by KellyA

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****Part 1

Ezra Standish stared at the two week old headline in the Rocky Mountain Newspaper.  "Two Students shot at Ridge High School.  One dead the other critical."  Ezra was just now beginning to understand the extend of brutality that can reside within the supposive safety of school walls.  He had spent most of his youth shuffled from one foreign prep school to the next. Never staying long enough to make friends much less enemies, or becoming privy to the sometimes more sordid side of education.

There had been a recent upsurge of guns within the Denver school district, mostly .38s and 9mms, and mostly by students.  Someone was supplying the students directly, right out of the school.  Standish had been undercover at Ridge High school for a week now, but had discovered very little. Unfortunately, being undercover as a teacher was equivalent to being a cop in a prison, no one trusted you.  He only had rumors to go on, one being that a teacher was involved, and used students to move merchandise.  He wanted to find out who the teacher was and where he was getting his supply from. 

Ezra looked up and folded the paper closed as the dynamic duo, Wilmington and Dunne, entered the conference room in their usual whirlwind of activity.  The rambunctious pair flopped down in the high back leather chairs at the other end of the table.

Buck did a classic comedic double take when he noticed the suave undercover agent seated at the other end.  "Ezra! this has got to be a first, you here before anyone else."

The boisterous agent was saved from receiving one of Standish's caustic critiques of his own punctuality as Josiah and Nathan entered the conference room, which seemed to shrink in size due to their imposing forms.   Both men stood well over six foot with Sanchez also harboring great mass next to Jackson's more lean frame.

Vin Tanner smoothly strode in causing everyone to settle, knowing their illustrious leader would soon follow.  Larabee entered with a faint smile on his usually impassive face.  He actually seemed well rested and relaxed after the long weekend.  The ATF leader laid a powder blue folder down on the table and took his seat.  He opened the folder, glancing quickly through several papers.  Chris raised his pale blue eyes to look at the six men he worked with and considered family.

"Josiah, Nathan how's the clean up coming on the McCall case?"  Chris asked his two most steadfast agents.

"We should finish up in a day or two, Chris.  We just need a few more statements from witnesses," Josiah stated, locking his hands behind his head.

Chris nodded then turned towards Buck.  "You trace the serial numbers on those M16s?"

"Yeah, but Vin and I are still trying to track down who got them out of the Army depot."

"It shouldn't be to hard, all our suspects are army reservists," Vin added.

Chris turned to agent Dunne, the youngest member of their team, who was slumped down in his chair, his arms crossed over his still forming chest.  "JD, you finish those reports?"

"Yeah, in triplicate," JD remarked bitterly.  The sarcasm was not lost on his fellow co-workers, since reports were now done on the computer.  His tone was rather surprising, and Buck elbowed his young friend in the ribs only to receive a venomous glare.  JD Dunne had been with the team for almost six months and had only been on one raid.  Mostly, he was ensconced in the records room or stuck at his computer looking up information for the others.  He was getting tired of being treated like a kid, someone who needed protecting.  Even during the raid he had to stay with the truck as the others went in, risking their lives.  Luckily, it was one of the few times when none of the stalwart agents were injured.

"Chris, can't I help Buck and Vin track down those M16s?" JD asked, failing to remove the pleading in his voice.  He loved being a part of this team, the Magnificent 7 as they had come to be called, but their constant paternal smothering was about to drive him insane.

Chris looked at the young man, too young he thought.  He knew he was being overly protective of the boy, but he just couldn't help  it.  He knew he was being unfair, but what was so wrong with making sure the kid at least lived to see his 25th birthday?

"Sorry JD, but I do have a job for you," Chris added, hoping to cheer up the eager young agent.

"Really!"  JD's face lit up, making him appear even younger, if that was possible.

"Yeah, a liquor store at Osage and Downing is under suspicion for selling cigarettes and liquor to minors.  I need you to check it out," he explained, hoping it didn't sound to much like the circumspect duty it was.  "Shut them down for 45 days if the charge proves authentic.  You'll be working with Agent Harrison."

