Rich or Poor

Vin Tanner's Girl

Part three of the Shenandoah series.

Ezra sat in bewilderment at the bar staring into his whiskey. He couldn't believe she chose J.D. over him. He had all the money, all the means to provide her with everything she'd ever need, why not him right? J.D. had nothing, no money, well barely. He had nothing extravagant to offer her. As Ezra pondered over this, Buck walked in.

"How's it going Ez?"

"Horrid, I just don't see why she chose J.D. over me. I can provide her with anything and everything she'd ever want. I can support her financially, he can't. WHY???!!"

"Maybe J.D. gives her something you can't; a simple life. A poor boy's life, where all there is is nothing but love. Always and forever. Maybe she wants nothing but love.."

"I can give her that!"

Buck stifled a chuckle.

"Ez, your idea of love is furs and wine. J.D. loves in the way of a boy. From the heart, not the pocketbook."

Ezra glared at Buck, he was not happy with the answers he was getting. He had to get out or he would bust up the place. He stormed out of the bar and seconds down the street he ran smack into J.D. After that everything hit the fan.

"HEY! Tell me why she chose you??!! Why not me? What do you have that I don't? What is wrong with financial stability and fancy things? What can you possibly give her that I can't? A dozen children? That's not stability, that's a death wish!" Ezra's face was near purple with anger.

J.D. calmly took in all of it and waited a bit before speaking.

"Ezra, listen. She loves me and I love her. It's like that song, 'Moon over Georgia.' She took the simple life over complicated. She took relaxing over high society clubs and people. She took the 'moon' or simple life over 'Georgia' the rich and stuffy. She couldn't see herself in a high society. She couldn't bear the thought of you countin' your money in your office at night instead of lying next to her in a four poster bed. One night by the river we sat and she told me she wants to sleep beneath a blanket of stars in the summer, not in a hotel room in Paris. She wants to see the yellow light of the moon through curtained windows in a little country home outside of town. She has nothing against you, she just wants to fulfill her girlish dream."

Ezra stood silent. J.D. was so calm when he said it. Ezra felt bad that he sat there and screamed in J.D.'s face.

"J.D. I'm sorry. I didn't know she felt that way."

"It's ok. You''l find your Georgia Ezra. Someday you will."

He owns a big estate
just south of Savannah
and a high rise hotel in down-town Atlanta
add half the state of Georgia to his name
She'd be set for life in his colonial manner
he laid the world at her feet on a silver platter
but all I had to offer her, was the moon

And she took the moon over Georgia
She'd rather have a million stars in the sky
than a gold mine
She took the moon over Geogia
When it came down to his world or mine
she took the moon over Georgia

-A little country house in need of expansion
it's far cry from his south Georgia mansion
but we've got our own paradise.
Shadows dancin' til dawn with a full moon shinin'
and those occasional clouds all have a silver lining
there really must be something about, that old yellow light

And she took the moon over Georgia
She'd rather have a million stars in the sky
than a gold mine
She took the moon over Georgia
when it came down to his world or mine
She took the moon over Georgia

Moon Over Georgia
- Shenandoah

Part four: Loved Like That