The Perfect Office

by Lisa

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DISCLAIMER: Trilogy, MGM, and the Mirish Corporation own The Magnificent Seven characters. They are not mine. The only purpose of this story is for entertainment. No money is being made.

AUTHOR'S COMMENTS: This plot bunny idea sort of attacked me when I was watching TV and I saw one of those Victoria Secret commercials with the ladies wearing wings. MANY THANKS to the AWESOME Rhonda for betaing!!

"Mr. Wilmington, here is the coffee you wanted," said a shapely blond. Buck was pleasantly surprised to see she wore only a matching set of Victoria Secret undergarments in a delicate shade of pink and white feather angel wings. She leaned down seductively as she sat the mug of java on the desk and smiled sweetly at the tall ATF agent.

Buck smiled back at the buxom blond and replied, "Thanks, beautiful." He picked up the cup and took a tentative sip. "Umm. . . tastes wonderful." He watched as she nodded and then turned and walked away; his gaze fixed on the gentle sway of her hips.

"Mr. Wilmington, here is the document you wanted." The soft feminine voice brought the agent out of his daze, and he turned to find a tall, sexy brunette in skimpy red lace panties and brassiere and white angel wings. Buck smiled as his eyes traveled over the soft curves of her body before they moved up to catch her gaze. "Thanks, gorgeous. I appreciate your help."

"Anytime, Mr. Wilmington," said the brunette. She smiled suggestively before turning to walk back to her desk, passing a redhead who was on her way into the room. Time seemed to move in slow motion as she approached. Buck was sure she had the longest legs he had ever seen. She wore a similar outfit as the other ladies, but her delicates were in a shade of black silk and lace, a sharp contrast to the white feather wings she also wore.

"Mr. Wilmington, I'm here to fix your computer," said the beautiful redhead.

"Well, let me get out of your way, Angel," said the agent as he smiled and quickly moved out of his chair. As she slipped into his chair, drool began to form in the corner of his mouth when he got a teasing glimpse that she was wearing thong panties. "Take your time. I ain't in a hurry," continued Buck as he smiled and watched her work.

+ + + + + + +

"Would someone wake up Buck . . . he's starting to drool," stated the ATF leader, Chris Larabee. Team Seven was traveling in a van in route to what was expected to be a very boring "team building" conference. The van full of ATF agents had stopped at a local diner off the highway for a bit to eat, and everyone piled out of the vehicle but the ladies man.

"Buck, wake up!" said JD, as he lightly shoved his friend on the leg.

"What . . . What?" replied Buck as he was jolted awake. "Damn it, JD! You interrupted a damn fine dream."

"Sorry," mumbled JD. "But we've stopped for lunch . . . do you want to come or not?"

"Yeah, yeah," grumbled Buck, as he slowly moved out of the van. He barely suppressed a groan at the sight of six denim-clad backsides moving away ahead of him. "One fine dream," he murmured to himself as he secretly wished his teammates were like the ones in his dream.


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