So one morning the King woke up and found himself all alone. There was no one left to protect and no one left to make rules for. He was very lonely and sad.

He had forgotten how to do all of the things he used to do. He had no one to play with or tell stories and poems with. All he had was an empty castle that sat in the middle of an empty Kingdom. He was all alone and very sad.

After sitting alone for a while, he decided that he had to find a way to make his people come home. He saddled up his horse and rode out of his Kingdom, searching for his people. But they hid from him so that he couldn't make them come back.

Finally the King met up with a very wise man. The wise man asked him why he looked so sad and yet so angry. The King told him what had happened, and that he was trying to find his people.

The wise man was very wise indeed. He told the King that his people were all around him, but that they were hiding from him. That made the King angrier. He started yelling at the people, trying to make them come out of hiding. They wouldn't though. Then the King became sad. He asked the wise man what he could do to get the people to come back to his Kingdom.

"You need to stop worrying about the trolls."

"But what if they come back?"

"Can't your soldiers protect your Kingdom?"

"Yes, they are very good soldiers."

"Then you need to let them do their job."

The King thought about this for a while. Then he said, "But what should I do?"