By Estee & LaraMee


Vin, how come everyone is getting their stories in late?

I don't know, JD. Maybe they gots too much stuff to do, or maybe . . .?

Maybe what?

Maybe it's the curth!

The curth?

No, the curth.

That's what I said, the curth.

<heavy sigh>

So, what's a curth?

Not a curth, A CURTH! And, it's kinda like when ya wish for bad stuff to happen to someone, and then bad stuff does happen to 'em.

Why would ya do a mean thing like that, Vin?

I didn't do it, JD. Stinky Freddy did it.

Stinky Freddy put a curth on the writers?

Yeah, I reckon he must have. It's the only thing that makes sense. He probably don't like the stuff they write about him.

They do write mean things, but they's just tellin' the truth.

Yeah. I like the stuff they write about Freddy and Eli Joe. 'Cept they forgot to tell about the time Freddy forgot to zip up his barndoor and everyone laughed, and the time we saw Eli Joe pickin' his nose and . . .well, you know.

That was gross.


So, if Freddy puts curthes on peoples, do ya think he might put a curth on me?

He already did, JD.

He did?

Yep, but don't worry, Phyllis is next and she's workin' real hard to get her story done.

She's a right nice lady and I think she's taken a shine to you so she won't let Freddy hurt you. Well, not too bad, anyway.

Okay. Vin? Is there a way we can uncurth everyone that Freddy curthed?

JD, if you say that one more time I'm gonna go to my new secret hideout that you don't know about and not play with you ever again for the rest of my whooole life.

Say what word?


But that's what you said! You said he put a curth on them!

Okay. That's it.

But . . .?


Wait! Vin??




Heavy sigh

What's the matter, Vin?

Growed ups sure seem to have lots 'a 'stractions.

What's a 'straction?

That's what growed ups have too much things goin' on and they can't get all of 'em finished.

Oh. What was 'stracting 'em?

I think it was the 'lections this time.


Yeah, 'member? All them c'mercials where one guy said bad things 'bout the other guy? Then them two guys had 'bates.

'Bates? What guys had 'bates?

The Pres'dent an' that guy that wan'ed to be Pres'dent... um... John Kerry.

Oh. Is he related to Da's friend, Kerri?

I dunno, why don'cha ask 'im?

Nu-uh, Da makes a sad face when I say somethin' 'bout Kerri.

Oh. I wish he didn't feel sad 'bout her not comin' to 'Merica too much now.


Anyway, then ever'body had to go vote for which guy they want to be pres'dent and it's the same guy.

So why did they boat if the same guy is still pres'dent?

I dunno. It's just one 'a them growed up things I reckon.


So now it's after the 'lections. That means the growed ups ain't so 'stracted.

That's good, 'cause I'm real bored. It's boring, boring, boring when we don't got a story.

Yeah, but Phyllis an' Estee both gots stories to tell 'bout us an' Joy said she's gonna put 'em both on the 'puter this weekend.



Hey guys, what's going on in here?

Hi Dad!

Hi Chris!

We was just talkin' 'bout the stories.

Oh, okay. Well, Buck burned dinner --

Did not!

Did too!

Gee, Dad, you an' Buck sound like me an' JD!

::laughter:: Yeah, well, anyway, since dinner is... shall we say, too tough to eat? We're going out.



Go get your shoes on and let's go.

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