by Vin Tanner’s Girl

Well, he played it cool and watched as the other guys lay their money down. $300 a hand was too low for him but, he played anyway. He looked at his hand and saw her. The high stakes card. She was beautiful. He deviously grinned mentally as he hardened his face to prevent notice of a good hand. The rest of the men lay down their cards and Ezra laid his down. He smiled. A hand won again. He’d been on a winning streak for three weeks, raking in money left and right.

Until one night, he walked to a $1,000 hand table and was too cocky, too quick. He’d seen his hand and all he had was one lady and a series of numbers. He figured she’d save him but when it came time to lay down, the guy across from him held three ladies. Ezra had nothing on this guy; his lady was drowning in his hands. He lay down and ran out of the casino. Mortified by the fact of losing and scared of being caught by his bookie he went back to Denver. As he was gathering his things he realized his bookie would be short changed and he hated that. When he got home, he walked into his room and found his bookie holding a .45 to his head.

“Where’s my money Standish?”

“I…I don’t have all of it. Give me one minute to collect the rest.”

“I don’t have a minute.”

The bookie forced Ezra to his knees and then put the gun to his head. Ezra’s blood froze. He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, Ezra’s blonde brother burst through the back door.


The bookie didn’t drop the gun but turned around to face Chris. Ezra kicked the man to his knees and Chris had put a bullet in him. Ezra lay on the floor and cried.

“It’s alright Ez. We’ll get you some help.”

“Chris, thank you. I guess I do have a gambling problem don’t I?”

“Yeah, you do,” Chris said, putting his arm around his brother and walking him out of the house.

She was cool, she was hot, she was smokin' a lot
At the end of the bar
She had more then one too many buttons undone
On that blouse she wore
Starin' too long at her lost in the Skynyrd song
Was his first mistake
And when she shot him that, "Boy you don't want none of this" look
It was way to late

She's like a needle to a junky, she's like whiskey to a drunk
She's like poker to a gambler, she's like a bullet in a gun
She's in his blood, he can't explain the rush
When he gets with her
Might be the death of him, but he's addicted, man
He can't quit her

Well, she'd come to his house and he'd tell her
She belonged just with him
She'd get up and she'd get dressed, take five hundred
No less, and then leave again
He said "Baby, I'll take care of you, can't stand the thought of sharin you, with them other guys."
She laughed and said "Well, maybe you shouldn't call me no more then baby"
And he didn't, that first night.

Repeat Chorus

She's in his blood, he can't explain the rush
When he gets with her
Might be the death of him, but he's addicted, man
He can't quit her.

She was cool, she was hot, she was walkin across the parkin' lot
With some other guy
Well, he was jealous, he was jonsin'
And he wound up on the wrong end of a forty-five.

"He Can’t Quit Her"
Gary Allan