Bright Christmas*

(Mag-Seven style)

by Beth Green

*Sung to the tune of ’White Christmas’

I'm dreaming of a skilled tracker
Who swept the street outside a store,
'Til without no flinchin'
He stopped a lynchin'
'Cuz Vin shoots and saves and scores.

I'm dreaming of the town's healer
Who's very dexterous with a knife.
With his neck in danger
An unknown stranger
Helped Vin Tanner save his life.

I'm dreaming of a tough gunman
Dressed up in black from head to toe.
And his tragic history's
Not still a mystery
'Cuz Buck let Miz Travis know.

I'm dreaming of a stud cowboy
Who's also handy with a gun.
When not with a lady,
He helps out JD.
Spends life mostly havin' fun.

I'm dreaming of a green sheriff
Who found his family in this town.
The lad lost his mother
But found a brother.
JD's life got turned around.

I'm dreaming of an ex-preacher
Who had a vision of some crows.
And he's strong, not silent
And sometimes violent.
The man's had his share of woes.

I'm dreaming of a cute conman
Who dressed himself in women's clothes.
Ezra's prone to rambling,
And often gambling.
He's not humble and it shows.


I'm dreaming of the Mag Seven.
I hope they visit you tonight.
May your dreams be merry and bright
And your favorite cowboy(s)
Spend the night.