This Everyday Love

by Phyllis

Can’t get enough of this everyday love
Can’t get enough of this everyday love.

Chris sat on the porch, a cup of hot coffee in his hand. He watched as the sun rose over the horizon; the air was cool and crisp, hinting at the beautiful day that was coming. Life was better than it had been in a long time. The open paper lay in his lap, forgotten for the moment. Closing his eyes, he thought back on the last few months, the months since he and Mary had married. Each morning he woke to the sun shining in on his beautiful wife, it’s light creating a golden halo around her face. The image lightened his heart as he drew in a deep breath, savoring the memory in the morning air.

Soft arms wrapped themselves around his neck as the scent of a delicate perfume mingled with the clear mountain air. "Good morning’ she spoke softly, her breath caressing his ear. His hand came up to stroke the soft blond hairs on her arm. Dropping his head back, he gazed up, smiling. "Good morning to you." Her mouth descended to his and their lips brushed. She started to straighten, but he gripped her arm and gently drew her around the chair, taking her into his lap. One arm wrapped around her shoulder while the other cradled her hips. He tightened his grip and drew her down, pressing her breasts against his bare chest. Their lips met and he kissed her longingly, his tongue pushing gently in to touch hers. Mary moaned in response, her arms wrapping around the man’s head to draw him even closer. As the sun cleared the horizon, Chris Larabee stood, the forgotten paper fluttering to the ground as he carried his wife back into the house and to bed.

Each morning the sun shines through my window
Lands on the face of a dream come true
I shuffle to the kitchen for my coffee
And catch up on the front-page morning news
Then she walks in behind me and throws her around my neck
Just another normal thing I’ve come to expect.

The strong smell of Mexican food drew Buck to the kitchen. He smiled as he strolled in, barefoot and approached the dark haired beauty that had accepted his proposal just a few short months earlier. The two had gotten married in front of the justice of the peace with their friends in attendance just three weeks ago. Wilmington was still in awe each morning when he opened his eyes to the sight of Inez laying next to him. He was a man who loved women, but never thought of himself as sharing his life with only one. That was, until he met this fiery Mexican beauty. It had taken a couple of years to convince her that he could be faithful to one woman, but convince her he did. Theirs had been a long battle of wills, but now the war was over and both sides had won.

Buck moved behind his wife and wrapped his long arms around her small waist. He snuggled his face in her long black hair and kissed her neck. Inez laughed softly. "I was beginning to think you had no plans to rise today. The morning is half gone and still you have not showered."

"Now, darlin’, I was only waitin’ for ya to rejoin me in our bed, but I got so lonely, I had to come out and see what you was doing." His mouth continued to nibble at her neck as he spoke. His reward was to have the woman lean back into his embrace.

"You know very well that I promised Mary to bring tamales to the party today. I have a lot of work to do before we can leave for the Larabee ranch." The woman removed the cornhusk wrapped tamale from the pot with her eyes closed as she enjoyed the attentions her husband lavished on her neck. In truth she was almost finished with the preparations and had been thinking of rejoining the blue-eyed man in the warmth of their bed. She finished what she doing and only needed the foil to wrap the food in.

Buck anticipated the move and stretched his arm out, retrieving the box and handing it to her. Releasing his hold of her waist, he helped wrap the tamales in packages of twelve and set them into a cooler for transportation to the ranch. Buck lifted the cooler off the table and sat it near the door for when they were ready to leave. As he straightened, he felt warm hands move around his waist from back to front, the strong smell of spices and onions filling his nose. Inez’s hands lingered at his waist for a moment before beginning a slow trip downward, pushing past the waistband of the pajamas bottoms he wore. He gasped and reached out for the wall as her hands paused on either side of his hips. Lips trailed a hot path across and down his back and he felt her going lower even as the pajama bottoms slipped off his hips and to the floor.

Inez stood and moved around to stand in front of the man she loved, a wicked glint in her eye. She stepped away from him and loosened the knot that held together the robe she was wearing. Shrugging out of the robe, she allowed it to drop to the ground, revealing that she was wearing nothing else. She crooked a finger at him as she slowly backed toward the rug that lay in front of the fireplace. A low fire burned in the hearth to ward off the chill of the early morning air. The woman lowered herself onto the rug and waited. The silky material pooled at his feet momentarily hampered the man, but he quickly stepped out of the pajamas and joined Inez on the hand-woven rug. They stayed there until it was time to head out to the Larabee ranch for the celebration.

It’s ordinary plain and simple
Typical, this everyday love
Same ol’, same ol’ keeping it new
Emotional, so familiar
Nothing about it too peculiar
Oh, but I can’t get enough of
This everyday love

JD rolled over and slapped at the alarm clock that screamed in his ear. Groaning he rolled over and threw out his arm. When no warm body could be found, he opened one eye and looked around the small room. He noticed the bathroom closed and sighed. ‘Should have gotten up a little sooner. Casey was already getting ready for work’ he thought to himself. Tossing an arm over his eyes, he smiled as he remembered the previous evening and intense lovemaking they had shared. It was their one-year anniversary and he had taken her to her favorite restaurant for dinner. They had come home where he gave her a heart shaped locket into which he had had inscribed, ‘To Casey, the woman who carries my heart. Forever, JD’ at which she had cried and he had kissed her tears away. Her gift to him had a new watch which he needed since his had been broken while wrestling a suspect from Ezra’s back. He had thanked her and was about to try the watch on when she stopped him and placed her hands on his. "I have another gift for you, JD. But you can’t open it."

