Bombs and Simple Pleasures

by Ace

ATF Universe

Note: Alright, here’s another one for ya'll’s enjoyment. The way I see it, it was about time for something like this to happen, and no worries, I will write more. I see accidents involving the Jag very soon!! LOL!!

The scene opens up on a small, dark apartment room. Sunlight streams through the windows and is the only source of light for the room. A man sits in a well worn-out recliner near the window. One look and anyone could tell that time had not been kind to the man. Dropping his cigarette in an old beer can the man looks at a picture in his hand. A slight smile creeps across his worn-out face as he stares at the young girl portrayed in the picture.

“Well Larabee,” he muses aloud, “looks as if you have something to bargain with now.”

He glances out the window with a smile, then stands up, placing the picture in his shirt pocket as he heads for the door.

+ + + + + + +

Buck impatiently taps his pencil on his desk, looking over his report. Glancing up at the clock, he clears his throat and looks over to his friend.

“JD,” he states, causing the young agent to look up suddenly.

Once Buck gets the young man’s attention, he nods his head over to the clock. JD’s eyes follow Buck’s nod, and he jumps up from his desk.

“Oh yeah!” the young agent exclaims, grabbing his jacket.

Ezra and Josiah watch as the black-haired agent jogs out of the office. Josiah turns his attention over to Buck, who is diligently working on his report.

“What was that all about?” the profiler questions, gaining the other man’s attention.

“Oh, JD told Sam he would pick her up this evenin’. She stayed after school to help with some of the younger kids, and needed a ride out to the ranch,” the mustached agent replies, “and the fact that the girl just wanted a chance to drive that scooter the boy calls a bike.”

Josiah shakes his head as he stands up, “Now Buck, Sam wouldn’t want to drive that contraption of disaster.”

“Oh, yes she would,” the man comments as Josiah heads past his desk to the copy machine. “She finally gave up on getting a chance to drive Ezra’s Jag, so that bike is her new mode of transportation.”

“She’s never asked to drive my bike,” the lean sharpshooter states, leaning back in his chair.

“She told me she didn’t want to ‘hurt’ it, considering it’s your ‘baby’,” the explosives agent replies.

“Oh, and she’s not afraid of denting up my car,” the southerner comments, as Vin glances over to him, smiling.

“Now Ezra, not every girl her age has a chance to drive a Jaguar,” the medic speaks up, leaning forward on his desk.

“Yeah Ezra, one simple pleasure, and you deprive her of it,” Buck states. “You should be ashamed.”

Ezra glares over to Buck, who looks down and continues his paperwork. Glancing around, the undercover agent notes that the rest of the office had suddenly turned their full attention to their paperwork. With a sigh, he too, turns his attention back to his reports.

+ + + + + + +

Sam gathers her coat from the desk and smiles to the older woman standing behind the desk.

“I’ll see you Monday Mrs. Willingham,” the teen states.

“Alright Samantha, thanks for the help,” the woman replies.

“Anytime,” Sam comments as she walks out the door.

The teen walks down the sidewalk and towards the street glancing around to see if her ride is waiting.

Sitting down the street in a beat up rental van, the man from the apartment looks at the photo of the teen, and then looks as the girl walks down the sidewalk. With a smile he starts the engine and slowly begins to pull forward. He quickly gets cut off by a bright yellow bike as it swerves in front of him, to pull to a stop in front of the waiting girl. With a growl, the man lunges the van forward.

“Sorry,” JD begins to mutter as he lifts the visor of his helmet.

“No problem, I was just going to hitch hike with this overly large truck driver, but then you showed up. So I guess I’ll go with you,” she states, as she straddles the bike in front of him.

JD clamps the extra helmet on her head from behind and mutters, “Real funny.”

Sam reaches over to buckle her chin strap and hears a noise, and feels JD fall forward against her.

“JD?” she states, questioningly, before her world goes dark.

+ + + + + + +

Mrs. Willingham walks out of the building in time to see the man throwing Sam into a van.

“Help!” the woman screams as the man jumps in the driver’s seat and takes off down the street, tires squealing.

Noticing the other man on the bike, she quickly pulls out her cell phone and rushes over to him.

“Yes, this is Sandra Willingham,” she states into the phone, “I need to report an accident. Yes, it’s an emergency!”

+ + + + + + +

“Buck,” the black clad man states, leaning against the doorway to his office, “this is probably the best report I’ve seen from you in a while.”

Buck smiles to the rest of his team as the leader flips through the pages. Chris looks up as the phone starts ringing and looks over as Nathan picks it up.

“Agent Jackson,” he states. “Yes…yes…I see…We’ll be right there.”

The rest of the team glances over to the medic as he hangs up the phone.

