The wise man looked around. He spotted a little girl that was one of the King's people. He motioned the child forward. Very slowly she came over and looked shyly up at the King and the wise man.

"Don't be afraid, child," the wise man said. "I need you to tell the King what it is that you like about him."

In a timid voice the little girl said, "I… I liked it when you played games with us. I liked it when you told us stories. One time you made up a poem about me and my mama. That made me very happy and my mama cried because she liked the poem so much."

"But don't you like it that I protected you from the trolls?"

"Yes but the trolls are gone, sir, and you have soldiers to protect us if they come back."

Frowning, the King said, "but what should I do?"

Hiding behind the wise man, the little girl said softly, "play games with us again. Tell us more stories and poems. That is what would make us happy."

"Would everyone come back to my Kingdom if I did?"


And that is exactly what happened. The King trusted his soldiers to protect the people. He spent his days visiting his people; playing games and telling them stories and poems.

The End

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