The others could almost hear the thud as JD's excitement dropped to the floor, along with his face.  He didn't try to hide his disappointment.  A safe job, and he wouldn't even being doing it on his own.

"Brother Dunne, every job is important," Josiah added, trying to boost the kid's spirit.

"Yeah, right." Conviction definitely lacking in his quiet reply.  He kept his head down refusing to meet anyone's eyes.

Wilmington threw an arm across his young friend's shoulder.  "Cheer up JD, I'll let you fill out mine and Vin's reports,"  Buck chuckled, but was immediately struck dumb by the glare he received from the sullen agent.   Josiah shook his head at Buck's inconsideration.  Sometimes the man just didn't think before opening his mouth.  He knew Buck loved JD like a brother, why didn't he see the young agent's disappointment.

The blond leader turned to Ezra hoping to relieve or at least move some of the tension that hung in the air.  Wilmington kept his eyes down and his hands clasped in front of him, finally realizing it would be better too keep his mouth shut for the time being.

"How are you coming at the High School?"  Larabee asked his undercover agent.  It took Ezra a moment to gather his thoughts. He had felt bad for the young computer genius.  He understood probably better than anyone how hard it was to prove oneself.

"I seem to be at an impasse, Mr. Larabee,"  Ezra finally responded.

"And?" Chris prompted.

"Well, a teacher can only garnish so much trust.  I'm still trying to get a name.  I have learned that one of the school staff is involved as well as several students."

Larabee seemed to consider this for  a moment.  "Keep on it.  We need to find out who's selling guns to students, preferably before someone else gets shot.  As soon as you get some names we'll put more men in there with you."  Chris hated having any of his men working alone, but everyone was spread  thin right now.  

Larabee closed his folder ending the morning's briefing.  The agents filed out of the conference room to commence their assign duties.  JD remained seated, thoughts of 'are those reports can do mine and Vin's with agent Harrison,'  going through his head.   Dunne took a deep breath, held it then slowly released it.   He licked his lips as an idea slowly emerged.  A small glint twinkled in his dark eyes and a mischievous smile appeared on his boyish face. 

****Part 2

Standish smiled as he stepped up to the secretary's desk, not missing, but ignoring the flirtatious come-ons of the attractive red-headed secretary.  Ezra loved beautiful women, but not overbearing, nymphomaniacs, and this woman was doing everything, but laying on the desk and spreading her legs.

"Miss Davenport, I wish to speak to Mr. Gonzales," Ezra drawled.  His southern accent sending a luscious shiver up the secretary's spine, causing her to lick her full red lips.

"Yes Mr. Starkly, he's expecting you," she purred.

Ezra nodded, thinking he should sic Wilmington on her.  He entered the principal's office closing the door behind him.  Charity Davenport continued to stare at the space where Ezra had stood, before entering the office.  She let out a quivering breath and ran her hand over her breast.  She could always get any man she wanted, and boy did she want that one, but he didn't seem interested.  She hoped that maybe he was gay, this at least helped appease her self-esteem some.

Manuel Gonzales brought his small, stocky body around the oak desk, offering his hand to the ATF agent and gesturing him to a nearby chair as he returned to his desk.

"Well, Mr. Standish, how is it going?"  Gonzales asked with a hopeful grin.

Manuel Gonzales was a middle aged man with thinning black hair and a gray mustache.  He had only recently been selected for the position of principal, unaware of the problems he was walking into.  The school board was watching him very carefully, wondering how he was going to deal with the gun problem at the school.  Luckily, Mr. Gonzales was a close friend of  DA Travis and when he went to the Judge to ask for help, Travis offered his best team.

"Not very well I'm afraid.  It's hard to earn the students trust being a new teacher thrown into the middle of the semester.  I do know one of your staff is the ring leader,"  Ezra sadly informed.

