Other Men's Treasure

by poyznelf

When their Nextel phones all went off collectively, each and every one of them, locked eyes before they looked. And just as if they were a team of synchronized swimmers, they reached, read, and swore, as they grabbed their shit and boogied.

Buck, called to Inez to put the bill on their tab.

Inez, long familiar with the team's honesty, and trusting them in all their dealings with her, motioned them on, knowing it had to be something to do with the two missing men.


One moment, going over the possibilities and what medical skills I might have to use, the other cursing Vin's ability to get into some sort of trouble. I joined Josiah and Ezra at Josiah's Suburban, but only after I'd gotten my first aid kit out of my SUV.

After buckling the seatbelt, I immediately started rummaging through the kit, making sure I had everything.


Turning over the engine, I slammed it into reverse, and backed out of the parking spot. Barely making sure I had enough room to maneuver, I quickly had the 'burban pulling out into traffic. I could see Buck's truck taillights just up ahead.

On autopilot, I followed. All the while saying prayers, and sending thoughts to every deity I had ever studied.

I never realized I was rubbing the worry stone in my pocket.


Only for one of my misbegotten comrades would I ever step foot, much less plant my posterior in a vehicle such as this. However, it was much safer for my pristine car to stay the hell out of Purgatorio.

That said, it felt similar to slumming.

If this was a false alarm, there would be serious repercussions.

I really hoped it was a false alarm.


Friends in trouble, that was all I needed to know in order to take action.

JD and I were in the truck and off before dust could settle.

I watched Josiah pull out into traffic behind me, and took some comfort in this close brotherhood.

I know Chris had been worried when he'd left earlier. I know he didn't feel comfortable with Vin's absence.

Once he'd been roused from a world of memories and annual mourning, Chris was like a mama hen who had to take count of all her chicks. And with one missing, he wouldn't rest till he could pull that chick back under his wing.

I had offered to go with him when he left, but he felt it would be better if he checked on Vin, himself.

I didn't argue, I was just thrilled to be able to see him out of his funk.

Now the five of us are beatin' feet over to Vin's. What the hell could have happened in twenty minutes?


No sooner were Buck and I in the truck, then I had my cell out and was calling Chris for an update on the situation. All any of us knew was that it involved Vin.

I was slightly surprised when he answered so quickly, but on the other hand, he knew one of us would be calling.

His few short, terse comments made my heart skip a beat, and I was not looking forward to telling Buck or the rest of the guys, just what the situation seemed to be.

Hanging up, I called Ez's phone and gave him the sit-rep.

"All Chris would say is that it's a god damn mess, that we better get over there, and to leave our weapons down here in the trucks."

I could hear Ezra recite what I had told him, as I reached under the seat and pulled out the magnetic blue light, rolled down the window, and stuck it to the roof of the truck.

Buck floored it.

I looked behind and noticed that Ezra had done the same to Josiah's vehicle. In tandem we raced to the rescue.


I don't know how Josiah and Buck managed to park the way they did, but in short order we were all tromping up the four flights of steep narrow stairs to Vin's apartment.

Not a word was said between us, which made the sounds of our steps and deepened breathing, that much more deafening.

Most of the other residents of are quite used to us, however the unfortunate soul who tried to get by us one the second floor landing, blanched and turned right back around. I can only imagine the stormy visages we presented.

Within a few minutes we were standing there. In front of IT.

Buck raised his hand and knocked.


6. Dustmen

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