by Hombre

Main character: Ezra

Universe: ATF

Genre: Gen

Notes: This is my one and only attempt at poetry. If you can call it that!

There’s a little bit of Ezra and a little bit of me in this.

I stand up and move to stare out the window as my thoughts turn to the past.
Who was ever there to comfort me when I really needed them?
No one.
Why did no one ever wish to befriend me?
Because what?
Because I was not worthy.

With everyone I met it was always the same, surface smiles and surface concern,
But when I really needed them they turned away.
Alone again.
Why did no one wish to know me for life?
It’s always the same,
Brief companionship and abandonment.

Loneliness was my one true friend: my constant companion through the days.
I was the only person that I could rely on.
Did I deserve this?
Did I keep everyone at arm’s length deliberately?
I couldn’t be betrayed then.
I felt doomed to walk this Earth alone, until…………

I feel a gentle hand on my back and I turn to find Vin standing behind me.
“Are you alright, Ez?” he asks in concern.
“Yes,” I reply.
I look at each of the six men in the room and thank my great fortune.
I’m home.
These men have given me lasting friendship,
A reason to live.