by poyznelf

He'd learned early on that everything was disposable.

Even himself.

So like any good pupil he lived what he had learned.

He lived in an apartment, in a neighborhood inhabited by throwaway people. People whom society and the system tried to keep out of sight.

He ate TV dinners, or off of paper plates with plastic utensils.

He drank out of plastic cups, or straight from the can or bottle.

He bought his clothes from the thrift store, well everything but shorts, and wore them till they were falling apart. Or he lost them.

He shaved with disposable razors.

He drove a jeep he had rescued from a junkyard, fixed it (barely) and if it died tomorrow he would do the same again.

He learned love was disposable from Charlotte. She threw her husband's love away for him, then threw that away to go back to her husband.

The only thing he never thought was disposable was life. Yet he was so good at taking it. So he was learning life was disposable too. He was beginning to think he should just dispose of his.


2. Taking Out the Trash

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