by LT and Niteowl

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, wish we did. Not makin' any money, wish we could. We don't own The Magnificent Seven, or they would have been treated better. But we are eternally grateful to John Watson and the corporate entities, who had enough vision to bring the guys into our lives. We write purely for enjoyment - ours and our friends!

Author's Notes: from Niteowl's October 11, 2004 drabble challenge "Gently, boy. Gently..." - LT was inspired by my drabble, then I was inspired by what she had written - So between the two of us, we decided to do Katy's birthday fic together - Happy Birthday, chum! - A special thanks to Phyllis for keeping the Drabble Challenge alive, and thanks to the creators of the Little Britches AU, JK Poffenberger and S Berry, and Joy K who maintains the web page and the spirit of the stories

Another special thanks to Phyllis for the final beta job - Your time and effort are much appreciated!

Size: Approx 360K

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