So Good It Should Be a Sin

by Lisa & Lady Viper

Part of the Just When You Thought... collection.

May 2003

AUTHOR'S COMMENTS: THANK YOU's to: Mary for doing the initial read to make sure the story wasn't totally stupid; and to the AWESOME betaer, Sarah!! You ROCK girlfriend!!

DISCLAIMER: Trilogy, MGM, and the Mirish Corporation own The Magnificent Seven characters. They are not mine. The only purpose of this story is for entertainment. No money is being made.

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Buck Wilmington and Nathan Jackson made their way through Team Seven's office, each caring various party paraphernalia and food for the surprise birthday party for their coworker and good friend, Josiah Sanchez. As they approached the conference room, conversation between two office assistants caught their attention. They stood by the partially closed door as they listened.

"Only six or eight inches will do," commented Vickie.

"Definitely," agreed Mary. "No mini's allowed!!"

"And it absolutely has to be firm, not soft," continued Vickie.

"Oh yeah . . ." murmured Mary in agreement.

Buck raised a questioning eyebrow as he glanced over at Nathan who looked like he equally could not believe what he was hearing.

"The thickness can make all the difference. . ." said Mary.

"I love it when it is so smooth and it melts in your mouth," replied Vickie in a breathless voice.

"Did you ever just want to lick the soft creamy texture?" asked Mary.

"Oh yeah," murmured Vickie, "and the best part is licking your fingers when you're done . . . yummy!"

"I can never get enough to quench my appetite . . . I always want more," stated Mary.

"You know, all this talking is making my mouth water, and I'd love some now," declared Vickie.

Buck shifted the grocery bags in his arms, finding he was definitely getting aroused with all this discussion and he made a mental note to ask Vickie out on a date. Nathan was about to whisper to him when the ladies' conversation continued and Buck quietly shushed him, wanting to hear every word they said.

"You know what's sinful?" whispered Vickie. "If you top that luscious piece with whip cream or chocolate syrup."

"Then there's the deep dark flavor, its almost a sin to want it . . . makes you want to savor every nibble," countered Mary.

"Oh yeah," agreed Vickie. "Did you ever notice each one has its own unique flavor?"

"Fellas, are you gonna go in or stand by the door all day?" asked Chris who snuck up on the two men and was standing behind them. He moved passed them and walked into the conference room with Buck and Nathan following.

"Vickie . . . Mary," said Chris as he gazed at the table filled delectable sweets. "The cheesecakes look delicious."

"They are!" replied Mary and Vickie in unison as they started to giggle.

Buck and Nathan looked at each other and repeated "Cheesecakes?" The ladies' conversation finally made sense and both men were starting to feel very silly at what they thought the ladies were talking about.