Manuel Gonzales bowed his head, the dejection on his face bringing a frown to Ezra's own visage.  Gonzales knew if something wasn't done soon about the gun situation the board would find someone else to take his place.  Gonzales raised his dark eyes, meeting  the concern on the undercover agent's  face.

"Now Mr. Gonzales, I'm not about to give up, these things take time." Ezra tried to alleviate some of his fears.  He liked the  highly qualified man and would hate to see him lose his job over this.

"I know Mr. Standish, but my time is running out.  The board expects to see results and soon."  Manuel ran his hand down his tired face.  He loved this job and this school and would hate to have to relocate again.  Even his family loved living in Colorado.

Ezra stood up.  "I assure you sir, I will do everything in my power to discover who is behind this."


Ezra stepped up to the door of his classroom just as the first bell rang. He stopped when he heard his name called.

"Mr. Starkly, hold up a minute."

Standish looked down the hall to see Stan Novak, the economics teacher, striding towards him.  He was a veteran teacher of 23 years, fifteen of those spent here at Ridge High.  He sported a rather bad black toupee, his own gray strands sticking out from underneath.  He stopped in front of Standish trying to catch his breath. He was a heavy smoker, which accounted for his obvious lack of stamina.  Ezra feigned a smile for the huffing and puffing teacher.  Everyone was aware of Stan's  contempt for the school system, the principal, the board and especially today's youth.

"Mr. Starkly are you going to attend the teacher's meeting this evening?  We teachers need to stick together against them." Stan gave Ezra a conspiratory nudge and grin.

"And who Mr. Novak, is them?" Ezra tiredly asked.  He always wondered why the man continued to teach if had such hatred and fear towards his students.

"You know the little homicidal monsters we teach.  We're going to discuss the  possibility of teachers being allowed to carry concealed weapons in the classroom.  I for one don't want to be shot because I gave some deranged student a bad grade." 

Standish kept his face impassive at the paranoid ramblings of the economics teacher.  The thought of Stan Novak carrying around a loaded gun caused a cold shudder of horror within the imperturbable agent.  "I'm sorry Mr. Novak, but I have a prior commitment, if you'll excuse me I'm late for class."  Ezra flung open the door causing Novak to step out of the way. 

He glared at the southerner, his mouth agape.  Standish turned his back and entered the classroom getting everyone's immediate attention, especially the females.  He was working undercover as a History teacher, keeping to the topic of the Civil War and early west.  It was a subject he was most familiar with and for some inexplicable reason enjoyed.  He figured the other agents he worked with would find it equally strange that someone who preferred Armani suits and caviar would love the idea of gunfights and playing poker in a rustic smoke-filled saloon.  The old west held an allure that he could not explain.  The simplicity of life wrapped within a harsh reality.

Ezra placed his briefcase ontop his desk and turned to face the class, a faint grin on his handsome face. "I hope everyone read their assignment last night, because there's going to be an impromptu test later."  His smile grew, revealing his dimples, at the groans that rose from the students.  He actually found himself enjoying this undercover assignment.

Standish turned to the blackboard and began writing when the classroom door opened.  A young man entered, coming up to his desk and handing him a piece of paper without saying a word, or meeting his eyes.   Ezra's green eyes narrowed as he read the slip of paper.

"Okay, Mr. Matt Olsen, you can take the empty seat over there."  He pointed to a far seat in the corner.  Ezra followed the young man with his eyes as he plopped down in the assigned seat.  "Please see me after class for missed assignments."  Ezra returned to the board picking up where he left off.  Forty-five minutes later the bell sounded for end of class.  Everyone paraded past Starkly's desk, laying the completed test down in front of him, and hurrying out.  Matt Olsen remained in his seat looking up at the now glaring southerner as the last of the students exited and closed the door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Mr. Dunne?"  Ezra jumped from his seat casting a withering glare at the dark-haired agent.  JD visibly shrunk back down into his seat, deciding it would be safer to remain seated for the time being.

Standish ran his hand down his clean shaven face, it had taken everything he had not to slip up when JD first walked in.

