Clean Up Crew

by poyznelf


As soon as the door closed behind the last patrolman, JD, Josiah, and I were off and running in the direction of the bedroom. Since one hazard was bypassed we now had to complete our tasks.

Between the three of us, we clean out every pill bottle, every kitchen knife, and all the weapons and put them in the middle of the bed. We pile all the weapons on top, and I grab the Rubbermaid tub out of the closet. Josiah and JD each grab part of the sheets from the bed and we are out of here.

The eight flights of stairs are hazardous in normal conditions, but burdened as we are now, it is pure luck that none of us break our necks.

We slowly make our way down, me trailing slightly behind because of two things, the weight of the tub in my hands, and the fact that I am checking none of their cargo falls out and gets left behind.

We stow it all in the bed of Josiah's Suburban and get under way.


At the money pit commonly referred to as my house, we quickly take our confiscated load and haul it into the basement.

We all immediately sit down on the floor. Okay, JD and I sit on the floor, Ezra pulls up a couple of sleeping bags and sits on them. And we get to work sifting through the rubble of Vin's apartment.

Knives are placed in one pile, bottles of prescriptions and OTC analgesics are placed in another. A few disposable razors are thrown in with the knives. And the waterlogged guns are left in a heap.

I leave momentarily to go get my gun cleaning kit and some spare old towels and rags. This lot is going to take a while to get clean and dry.

JD and Ezra have already started to field strip the weapons and have placed them in individual places so none of the parts get mixed up. JD takes a few of the towels from me as Ezra continues on the breakdown.

We have a long nights work in front of us.


As the night progresses into morning we are still drying and cleaning Vin's guns.

Once or twice Ezra, has gone upstairs and made coffee, but the odor of Hoppes Gun Oil is so strong we are drinking it more to stay awake and finish this task, than because it tastes good. During those same trips, he has called Buck for updates.

There hasn't been much.

Good or bad.

By four in the morning we have all of the guns clean, lubed and just in need of reassembly. But that will have to wait for clearer heads. So we head upstairs to get some quick, down and dirty shuteye.

Ez, of course takes the couch. By now his suit is a complete wreck, but he still places comfort as a necessity. Josiah goes up to his bed, and me, I sack out on the floor.

Later today, we will all be going through the paper in the ammo tub, but for now we really need some rest.


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