“That was the hospital. It seems JD was brought in. He was knocked out,” he states, answering everyone’s questioning eyes. “He’s just coming too now. They said that one of the teacher’s from the high school made the 911 call.”

“Well, can’t say as if I didn’t warn him about that death contraption,” Buck states, then glances around, “Is Sam with him?”

“The nurse said there is a girl there, so I guess so,” the medic replies, standing up.

“Well, let’s go,” Larabee comments, grabbing his jacket.

+ + + + + + +

The six agents walk into the emergency room and are quickly greeted by a female nurse.

“Hello Mr. Larabee,” she greets. “As soon as the ambulance got here and I got a look at him I told the receptionist that it was Mr. Dunne.”

“Thanks Charlene,” Larabee responds.

“He’s back through these doors, if you’ll follow me,” she states, gesturing for them to follow her.

The men follow her through two double doors and immediately notice JD, sitting up in bed talking to a doctor.

Vin and Ezra make a quick glance around and Ezra reaches out, placing a hand on Charlene’s shoulder to stop her, as the other agents walk on over to JD’s bed.

“Did a girl come in with JD?” the southerner questions.

Charlene looks at him and Vin then looks to the floor as if thinking.

“She’s got brown hair,” Vin adds, trying to get a reaction out of the woman.

“About this tall,” Ezra comments, holding his hand out in front of him up to his neck.

“Well, this one did, but I don’t think it’s the one you’re describing,” Charlene states, looking up.

The nurse turns and leads them out the double doors and over to a woman sitting in the waiting room.

“Ma’am, these men are ATF agents. They work with Mr. Dunne,” Charlene states, gaining the woman’s attention.

“Finally!” the woman exclaims hysterically. “He took Sam!”

“Who?” Ezra questions in a shocked tone.

“This man, in a white van, he obviously knocked your friend out and took Sam,” she replies.

Ezra glances over to Vin, who squats down in front of the woman.

“Ma’am, can you tell us everything you saw, from the vehicle to the man. We need a description of it all,” the Texan states.

+ + + + + + +

Sam slowly comes too as she is dragged from the van to a standing position. She tries to yell, but her scream is muffled by the duct tape across her mouth.

“Your screams aren’t going to help you,” the man growls in her face as he loops a hand around her arm.

The teen feels the rope burn into her wrists at the sudden jerk and looks down to the object strapped to her stomach. She notices the six sticks of dynamite immediately and begins to pull back against the man’s grasp.

“Oh no,” the man states, turning around to face the girl. He holds up a small remote device and grins, “You’ll do everything I ask, otherwise, one push on this button,” he states pointing to a red one, “and you’ll be history.”

Sam looks at the remote, and then follows as the man drags her towards a building. She looks up at the sign on the front. Channel 9 News. Whatever was about to happen was not good.

+ + + + + + +

The scruffy man drags the teen into the building and pulls a gun from his belt, immediately catching everyone’s attention.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen,” he states, holding the gun up and pulling Sam over beside him. “I’ve got a gun and a bomb attached to this pretty little girl, and if you know what’s good for you, then you’ll do everything I ask.”

The few people that are in the building nod their heads in agreement and immediately raise their hands above their heads.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” the man smirks.

+ + + + + + +

“And he was about your height,” Mrs. Willingham states, glancing over to Buck.

All five of the ATF agents have gathered in the waiting room, with JD sitting in a chair, holding his head in his hands, muttering, “This is all my fault.”

“That’s all I can remember,” the woman states looking around at the ATF agents. “I’m sorry.”

“No, that’s alright…” Josiah begins, but is interrupted by another man sitting in the waiting room.

“What in the…” the man exclaims looking at the TV.

The agents all glance up to the TV and watch as the program is switched over to a scruffy looking man sitting on a desk.

“Turn it up,” Larabee demands, as Charlene quickly grabs the remote and turns the volume up.

“That’s the man!” Mrs. Willingham exclaims, pointing to the TV.

“And for those of you who don’t know me,” the man states, looking at the camera, “I’m Tom Young, and two years ago I was famous.”

“Good lord,” Ezra gasps, as he automatically recognizes the man.

Chris looks over to Ezra questioningly, as the others watch the TV.

“Tom Young, as in Thomas Young. We were after him two years ago, for arson and bombing,” the undercover agent states.

“He’s on the wanted list, we came close to catchin’ him, but he leaked into Mexico,” Vin adds, not taking his eyes off the TV.

“But my infamous streak was cut short by a man named Chris Larabee and his entire ATF team. They got a lead and were automatically on my tail. They almost caught me too...almost,” the man says with a grin. “But they didn’t. Now I’m back and my style has increased. I’m no longer just blowing up buildings anymore. I figure the best way to start would be with a bang. What do you think?”

