The ladies' man moved closer and started to speak, but stopped when Nathan held his finger to his lips for his to keep quiet. He leaned close to the black man and whispered, "What's goin' on?"

"Not rightly sure yet, but I don't intend to be the one to interrupt it."

"I would appreciate a bit more caution, if you please. Sticky hands are something I can tolerate, but I do not wish to have that goo on my clothing," Ezra warned.

"That goo is a necessary part of it," Josiah told the younger man. "Here, put some of this on your hands. It will make it easier."

"Wonderful, now not only will I have goo on my hands, but they will be oily as well."

Mrs. Potter crinkled her nose in distaste as she listened to Ezra's complaint.

"Ezra, I can do this myself if it is too much bother for you, but I would like to have your help. You are always good with your hands."

"Thank you Josiah, I assure you, it is always the high point of my day come to your aid."

"Could have fooled me the way you are complainin' about getting your hands a little messy," Josiah chided.

"Well, there are benefits that out weight the messiness," the gambler said softly.

"Oh. . . easy Ezra. You don't want to squeeze the balls too hard!"

"If you disagree with my handling of your precious balls, I can desist," Ezra offered huffily.

"Oh, now Ezra, don't get all offended. I just meant you should treat them gently, you know, caress them like a lover."

Buck perked up at this and grinned widely. "Well that old devil," he murmured under his breath.

Nathan shook his head in disbelief. "Ya know, we really hadn't oughta be listenin' to this."

"Well you can go if ya want, but I think I'll stick around."

"Shhhhh. . . they'll hear you," Mrs. Potter admonished.

"Ahhhh… I see what you want. Is this better?" Ezra crooned.

"Oh, yes! That's more like it. Firm but soft too," Josiah said with a sigh. "It shouldn't take long now that you have the hang of it."

"I agree. It takes a certain rhythm but I find I am enjoying it," Ezra responded.

There was a long silence inside the room, and then Josiah sighed heavily. "That's it. . . perfect."

"I do believe we have reached a successful conclusion to this endeavor," Ezra said with a satisfied sigh. "And, none too soon, my hands were tiring."

Suddenly, the door to the back room swung open, causing the three eavesdroppers to jump in surprise. "Hey, you three are here early," the preacher said with a grin.

Mrs. Potter recovered first. "I brought you some things I thought you could use," she told him and pointed to the bag on the church pew.

At that moment Ezra nudged Josiah from behind. "You make a wonderful door, Mr. Sanchez." He chuckled as the big man stepped aside so he could get through the door. "Ah, I see we have early arrivals for tonight's festivities." He held up the tray he was carrying. "Would any of you care to sample one of our popcorn balls?"

The End