In Too Deep

by Luna Dey & Suzy B.

Part of the Just When You Thought... collection.

Author’s Note: Once again this is what happens at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning when at least one of you is getting a bit punchy. It is definitely a PWP piece, based solely on an overheard conversation between Chris, Vin and Nathan.

Disclaimer: I do not own them. They are the property of MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy Entertainment; however, if they ever come up for sale, I will be in the front row at the auction.

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"Nathan you're gonna have to bend over more.....Can't do anything at this angle," Vin coaxed.

Buck stopped JD before he could open the door to the bathing room in the bathhouse. "Whoa, Kid. Listen, did you hear that?

"Listen to what?" JD asked in annoyance.

"Can't interrupt a man when he's enjoying himself," the ladies man paused. "But, there's no harm in eavesdropping."

"I can't hear anything with you talkin', for cryin' out loud!" JD heard the sounds coming from beyond the door and suddenly realized what they must have nearly walked in on. His eyes got as big as dinner plates as he turned, stunned, toward Buck.

"What, you never heard a good time before kid?" Buck turned his attention back to the activities behind the door when he heard the healer's deep voice.

"I could get more comfortable if'n you would quit pokin' fer a minute," Nathan begged.

"You asked him to be pokin Nathan....." Chris reminded him.

"Well, what do you know! Didn't think this would ever happen," Buck commented to no one in particular.

"Ya just gotta hold still so's I can get at it," Vin murmured.

"Vin, you got enough leverage?" Chris could be heard asking.

"Hell, he's got enough leverage to poke clean down to China," Nathan complained in a strained voice.

"Ain't aimin' to go that far," Tanner said with a laugh.

"Well, you couldn't prove it by me from the feel of it, and this ain't funny." Nathan was very clearly uncomfortable.

"Or the look of it," Larabee couldn't resist adding with a strangled chuckle of his own.

"You wanna do this, Chris?" Vin asked, becoming a bit agitated.

"Hell No!!" he paused. "Though it does look like fun."

"Last thing I need is you two takin' turns pokin' me in the ass."

"Might have to, Nathan, if you don't hold still fer me."

"Now, Nathan you practically begged us too." Chris tried to calm the healer.

"Yeah, but I didn't know it would hurt so much."

"It'll be over 'fore ya know it," Vin said in reassurance.

Buck chuckled softly outside the door. "Figured he wouldn't' be a stayer."

JD looked at Buck with a puzzled expression. "Huh? Which one wouldn't?"

"Can't be pretty and have endurance too," Buck added.

"What, who's pretty?"

"Ssh JD, pay attention, an' you'll figure it out," Wilmington leaned even closer to the door.

"What is it you're always telling us?......A little bit of pain and it'll all be over with." Chris was enjoying throwing Nathan's own words back at him.

"Yeah, well I reckon I lied."

"Always knew you could dish it out but couldn't take it," Chris accused.

"Now, let me try and get in there one more time," Vin said softly.

"Think you need to go deeper, Vin?" Chris asked helpfully.

"Yeah, maybe so," Vin agreed.

JD pointed to the door and gasped, "Buck, they're....they're....!"

"Sure sounds like it, don't it kid?" Buck wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"But...Buck, that just ain't natural!"

"JD, one thing you gotta learn, things are different in the West than they were back East. These things happen sometimes," Buck explained.

"But .. Buck!"

"Trust me on this one, kid," Buck said with a pat on the younger man's shoulder. Then he turned his attention back to the door.

"Ow, no he don't need to go any deeper... he's gone plenty deep," Nathan complained.

"Might have to do it anyway, before I'm through, whether you want me to or not, Nathan."

"And if Vin can't or won't, I will," Chris warned.

"No.... don't think I can handle the both of ya doin' this to me."

"Buck...are they....are they forcin' him?" JD was becoming worried.

"I know Chris better'n that. He would never force someone, and he wouldn't let nobody with him do it either."

JD swallowed hard and hoped Buck was right. "Yeah, but listen to what they're doin' to poor Nathan!"

"I am listenin'. Now shush, so I can hear what's goin' on." He frowned slightly in concentration.

"Now I don't think that's fair"....."You've done it to both of us often enough," Larabee reminded Nathan.

"Ya got to let us try, least once," Tanner coaxed the healer.

Nathan frowned. "I am lettin' ya try, once, but that don't mean both of ya get to," he growled at them.

"It's for yer own good, and you know it," Chris said with confidence.

"You'll thank us in the end."

"Yeah, well I thank ya now, and I've had enough."

"Nathan, stop that....Chris, hold him down so's I can get at him proper."

The sounds of a chair being pulled across the wooden floor and a bit of a scuffle, followed by a 'umph' from Nathan, caused the men outside to look at each other in bewilderment.

"Let me up!"

"Well, Nathan, Chris wouldn't need to hold you over his lap, if ya'd stop pullin' away."

"You think it'd help if you had something to bite down on?" Chris asked in an effort to be helpful.

"Don't rightly know. Depends on what yer offerin."

"How bout this?"

"Ya, trust me to not to bite too hard?"

"Yeah, that'd work," Tanner answered for Jackson. "Now, ya just need to hold still for me."

Nathan could be heard mumbling and groaning, his voice muffled by whatever he had in his mouth.

"Almost there....gettin' close." Vin's voice sounded strained.

"Need a hand?" Chris asked.

Nathan's moans got louder and they heard what sounded suspiciously like a soft sob.

Outside the door JD shifted nervously from foot to foot. "Buck?" He looked at his friend with pleading eyes."

Buck swallowed and hated to admit that he was starting to wonder if things were getting a bit out of hand in there. The voices pulled his attention back to the door.

"It's okay, Nathan. I've just about...ahhhh....yesssss…"

Nathan let out one last loud moan and then was silent. "Good thing too, don't think he coulda took much more," Chris said.

"I think ya both got way too much pleasure outta that," Nathan accused his two companions.

"You saying you didn't too?" Chris asked innocently.

Before Nathan could comment, Vin spoke up. "Think ya both liked it, truth to tell."

"Maybe, just a little," Chris admitted.

"No maybe about it, Cowboy...ya enjoyed it, pure and simple."

"Yeah, well let's see how much either of you like it next time I gotta dig a big ole splinter outta yer ass."

JD's jaw dropped and he turned to stare at Buck who was equally stunned. "Buck, it was just a splinter," he said, laughing slightly in relief.

"Well, I'll be…. " he paused. "Think it might be a good idea to come back just a bit later." Buck tried to steer JD away from the door.

"Why Buck? I mean there wasn't nothing goin' on."

"I would like to know the answer to that one too, Buck?" Chris stood grinning in the now open door.