The King was still worried. Sometimes he had nightmares that the trolls had come back and that they hurt his people. He couldn't even let himself trust the soldiers to do their job. He came to believe that he was the only one who could keep the people safe. So all he did, day and night, was ride around his Kingdom. He made certain that all of the people followed his rules all of the time and if they didn't he got angry.

The people became tired of having to follow the King's rules all the time. They thought that some of the rules were silly and didn't want to follow them. But the King got angry any time they didn't follow all of the rules and he yelled at the people. When they tried to do things any other way, he would yell and be very angry and force them to follow his rules again.

Pretty soon the people were sad and the King was always angry.

When some of the people couldn't stand it any longer they packed up and moved out of the Kingdom. Even though they loved their home, and still loved their King, they couldn't take all those rules.

After a while the King noticed that some of the people had moved away. That made him sad, and he worried that the people would get hurt or even attacked by trolls if they left the Kingdom. He started making more and more rules. He even made a rule that said that the people couldn't leave his Kingdom.

That made the people angry and the rest of them left the Kingdom.