Stop the Press

by Sammie

Disclaimer: I also own two Porsches, five beach houses on the Mediterranean, and Microsoft. No, nobody's mine, but I promise to return them in good working condition. The ATF "Magnificent Seven" AU is Mog's.
Madison Wynn, Ray Barrett, Casey Merritt, and Simon Petrie are non-canon characters...they're mine.

Summary: A reporter and her young son, vacationing in New York City with the boy's grandparents, vanish from Times Square. Suspicion falls on any of the criminals targeted by her investigative articles, her father-in-law's court cases, or the cases of her contacts and friends in the ATF. It is a routine, albeit high-profile, investigation...until said friends make their appearance in New York.

Apology: I do beg pardon for this. I'm not on any FF lists for "M7" or "WAT" or anything, so (1) no one knows who this foolhardy upstart is and (2) the story has no beta reader. I used to write FF for another fandom--just a few--and haven't written any in awhile. I wouldn't write at all, except I read DC's fan summary "scene" and kept seeing it replay in my head. I hope that authors in both fandoms will excuse my little, temporary intrusion. Humblest apologies for being so presumptuous. (On that note, two scenes belong to DC: the Fab Four in jail and reporting to New York and the whole scene with the teenager calling Chris old. I've made some changes to it; I hope you don't mind!)

Technical Stuff: It appears that the Missing Persons team look for their own inhabitants...e.g. the partner who disappeared in California but was from New York was investigated by the New York team. Of course, it wouldn't work for the story then.... So that's probably not according to protocol.

~ All flashback/MisPer-imagined scenes are indented and italicized.

Author's Note: "All work and no play makes Jack (and Vivian and Samantha and Danny and Martin) a dull boy (and dull girls)." If you're looking for a serious "Without a Trace" fic, this isn't it. I couldn't help myself. Besides, with the Seven--and in New York, of all places--how could there be nothing funny?

Size: Approx 210K

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