Pie for Ezra

by Indra Leigh

Calmly closing the door, showing no signs of inward exhaustion, the clean pressed man sighed as he overlooked the small cabin that had been his “home” for the past three weeks. Completely knowing the necessity of his work, he attempted to keep his misery at bay. Pretending to be a wealthy outdoors enthusiast with a desire to destroy the industrial world, along with gambling casinos, Ezra Standish presented an excellent farce as Emmett Spaulding.

Three weeks since he had last seen the majority of the six men who had become his family by choice. Alone against the world; how he grew up and how he was sure he would stand as an adult. He was proven wrong. By caring men who were at his bedside when he woke in the hospital after an injury. Men who accepted him as a man and not as the subject of vicious rumors. Coworkers who slowly became friends, held at a distance. Friends who evolved and grew into brothers.

Slightly shaking his head to banish his melancholy line of thought Ezra approached the dresser next to the small bed. Hoping that his contact, Vin, had gotten his report from beneath the rock that sat on top of a folded piece of paper and a ‘JD special’ tracking device, where he had hidden it on his nightly commune with nature the previous evening. Fingers that hadn’t handled cards flexed as they reached to slide open the top drawer displaying socks and a small red rectangular box. Attached to the box with a rubber band was a note. Dexterous fingers gently removed the foreign object from the sock drawer. In the process of separating the note hand warmer packets were revealed to be secured to the bottom of the red box with the label stating that the contents contained one apple pie from a popular fast food restaurant. Sitting down on the edge of the log frame bed the note was unfolded for examination.


Some say today is for eating pie,
some say today is for spending time with family.
Have some pie and know that your family
of brothers is looking out for you today and every day..
Not much longer and we’ll be together,
with many pies and good food.
Happy Thanksgiving, Ace.

Your Uncouth Family

Removing the pie from the box, the man grinned. A treat he would normally insult instead of consuming, accompanied by a message from his family gave him reasons for thanks on this good day.