The Friendship Collection

by MMW

What is this collection all about? Friendship.

In looking for a quote to put on a friend's birthday card I found hundreds of quotes about friendship. Some of them immediately jumped out at me screaming "Hey! I'm a great quote for an M7 ficlet! Use me!". After about the fourth time that happened, I started writing the quotes down.

The stories in this collection - at least the ones I know of so far - are short little ficlets or scenes with the guys. Each ficlet is either inspired by or includes a quote about friendship. Wherever possible, I have tried to confirm that the person listed is, in fact, the person who said this quote. I can not vouch for the validity of all of these since it is possible someone else said it first. I'm just going by what I found.

Since these quotes are varied and cover a large span of time, I have not limited myself to one universe. Some of these ficlets occur in the Old West and some in the ATF universe. There are a few that suggested themselves to me as Little Britches fics, so you may see some of those as well. I also decided not to limit myself to the Old West for this collection because some of these quotes weren't said until well after the time period associated with the show.

Disclaimer: The characters of "The Magnificent Seven" belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc. and are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Nesting Instinct
(Ezra, Josiah) OW

(Buck, Chris) OW

(Chris) ATF

A Strong Foundataion
(Chris, Josiah) ATF

(JD, Vin) OW

(Ezra, Maude) ATF

(Seven) ATF

A Mother's Wisdom
(Ezra, Maude) OW

(Vin, Ezra) OW

Friends and Family
(Josiah, Vin) OW

An Important Lesson
(Josiah, Ezra) ATF

Coffee with Bear Milk and Friendship
(Chris, Vin) ATF