by Joy & GinaD


"Buck, when's the series gonna start?"

"It's supposed to start tonight Little Bit but it was preempted"

"What's preempty mean?"

"It means that something else came up to interfere with the start of the series."

"Does that mean we ain't gonna get more abentures?"

"No JD, it just means that the premiere is going to be delayed by a day. How about we go back through one of your old books instead. Remember when Peso got out or when you and Vin went riding on the UPS truck?"

"Yeah it was scary."

"Well maybe if we look back at those stories we'll be ready tomorrow when the new ones come out. Chris and Vin are already in the living room waiting for us. Say goodnight to the nice people."

"Yeah! Nite nice people's. Me and Vin will see you tomorrow night."


Hey, Vin?

"Yeah, JD?"

Did we get pre-emptied again?


You know, the series. Buck says we got pre-emptied and we'd start yesterday.

Oh. Well, Buck and Chris are watching the 'Lympics. They keep yelling at the TV. It's not like those people can hear them.


So when do we start the new stories? I wanna tell about going to Mr. George's store again.

Yeah, that was fun. I suppose we just have to wait until the girls playing volleyball in the sand gets all done.

I like the sword fights bestest.

Yeah, that's cool!

Boys? Bed time.

Okay, Chris.

'Kay, Dad.

Night Computer. Tell the people we'll do the story real soon... well, sometime soon... so keep watching.


"Hey, Vin! Guess what?"

"What, JD? Hey, don't bump the table. You're messing up my puzzle."


"It's okay. What did you want?"

"Buck says the girls only gots one more game."


"The bolly ball girls. You know, the ones that play in the sand with the funny swimmin' suits."

"Oh, those girls. I'd rather be the shooting guys, but they don't show much of them on the 'Lympics."

"I like the horses. Even the dresses parts."


"Yeah, that. Anyway, Buck says they can help us with the story after the girls finish playing tomorrow."

"Okay. Help me put this away. I want to go pretend I'm a shooter in the 'Lympics."

"Bye computer. We'll be back tomorrow."


Dum, Dum... de dum dum dum dum

Dum, dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum ditty-dum-dum-dum...

What are you doing Little Bit?

I'm singing the 'Lympic song for Vin 'cause he winned the gold medal. See?

Wow, that is an ingenious use of a canning jar ring and string.

It's not a jar ring. It's a gold medal!

And Vin Tanner wins the gold medal for shooting at the targets better than everybody else in the whole wide world!

And JD Dunne wins for being the fastest runner ever!

Thanks, Vin.

Hey boys, I though JD was competing in the equestrian events.

We don't got any questions, Da. I was playing that I was jumping the horses, but they only showed a little bit and they show lots of running so I decided I liked that better.

I see. Are you boys ready to start your story now?

Are you done with the bolly ball girls?

Yes, Women's Beach Bolly, I mean Volleyball is over. Come on. Chris is waiting for us in the den.

Yeah! Let's go. Two 'lympic gold medal wearers. We're the bestest in the world!

Yes, Little Bit... you sure are!

Comments: Joy & GinaD

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