The man gets off the desk and walks over to a chair, the camera following him. Everyone in the room gasps as they see the teen strapped to a chair, the bundle of dynamite attached to her abdomen. Young jerks the duct tape off her mouth and she lets out a breath.

“Anything you’d like to say?” Thomas questions her. “Your audience is waiting. By now everyone should be tuned in, so make your big debut on screen.”

“Kill this creep Chris,” the girl states defiantly from the screen.

“Well Larabee, what are you going to do? The way I see it, in less than twenty minutes this place will be surrounded by police and SWAT teams, and your team if I had to guess. So, what’s it going to be, meet my demands or watch as this pretty little thing is blown to bits?”

The man quickly turns off his serious tone to a sicklier humorous one. “Now, we’ll be back in a bit, so just sit back and watch.” He glances over to the girl, “Sam is it?”

Sam glares at him, but doesn’t respond, simply stares at the floor.

“Hey!” he yells, “I asked you a question!”

He walks over and jerks Sam’s chin up with his hand, forcing the girl to look at him.

“Go to hell,” she growls.

He backhands her across the face, and then turns back to the camera. “Stay tuned to Sam TV for further information.”

“Sonofa…” Vin mutters, turning away from the TV.

“That sick bastard, what does he think he’s going to do?” Buck questions, glancing around at the team.

Vin hears a crash and glances up as Ezra pulls his fist from the wall.

“Save it for him,” the lean sharpshooter comments.

“Come on, let’s go,” Chris orders, causing all of the men to head out of the hospital.

JD takes one last look at the TV to see Sam staring at the floor as she fights back tears. He shakes his head and follows the rest of the team.

+ + + + + + +

The black Dodge pulls to a screeching halt across the street from the Channel 9 News station, followed by Josiah’s Suburban and Ezra’s Jag. There are police units and SWAT teams located all around the store across the street, obviously afraid to get too close to the News building.

“Larabee, get over here and take a look at this!” one man yells, as Chris gets out of the truck.

Larabee rushes over to the police car where the small black and white TV is set up on the hood. He watches the screen as the other agents gather around.

“Well, I can see all the police across the street,” the man says looking at the camera. “Looks as if I’m doing something right. Now as for my demands; I want a chopper, $1,000,000 in cash, and Larabee. Do you understand? Larabee, if you’re listening, I want you. I want to finish some business, but don’t worry I’ll make your death slow and painful.”

A laugh can be heard from behind the man, and Thomas turns around quickly, glaring at the teen.

“By the time Chris gets through with you, they’ll be feeding you through a tube,” she smirks, which promptly gets her smacked again.

“He let everyone but the camera man go,” one police officer informs them.

Chris quickly pulls out his guns and lays them on the hood, simply stating, “I’m goin’ in.”

“Me too pard,” the mustached man comments.

“Guys, you can’t go busting in like John Wayne. You’ve got to think out a plan,” one of the police officers tells them.

“Watch me,” Larabee snarls.

+ + + + + + +

“WELL YOUNG, I’M HERE!” Larabee yells as he walks across the parking lot towards the news station.

Chris continues walking and steps through the front doors to see Thomas, Sam, and the camera man.

“Get out of here,” Chris orders the camera man.

The man takes off out the door behind Chris, as Thomas moves behind Sam.

“I’m unarmed Young. What kind of a man are you, hiding behind a girl? You wanted me, now you got me,” Chris states, glancing to Sam.

Sam hears a distinct noise and cuts her eyes to look to her left. She sees Buck place a finger to his lips and she blinks her eyes in understanding.

“Come on Young, mano y mano?” the black clad agent taunts as Thomas moves to stand in front of the girl.

Thomas holds out the remote and presses a button, causing the timer on the bomb to set to five minutes and it slowly begins to tick down. Sam takes a quick deep breath, and then watches as Chris puts a flying kick into Thomas’ abdomen. As the fight between Chris and Young ensues, the teen’s eyes follow the remote up into the air.

“THE REMOTE!” she screams, trying to wriggle her wrists free.

Buck and Ezra rush over and Buck skids to a stop on his knees in front of Sam, examining the bomb. Sam notices the wire cutters and then watches as a form flies in from no where, and lands on the floor catching the remote right before it hits the ground.

“Impeccable timing Mr. Tanner,” Ezra comments, as he flips out a knife and begins working on the ropes.

Sam glances over and sees Chris is getting in a few more punches and kicks than Thomas. The teen then looks down to Buck and sees the sweat on his face.

“It’s alright Buck, just think, calm down and think,” she whispers.

The explosives agent wipes his brow and continues to examine the bomb. Sam glances over to Chris again, and sees Thomas knock him to the ground with a quick punch, but Chris quickly retaliates by using his foot to knock the man’s feet from under him, resulting in a rolling and tumbling fight on the floor. Sam leans her head back and looks up to Vin and Ezra who are standing behind the chair, intently watching Buck, but every so often glancing over to check on Chris.

