by Joy K

Interlude #1

Is this thing on?

Yes, JD. See? It's typing what we say.

Okay. We're here to tell you that... Uncle Ezra?

Yes, Master Dunne?

What was we supposed to tell them about the story?

The story has been unavoidably delayed.

Yeah, what Uncle Ezra said. But it's not our fault, is it Vin?

Nope. Me and JD been doing our part, But Buck and Dad aren't helping.


Don't sigh, JD.

Remember this summer, Vin, when it was the bolley ball girls they was watching during the 'lympics?

Yeah, I know.

Well, now it's the baseball boys. They just sit there and yell at the TV and sometimes at each other.

That's because one's cheering for Boston and the other for the Yankees.

What's a Yankee, Vin? Why do they call that other team the Red Sox. How come they spell socks wrong? Didn't they have Mrs. Roquette and Mr Beidler to tell them how to spell socks?


What, Vin?

Game's over. I wonder which one's mad tonight?

Gentlemen, I suggest we retire to your room.

Good idea, Unca Ezra. Bye people. We'll get the story done soon.


Hey, Vin.


I'm really glad Unca Ezra doesn't like baseball. That means he gets to spend lotsa time with you and me while Da and Chris watch the game.

Yeah, he did lots on my puzzle last night.

Do you think you'll get it done before Christmas?


It can't see you shrug, Vin.

I know. I'm just not sure I'll get done. We had to start a lot of it over after last week.

I'm glad you didn't break the box.

Me, too. It was bad enough that I got mad and ripped some of the pieces apart.

Da said that was 'cause you missed Unca Ezra.


It's okay, Vin. He's back. Hey!


When are we going to do our story?

I don't know. How long do you think Buck will be mad 'cause his team lost?

I don't know. He told me now he's going to cheer for Cardinals or Astros. What's an Astro, Vin? Isn't that the dog on the Jetsons? What's a Cardinal. Isn't that somebody at one of them churches? How come a dog gets to play baseball. Do you think Elvis and Ringo could play too...

Bye, Computer. I'm going to turn this off before JD uses up all the space on the hard drive.


En guard!

On guard!

::: clanking of swords :::

You won't beat me!

Yeah-huh. I'm that Arrow Flint guy that does all the swords fights in them old movies.

Yeah, well I'm Robin Hood, and I'm going to win!

::: clanking of swords :::

::: barking of pups :::

::: crashing of lamp :::


Look what you did, Vin.

Me? You did it.





Boy's what is going on in here?



Well? I'm waiting. What happened to the lamp, and why is Ringo playing with Ezra's cane?

No, Ringo! Give it back.

Sorry, Da. It was an aksadent. We was swords fighting.

With Ezra's cane?



And this.

A toilet plunger?

Yeah. Vin maked me use it, but I wanted the cane.

Neither one of you should have been using either the cane or the plunger.

But Da, it was boring, boring, boring waiting for the baseball boys to get done so you'd come play with us.

Here's the cane, Buck.

Ewww, Da! You put your hand in dog slobber.

One, two, three...

Da, what are you doing?

I'm counting to ten.

JD, I think we'd better clean up the mess. We're sorry, Buck.


Hey, Junior, don't get so upset. There's no need to cry. It's only a lamp and dog slobber. And I don't think Ezra will mind a couple of teeth marks on his cane. I'm not really mad. I was just frustrated and a little worried that you could have hurt each other.



What happened in here?

Just a little sword fighting accident, Pard. I think we might have been spending a little too much time watching baseball and leaving the little guys out.

That right?

Apparently so. Little Bit says that it's been boring, boring, boring.

How about you, Vin?

I like baseball but it takes too long. And we watched that old sword fighting movie the other day and...

And you wanted to try it, huh?

Yes, dad.

Go put those away and we'll all work on the puzzle for a while.


::::Sounds of running feet:::

The puzzle, Pard?

Suck it up Buck, if I'm missing baseball so are you.


And now, on with the LB series, "Puzzling Out Life's Little Lessons".

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