"I want to help, Ezra.  You said yourself that you were at a dead end and that being a teacher you could only get so close," JD reminded him.

"Yes," Ezra prompted, drumming his fingers on the desk.

"Well, who can get closer than another student," JD proudly exclaimed.  He had thought the idea was brilliant at the time, but now looking at the slow simmering undercover agent, maybe he hadn't thought everything through.

Ezra let out a breath realizing the logic behind it and knowing that JD honestly wanted to help.  And actually, he had to admit, it was a good idea.  If he had thought Larabee would of gone for it he would of suggested it.

"Does Mr. Larabee know?"

JD bowed his head giving Ezra his answer.

"Aww hell, he'll kill me if I let you continue this charade."

Dunne pushed himself out of his chair and was now standing in front of the older agent's desk.  "C'mon Ezra, everyone treats me like a kid.  Chris says, always go with your strengths.  Well, my strength is I can pass myself off as a high school student, and help you crack this case."

Standish came around and sat on the edge of his desk staring intently at the young agent.  He knew the youngest member of the team had a hard time getting the others to respect him and treat him as an equal.  JD was a electronic and surveillance whiz.  His computer hacking skills were beyond reproach, even Ezra's own endless knowledge of computers was put to shame by the young computer expert.  But no one saw this, they only saw the boy they wanted to protect, even Chris gave him safe assignments.

JD decided to try another tactic, one he had learned from Vin. "I'm going to do it with or without your help," he threatened.

"Don't threaten me, Mr. Dunne!" Ezra stood, even though he didn't hold the stature of Josiah or Chris he still was an imposing figure.  His vibrant green eyes seemed to burn right through to your soul.

Dunne noticeably slumped, a puppy whipped expression on his face.  (It never worked for Vin either)  He hadn't meant to be disrespectful to the cultured undercover agent.  For as well as Ezra could read people he didn't realize how much JD looked up to him.

"How did you get out of your assignment with Agent Harrison?" Ezra asked trying to change the subject to ease the growing tension.

A small smile tugged at the young agent's lips. "I promised to do his reports for a month if he'd cover for me."

Ezra thought for a moment running his fingers through his thick sandy brown hair.   JD was asking for a chance, a chance to prove his worth.  Why shouldn't he give the youth the same opportunity that Larabee had given him.  "Okay, but if the situation starts getting complicated you are to extricate yourself immediately.   I don't want to have to face Larabee's and Wilmington's wrath if anything were to happen to you."

The young agent's face gleamed at the chance to prove himself. "Don't worry Ezra everything will be fine."  Agent Dunne headed out the door only to return seconds later. "Ah Ezra, can you write me a pass to my next class,"  he asked sheepishly.

Ezra shook his head at the enthusiastic young agent.  He hoped he wasn't making a mistake he would later regret.  JD Dunne was a man and a full fledge agent something the others seem to forget or ignore.

****Part 3

Over the next couple of days Matt Olsen, aka JD Dunne,  attended classes like any other High school student.  He even had to squelch the romantic advances of a female teen.  But, unlike most teens he was also putting out feelers that he was interested in buying a gun.  He was relieved that things hadn't changed that much since he had graduated five years ago.  He kept his usual outgoing demeanor under wraps, instead, maintaining a rather menacing indifference.   He skipped a couple classes in the afternoon to perpetrate his delinquent behavior.  Ezra and him would usually meet in the hallway under everyone's nose in the guise of him asking about an assignment.  The young agent even flipped the undercover teacher off in front of everyone.  Standish made a mental note to get even with the suddenly arrogant youth.

Starkly's class was enthralling as evident by the concentrated stares of his pupils.  Ezra never even referenced the book.  The ever surprising agent, brought the wild west to life, and even JD found himself drawn in, as Standish spun tales of river boat gamblers, gunslingers and lawmen.  For a man who was comfortable in three piece tailored suits even when fishing, and whose idea of roughing it was a stay at the Embassy Suites.  Ezra seemed fascinated  and well versed with the crude and harsh life style of the old west.   JD realized just how little, him and the others knew about the solitary agent.


