by Lisa & Mary

Part of the Just When You Thought... collection.

March 2003

Disclaimer: Trilogy, MGM, and the Mirish Corporation own The Magnificent Seven characters. They are not mine. The only purpose of this story is for entertainment. No money is being made.

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A HUGE THANK YOU to the WAY COOL Sarah for betaing!!

Team Seven of the Denver ATF unit was on a stakeout. Two men, JD Dunne and Buck Wilmington, were positioned in the van marked 'Pests Be Gone' manning all the equipment while the various other members were positioned throughout the area, all in disguises so they would blend in. Team Leader, Chris Larabee, discreetly adjusted his mic as a conversation came over the communication device.

"Oh baby . . . don't stop . . . keep going," said JD in a hushed tone.

"You know kid, when you rush like that, you take all the fun out of it," replied Buck. "You gotta go slow; you go too fast you'll miss it entirely."

"Uh huh," mumbled JD.

The ATF leader's eyebrows shot up as he listened intently to his friends' conversation. He casually started to make his way to the van to investigate what the Hell was going on. He caught Vin's eye who was overhearing the same conversation and he motioned with his gaze that he would do the same.

"You're aiming too high, the hole is lower than that," countered the youngest member.

"You know what they say . . . gotta go through the cave to get to the treasure," stated Buck who was clearly enjoying himself.

"This is easier than I thought," declared JD in a low voice.

Meanwhile, the other members of Team Seven cautiously approached the van, which was now rocking. Josiah tried to casually look through the front window but all he could see was Buck's back.

"Damn it, it's the wrong color," muttered JD.

"Not so rough . . . you gotta be smooth," countered Buck. "A little more to the right . . . there you go . . . you GOT IT."

Cheers could be heard over the mics as Chris took a deep breath and pulled open the van door to reveal JD and Buck hugging each other, their Gameboys lying in the floor as they celebrated their very important win at the electronic game. The two men stopped in their celebration when they noticed their five teammates staring at them.

"We just won at Zelda," stated JD trying to explain the situation.

Chris Larabee glared at the two men before he slammed the van door closed. "Ok fellas, no more distractions," stated the leader as the men returned to their positions.