Go West Young Man

By GinaD

  This is a bad week.  Chris and Buck has to watch bad guys.  Me and JD had to go to the after place for kids.  A bully picked on JD and I had to protek him.  If JD had done what I said it would not hapend.  I want to go live in the old times with the cowboys.

  Da was gone lots.  I missed him bunches.  Vin stopped a mean kid from picking on me.  I missed Da and Chris and Unca Ezra and Unca Josiah and Unca Nathan.

JD come on. The computer is ready.

Why don't you go ahead Vin. JD can join you later. He and Buck are doing something with the train.

But, Dad, I don't know what to talk about. This week was boring. It was all bad stuff.

So there was nothing about this week you want to talk about.

No. It was bad. You weren't here and JD wouldn't listen.

Vin if you're going to yell we can stop this right now.

Fine. ????


?? hey Chris what's going on? Vin just stomped through the living room. When JD tried to follow he yelled at him.

I'm not sure Buck. I hope it's just this week is getting to him. I think we should wait on their essays until the weekend.

Sounds good.

Vin tossed and turned restlessly. Between the throbbing in his eye and the knot in his stomach he just couldn't get comfortable. The fact that JD's snoring could already be heard from the other bed didn't help. Vin felt that if he was upset JD should be, too. Even as he felt the anger wash over him he was confused by it. JD really hadn't done anything wrong, neither had Dad or Buck. It just seemed that everything this week was getting to him. It had seemed especially bad with Chris and Buck spending all their time on a stakeout. Mrs. Potter was out of town so a couple of times the boys had found themselves in the after school program. Today had been the worst with one of the older boys picking on JD. Vin's black eye was a result of his standing up to the other kid.

Sighing Vin buried his face in his pillow, if only Dad didn't have to go to work everyday. At least tomorrow was Friday. Chris had promised they would have the weekend together. Vin tried to focus on all the good things Saturday could bring. They would spend the day together, maybe go riding or to the movies. It wouldn't matter what they did as long as it was together. If nothing else they would watch the westerns on TV. On Saturday nights sometimes they would all eat in the living room while Bonanza was on. After that, they would watch whatever movie was showing. Vin thought about all the westerns on TV on Saturday. Most times he'd rather watch those than cartoons. If only, he thought, he and Chris could be like Lucas and Mark. They would be together everyday working on their ranch. Course that didn't leave a space for Buck and JD. Vin frowned sleepily at that thought. It would be better if they all worked the ranch, like they did on the High Chapparel or Big Valley or Bonanza. The frown turned into a smile, yes that was good, like Bonanza. Vin loved the big log house and the mountain scenery of that show. Yep, it could be just like that only there'd have to be a place for Josiah and Nathan and Ezra too. Vin fell asleep wondering where Uncle Ezra would fit on a ranch...