Dunne was throwing a couple books into his locker when a young black man materialized at his side and whispered, "You lookin' to buy a gun?"

JD didn't turn, but quietly murmured,  "Yeah."

"Follow me."  The young black boy walked off towards a nearby restroom and JD followed.  A boy, whose pallor almost matched the white porcelain sink which he sat on, was waiting.  He was taller than JD with shoulder length blondish-brown hair and brown eyes.

"Is he the one Jamal?"  The white boy asked, jumping down from his perch.

"Yeah, says he's lookin' to buy a gun."

JD remained silent as Ezra had instructed him, letting the boys say as much on their own as possible.  He noticed the silver stud in the white kid's tongue as he talked to Jamal. 

"What 'cha want?" The tongue studded boy asked, slowly circling the young agent.  Jamal had taken up position by the door discouraging anyone from entering.

"A .38," JD replied.

"What 'cha want it for?"

"Hell, if I was going to be asked twenty questions I'd go buy it legal like," Dunne sneered and was preparing to walk away, just as Ezra had instructed, when the kid put an arm across his shoulders.

"What 'cha name?"  The young dealer asked.

"Matt Olsen."

"It'll cost you a hundred."

"Fine," JD replied, his dark eyes now meeting the young man's brown ones. 

"Okay Matt, meet us here at lunch tomorrow with the money."

The two young men left, and JD took a deep breath releasing the nervous, excitement he had held.   "God, how did Ezra do it?"  He chuckled, wiping the palms of his hands down his pants.   The young ATF agent couldn't believe it he had made contact, they believed him.

JD met up with Standish in the school parking lot after school hours.  He had managed to get a copy of last year's school year book and found the pictures of the two boys in it. 

"Ezra, a David Sheperd and Jamal Mantlo just approached me to sell me a gun," JD excitedly  exclaimed.

Standish hid it behind an impassive smile, but he was proud of the young agent.  He had handled himself well  "You did well Mr. Dunne, now if you can get the name of the teacher whose involved I can have Mr. Larabee come in."

Standish still felt uneasy having JD in the middle of a potentially volatile situation.  He knew the young man was trying to prove himself he only wished he could do it in a less dangerous manner.

****Part 4

At the morning briefing Buck was teasing JD about his liquor store assignment, but wasn't getting much of a rise out of his young friend.  Luckily, JD had the forethought to talk to Agent Harrison and was able to give Larabee an accurate update.

"Congratulations Ezra, I hear you finally got a lead, good job," Chris praised.

The suave undercover agent glanced over at Dunne, hating to take the credit, he just smiled and nodded at Larabee's adulation.  JD bowed his head hiding the smirk behind the hair that fell in front of his face.  Sanchez caught the somewhat surreptitious interaction between the two agents and furrowed his brow.  Those two were up to something.


Dunne met David Sheperd and Jamal Mantlo in the same restroom the next day during lunch.  He handed David the money, which he quickly counted then nodded to Jamal who handed JD the gun.   Dunne immediately took it and slipped it in his waist band under his coat.  This impressed the young gun runner, most of his buyers would ooh and ahhh and nervously inspect the weapon, risking someone coming in and catching them.

"You have a pretty good thing going here," JD absently remarked.

"Yeah, it's not bad," David replied sticking the money inside his jacket.  He had been watching the dark-haired student all day.

"I don't suppose you're looking for a partner?" JD asked, hoping he wasn't pushing his luck.  But he was running out of time and excuses.  Agent Harrison was ready to wrap up the liquor store and was growing tired of covering for the absent agent.

David played with the stud in his tongue as he eyed the young undercover agent and for a moment JD thought he had blown it.

"Yeah, we could use someone, but you'll have to meet with approval.  We'll be in touch."  With that David slapped Dunne on the back and left the rest room.

