It's All in the Wrist

by Lisa

Part of the Just When You Thought... collection.

December 2002

Disclaimer: Trilogy, MGM, and the Mirish Corporation own The Magnificent Seven characters. They are not mine. The only purpose of this story is for entertainment. No money is being made.

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Many thanks to LadyViper for helping on the dialogue and to Sarah for brainstorming ideas and betaing.

"It's All in the Wrist"

Judge Oren Travis walked through the door of Team Seven's office and glanced around, immediately noticing none of the agents were at their cubicles. "They must have gone to lunch," he mumbled to himself and was about to turn and walk out when he heard what sounded like a crash coming from the conference room. With his interest peaked, he slowly made his way to the closed door. Muffled voices of Agent JD Dunne and the Team's secretary, Becky, could be heard. . .

"Now it's nothing to be afraid of . . . it won't bite," said JD. "If I can do it, so can you. . ." he continued encouraging.

"Ok," replied Becky tentatively. "Show me what to do."

"First of all you want a good grip," instructed JD. "Add a small dab of this into your palm and rub your hands together."

"This feels weird," countered Becky as she followed the young agent's directions.

"Yeah," agreed JD. "But it'll definitely help."

"What's next?" asked Becky.

"Ok, you want to hold it in the middle," directed JD. "Wrap your fingers around it carefully. . ."

"Like this?" asked Becky in a whisper.

"A little firmer . . . yeah . . . that's good," replied the agent. "Now do this. . ."

The papers fell from the Judge's hands as his eyebrows shot up. He bent down to quickly pick up the dropped documents, still not believing what it sounded like the couple was doing. He would need to have a little chat with Larabee about his men's behavior in the office, he thought to himself. He took a step closer to the door as the conversation continued.

"It doesn't feel right," commented Becky.

"That's cause you need to put your wrist into it. . ." replied JD. "Here, let me show you . . . see. . ."

"Oh I understand," said the secretary as she followed his direction. "Is this better?"

"Oh yeah . . . much. . ." replied JD. "Dang! You're a pro!"

Becky giggled softly as she replied, "That's cause I had such a good teacher."

"Don’t' tell him I said this, but you're better than Buck," commented the young agent.

"Can I help you with something, Judge?" asked Chris Larabee who had just returned from lunch with the other members of Team Seven and had noticed his boss standing by the closed conference room door.

The Judge nearly jumped at the sound of the leader's voice. He turned around to see the six men standing in the doorway and he replied quickly, "Um . . . just came by to drop these documents off. Thought I heard voices coming from the conference room."

Larabee nodded in acknowledgement as he replied, "Probably JD and Becky . . . they stayed back." The Judge nodded, surprised that it sounded like the leader knew what was going on in the conference room. It was at this time the door swung opened and JD and Becky emerged, stopping when they noticed the group of men who had gathered in the bullpen area of the office.

"So, was JD able to help you out?" asked Buck to the secretary. "'Cause if not, I can teach you."

Becky giggled as she took the football from JD's hands and tossed it in a fluid pass to the tall agent. "Yep, JD was a wonderful instructor," said Becky. "Now I can surprise my nephew when he wants to toss the football around this weekend."

The dumbfounded Judge watched as the football sailed through the air, feeling quite foolish that he jumped to such an outrageous conclusion.