He frowned at her words, but waited for her to finish. "I found a townhouse for sale near Buck and Inez’s. I put a bid in on it."

"Casey, I thought we agreed to wait on that. I’d love to be near Buck’s place, but we’re doing fine here."

"I know. It’s just that I think that it’ll be easier for everyone, if we live closer." She blushed as she spoke. JD was still confused. "You know that Uncle Buck will be over most every night. I figured it would save time."

"Casey, why would Buck be coming over every night? He and Inez have their own lives and I don’t really think...wait a minute. Did you say ‘uncle’? Oh, my gosh, Casey…" JD stammered. And Casey smiled and nodded.

The memory was enough to bring tears to the young man’s eyes again. He was going to be a father. No one knew yet and the couple planned to tell them at the party Chris and Mary were throwing tonight in honor of the Dunne’s first anniversary. The rattle of the bathroom knob drew him from his reverie. He glanced over and the sight had him sitting up slowly, a flush spreading across his cheeks. Casey stood in the door wearing the red teddy that Buck had given her for Christmas. He had placed a card in the box stated that he wanted a niece or nephew by next Christmas. If the couple ‘waited much longer, they would be pushing his wheelchair instead of a stroller.’ Casey had slammed the lid closed as she turned bright red, but she had smiled and kissed Buck, telling him that they were working on it to which he and JD had turned bright red.

He stared at his wife as she slowly moved to the bed and climbed in. She moved across the wide expanse of the bed and kissed him passionately. JD leaned into the kiss, but suddenly pulled away. She blinked at him in confusion. "Casey, is it safe for us, for the baby? I mean we wouldn’t hurt him, will we?"

Her laughter was as light as the tickling of a bell in his ears. "It’s safe, JD. We wouldn’t hurt the baby." He smiled and grasped her arms, pulling her body down on top of his. His mouth met hers and gently his tongue flicked across her lips. Those lips parted and her teeth gripped his lower lip and pulled, only to release it so her tongue could explore the interior of his mouth. JD’s hands moved down and he ran his thumbs over the flesh of her breasts and continued down to her hips, pressing her against him. A couple of hours later, they lay cradled in each other’s arms. Knowing they needed to get going, they had put off separating as long as they possibly could. Finally moving apart, Casey sat up as JD’s hand caressed her back. Giggling, she turned slightly to look at the dark haired man she had married. "Which one of us is going to tell Buck that the teddy is history?"

JD smiled. "He wouldn’t care. It did its job." The young couple smiled at the passion they had just shared.

Every afternoon I make a phone call
Listen to the voice that warms my heart
I drag myself through a few more hours
Then head on home to try and beat the dark
Her smile will be right there when I step through that door
And it will be that way tomorrow,
Just like the day before.
Can’t get enough of this everyday love

Chris punched the auto dial and set, his hand running through his short blond hair as he listened to the beeps. ‘Hello?’ ‘Mary. How’s it going?’ ‘Fine. I was just leaving to pick up Billy.’ ‘Okay. Just checking in. Drive careful. I’ll be home around seven. Love you.’ ‘Love you, too. See you at seven.’ Click.

Flipping through some papers, he waited as the ringing sounded in his ear. ‘Saloon.’ ‘Inez, please.’ ‘This is Inez.’ ‘Hello, darlin’. Just called to hear your voice. Everything okay?’ ‘Yes, Buck, everything is fine. Are you working late tonight?’ ‘No, should be home around six-thirty.’ ‘Good, I will have supper ready by the time you get there.’ ‘Sure ya wouldn’t rather go out? You cook all week long at the Saloon.’ ‘Yes, but I enjoy cooking for you.’ ‘Ya spoil me, darlin’, but I ain’t complaining. I just needed to hear your voice. I’ll see ya later. I love ya, Mrs. Wilmington.’ ‘Yes, I know. I love you as well, Mr. Wilmington.’ ‘Lord, I love the sound of that. Bye.’ He heard a soft laugh as the line disconnected.

JD punched in the addy and watched the monitor. Casey’s face came into view as she answered the instant message. ‘Hi, JD. You about ready to come home?’ ‘Soon. I just wanted to check on you and the baby.’ ‘Oh, silly, we’re fine.’ She stood up and rubbed on her swollen stomach as she spoke. ‘Good. Listen, you take it easy and I’ll be home around six-thirty. I’m fixing dinner tonight.’ ‘You’re sweet, JD. Thanks.’ ‘Hey, I have to take care of my girls.’ She blew him a kiss and he smiled as they disconnected.

Three hours later, the seven men headed home. Three of the them hummed as they climbed into their vehicles and headed home-a place had beckoned to them each night, a warm haven they could share with the ones they loved, a place they just could not get enough of.

Wouldn’t change a single thing about it
No, it’s run-of-the-mill, still I can’t live without it
Yeah, of this everyday love
Can’t get enough of this everyday love
Can’t get enough of this everyday love
Can’t get enough

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