Agent Dunne knew they would be checking up on him, but Ezra had already taken care of that contingency by planting a phony file in the school records.  He even gave JD a juvenile record.

Dunne informed Ezra about his meet with the two gun runners and about his possible meeting with the boss.  Standish was pleased, soon they could bring Larabee and the others in and end this.  

JD continued his charade.  He didn't see Sheperd or Mantlo all the following day, and by the end of the second day was starting to get worried that nothing was going to happen.

At the sound of the last bell, the young undercover agent made his way through the throng of students. He saw Sheperd standing at his locker, an insipid grin on his ashen face.  JD sauntered up glaring at the young blond headed boy until he stepped aside, allowing JD to dump his books into his locker.

"Tonight at six in Kindrick park."  Was all David said then walked off.

JD knew he should inform Ezra and bring in the others, but he also knew he wouldn't.

****Part 5

Standish answered his door bell somewhat surprised to see JD standing there, especially without Buck dogging his heels.  He moved aside allowing the visibly keyed up youth to enter.  JD started immediately pacing Ezra's living room.  He knew what he was about to say was going to anger the older agent.

"Mr. Dunne, to what do I owe this intrusion?" Ezra asked.

"I'm making contact at six tonight at the park," JD finally blurted out, shrinking back, expecting to get slapped upside the head.

"What! why didn't you tell me sooner?" Ezra yelled, noticing that it was already twenty to six.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't want you getting the others involved," JD explained.  He hated deceiving his friend this way, but he had something to prove.

"I'm coming with you."

"No Ezra, if you're spotted it could blow the whole thing.  I'm going to find out who the ring leader is, please let me do this on my own."

Ezra suddenly found himself between the proverbial rock and a hard place, not a position he relished.  He glared at the young agent, now he knew how Buck felt.    There wasn't even time to put a wire on him.

"I don't like this Mr. Dunne, we should notify Mr. Larabee and the others."

JD stopped his shuffling feet. "And risk loosing this guy.  Those two kids are under eighteen all they'll get is a slap on the wrist and who ever is supplying will just get more kids to do his dirty work," JD explained, hoping he sounded convincing.

Standish ran his hand nervously through his hair, his usual calm composure eroding with the pressure now placed on him.  "Alright but, I will be close by."  Ezra raised his hand cutting off the young agent's argument.  "It's either that or I call Larabee."

JD wanted to finish this. He wanted to be the one to close the case, if Chris and the others got involved he would be pushed to the side to safety once again.  He had to finish this to prove to them and to himself.

"Okay, but promise me you'll let me handle this, please Ez."

"JD, everyone needs backup."  Ezra smiled inwardly at this, even he was finally realizing the need for trust and friendship.

"I know, listen, as soon as I know who it is I'm gone, okay."

Ezra nodded.

Dunne stood by a bench covered with graffiti, just inside Kindrick park.  He wrapped his coat tight as a late autumn breeze kicked up dead leaves, swirling them around his sneakers.  Ezra had parked his jag across the street from the park; he could just barely make out JD standing alone.

It was after six and JD began to fear that no one was going to show.  Then he turned at the sound of footsteps and recognized David and Jamal as they materialized out of the night.  He swallowed the sudden nervous knot in his throat, which only moved it to his stomach. 'If you believe, they'll believe,' he kept saying to himself the adage that Ezra practically lived by.

"Hey you made it, good," David remarked.  He liked the dark-haired kid.  They had checked him out, and discovered he even had a juvenile record for car theft.   "Don't mind if we pat you down now, security, you understand."

JD raised his arms as Jamal thoroughly frisked him then backed away.  Sheperd came up alongside the young undercover agent and placed a brotherly arm across his shoulders.  "I like you kid, we're going to make a good team."

JD smiled up at the soon to be busted gun runner.

"Our boss will be here shortly, once you pass muster we'll start making plans."