“This is like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” Buck states, looking from the now three minute timer to Vin and Ezra.

The three agents share a glance and Ezra flips out his knife again, along with Vin, both working their way through the duct tape that has the bomb attached to the girl.

The teen reaches down and helps them rip the duct tape free of her shirt as the timer ticks down to two minutes.

+ + + + + + +

“What’s taking so long?” JD questions, pacing back and forth.

“It’s going to be alright son,” Josiah says, placing a reassuring hand on the younger man’s shoulder as he shares a glance with Nathan.

+ + + + + + +

“There,” Buck states, pulling the bomb completely away from the teen’s shirt.

“Uh, Chris?” Vin calls, looking as the timer counts down sixty seconds. “We need to go.”

Chris glances over and sees the bomb and then watches Sam quickly stand up from the chair.

“NOW!” Ezra yells.

Chris turns and throws another punch into Thomas’ face, knocking him back down again. The leader then turns and looks at his friends, as they head for the exit.

“Oh, here,” Buck states, tossing the bomb towards Thomas.

The mustached man grabs Chris by the arm and the two take off running for the doors, shortly behind Vin, Ezra, and Sam.

+ + + + + + +

JD, Nathan, Josiah, and the entire group of law enforcement agents look up as the four agents and the girl, bust out of the front doors running wide open.

The three agents begin to jog towards the building but stop as the explosion brings them to a halt.

“NO!” JD yells.

He tries to run, but is stopped by Nathan’s grip on his shoulder.

Josiah narrows his eyes to get a better look and notices the figures moving. He smiles as he sees them emerge from the smoke. Buck’s got an arm around Chris’ waist to keep him on his feet, while Sam and Ezra are on either side of Vin, both holding him up.

The three agents reach the five before the paramedics do. Immediately Nathan starts questioning them.

“Chris are you alright?” he questions.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, soon as ya'll quit spinning around. Damn, I hate bombs. Why do people like to blow up shit?” the leader mutters.

“Vin?” the medic states questioningly.

“I’m fine...most of me,” the Texan answers.

The paramedics reach them and immediately place Chris and Vin on separate gurneys. Sam walks beside Chris’ to the ambulance.

“Thanks,” she whispers.

Chris reaches a hand up and cups her face.

“I’ll meet ya at the hospital,” she states.

“I’ve got her Mr. Larabee,” Ezra comments walking up and placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“Don’t let her out of your sight,” the leader responds.

Sam leans down and kisses Chris on the forehead.

“I’m riding in the ambulance with him,” Buck states, climbing into the vehicle.

“I’m riding in the front. I need to be there when they get to the hospital,” Nathan adds as he walks past.

Ezra nods his head as Sam turns and walks over to the other ambulance.

“Nice catch,” she comments to the sharpshooter.

“Yeah. You comin’ to the hospital?” he questions.

“Yep, someone’s got to keep them nurses away for you,” she replies, causing him to laugh a little, but his laughter quickly subsides to groans.

The teen smiles and leans forward kissing the man on the forehead, then stands back as the medics put him in the ambulance. ”I’ll ride with him,” Josiah comments to Ezra, then climbs in behind a medic.

Sam turns and sees JD walking towards them. ”Hey you,” she states.

“Hey you yourself. You could have been killed,” the young agent states.

“Geez JD, you’re acting like my brother or something,” she responds, then grins a bit, throwing her arms around him.

“I’m sorry,” the black haired agent mutters.

”It ain’t your fault,” she whispers.

“I know, but I’m still sorry,” he comments, as she kisses his forehead.

“We need to get to the hospital,” Ezra states.

“Yeah, it’ll take more than Josiah, Buck, and Nathan to hold Vin and Chris down when they receive their shots,” the teen responds with a smile as they head towards the vehicles.

“I told Chris I’d drive his truck. Josiah said not to worry about his vehicle, he’d get it later,” JD states, opening the door to Chris’ truck.

“Alright. Sam would you like to drive?” Ezra questions, holding up his keys.

“Me? Drive the Jag?” she questions with a small smile.

Ezra nods his head and is greeted by a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Ez,” the teen states, climbing into the driver’s side.

Ezra climbs into the passenger side and buckles his seat belt as Sam does the same.

“And if you’d like to drive home from the hospital after we’re through, you can,” the southerner states.

Sam sticks the key in the ignition then turns to look at Ezra.

“You feeling guilty about something?” she questions, confused.

Ezra looks at her and shakes his head with a smile, “No, just glad to still have you here, and alive.”

Sam nods her head with a grin and starts the engine, slowly pulling out behind the Dodge.

The End

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