Ezra watched as two boys approached agent Dunne, one of them patting him down.  He was grateful now that they hadn't put a wire on him.  A few minutes later a long black sedan pulled up and switched off its headlights.  It was almost pitch black, the clouds having obscured any light from the quarter moon, which hung in the sky.  Ezra saw two figures exit the back seat of the car and stop.  They didn't approach, but seemed to talk for a second.  He watched as they walked towards Dunne and the other two young boys.  Standish silently cursed that he couldn't make out who it was from this distance.

JD couldn't make out who had exited the car, and he nervously shuffled his feet and stuck his hands deep into his pockets.

A large, well built man approached wearing a tan trenchcoat.  He had white hair and a long face, which appeared to break in half as a wide, white smile appeared.  Another young man stood at his side.  JD could only see that he was small with blondish hair.  The large man came closer, and JD recognized him immediately as Louis Feldman, the football coach.  He had studied and become familiar with all the staff member's pictures in the year book.

"So Mr. Olsen, you wish to join our little enterprise?"  Feldman asked, his tone dripping with insincerity.  He loved using these kids, it was so easy, most were so gullible.  He had already made enough to retire on and was preparing to move on soon.  But there was one more large shipment coming in which he had to move quickly, so he was willing to take on more help.

"Yeah,"  Dunne replied warily, noticing that the small kid standing next to Feldman stared intently at him.  JD started getting a bad feeling.

Suddenly the young man next to Feldman grabbed him by the sleeve pulling his face down to his.  He whispered something into his ear and Louis' smile fell.  The football coach slowly straighten, his gray eyes narrowing.  JD's breath got lost somewhere between his lungs and throat when Feldman drew his gun.

"It appears Mr. Matt Olsen is a cop," Louis Feldman announced.  David and Jamal scurried away from the young agent.  Sheperd's eyes darted frantically around the encircling night expecting to be surrounded by police at any minute.

"What!  I'm not a cop,"  JD tried to deny, his own eyes matching Sheperds as they  searched for some avenue of escape.

The smaller boy finally stepped closer, and as JD got a better look at him, he swore.

"It appears that Mike Pauley here knows Mr. Dunne from previous encounters back in Boston," Feldman explained with a knowing smile.

"Small world, officer Dunne," Mike sneered.  This was beyond belief what were the odds?  Officer Dunne had arrested Mike Pauley for drug trafficking last year in Boston.  He was only fifteen so was released to his very prestigious parents, who decided to move away to avoid the scandal.

Standish knew something was up.  The two boys, who had been standing close to JD had suddenly moved away from him like he had the plague or something.

"And I bet that new teacher I saw you talking to a couple times is your partner, right Mr. Dunne?" Louis asked. "You see we were keeping an eye on you for the last couple days, never can be to careful."

Oh God, they knew about Ezra and it was all his fault.  "I work alone," JD said trying to sound convincing.

"I doubt that, but we won't take any chances.  We'll take care of Mr. Starkly later, after we take care of you," Feldman menacingly replied.

Suddenly everyone was blinded by headlights bearing down on them. David and Jamal froze as the black jag came racing across the manicured lawn.  Louis Feldman fired at JD, who had turned and was about to run.  Then he and the three students jumped into the sedan.  Ezra stopped his car and jumped out, gun in hand as the sedan tore off.  He turned around to see JD laying motionless on the ground a dark liquid pool forming around his head.

"Aww shit!"  Ezra pulled out his cell phone at the same time racing to JD's side.

"I need an ambulance now at Kindrick Park!"  Ezra yelled into the phone.  He slowly turned the young agent over and checked for a pulse, relieved to find even a faint one.  He ripped out the lining from his suede jacket and placed it on the bleeding head wound.  The bullet had cut a jagged path across JD's temple.  Ezra pulled the boy's head and shoulders into his lap, continuing to hold pressure to try and stop the bleeding.

"Hang on JD, please hang on," Ezra pleaded, looking up into the night sky, praying to whatever deity was up there to spare the young agent's life.  He heard the siren growing closer and felt the tears streaming down his face.