Rating: PG13 (for language)

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Comments:  This has not been betaed.  I  wrote this because CBS pulled the show's summer run.

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It was Friday night and there was a knock on Chris's door.  He already knew who was there, one of the members of his team.  They had been coming for weeks, every Friday night. "Come in.  It's open." The screen door of the ranch opened with a clatter.

Vin entered carrying a grocery bag.  Potato chips could be seen peeking from the top.

"Hey, pard," Tanner drawled.  He went over to the worn kitchen table and unpacked the contents, two six-packs of Coronas and the chips.

Another knock brought in Ezra, with JD and Buck at his heels bickering.

"We on time?" JD asked with concern in his voice.

Ezra pulled up the sleeve on his DKNY sweatshirt to reveal a Concorde watch. "We still have five minutes."

"So, Ez, how are you going to poison us tonight?" Buck said trying to glimpse into the plastic sack Standish carried.

"Hummus and Tabouleh tonight, and I am not trying to poison you, just expand your limited gastronomic horizons." Ezra carefully placed his food by the chips.

Nathan and Josiah rounded out the team a few moments later. "We brought barbecue ribs," Sanchez announced as Jackson lifted the white take-out container.

"Finally real food!" Wilmington exclaimed as he inhaled the scent of the ribs.

It was time.  They all took their positions.

"What the hell!" Chris exclaimed.

"This is crap!" Buck said getting up from the couch. "You sure you did that right?"

JD double checked. "Yep, right time and right place."

"Ezra see what you can find out," Chris said to his undercover agent.

"I will find out what has occurred," Standish pulled out his cell phone, and went into the kitchen to make his call.

He returned with a somber look upon his face.

"So?" Vin asked.

"It's been cancelled," Ezra said plainly.

"Are you sure? Maybe a  mistake has been made?" JD asked, his eye's pleading with Standish.

Ezra nodded. "Although there was some mention of the country of Sweden." Standish shrugged his shoulders in puzzlement.

"I'll give them an Unsolved Mystery.  What if Robert Stack suddenly disappeared?" Buck snapped his fingers to show how quickly he could make it happen.

"How could they do such a thing?" Josiah said looking up to heaven.

"I really liked that kid," JD said slumping on the couch. "I mean I know there was no possible way he could of shot Annie, unless she grew a few feet. . . " Dunne laid his head in his hands. Buck went to squeeze his best friend's shoulder.

"The ladies man, he got me right here," Wilmington pounded on his chest. "He was all heart."

"The guy who was the healer, " Nathan continued, "he was a role model for the black community.  He could have been a doctor." All the men nodded their agreement.

"I so admired the dashing gambler," Ezra said, commiserating  with his fellow agents. "He was a true gentleman, who savored the finer things in life."

"Amen.  The big, burly  man was always giving wise advice," Josiah shook his head in disbelief.

"The tracker, all quiet like," Vin said as he sipped his beer.  "He was someone you could count on." The men all raised their eyebrows to him.  "Okay, except for the time with Charlotte," Vin amended.

"Let's go boys," Chris said, putting on his black leather jacket and heading towards the door. "I need to know their leader finds the people responsible for killing his family."

Buck could see the controlled rage building in Larabee's eyes. He did not want this to get out of hand. "Chris, this could have happened to any show."

Chris gave his friend an icy stare. "But, it didn't.  It happened to our show."

The  six men followed their leader out, setting out to CBS corporate headquarters to bring their favorite television program, The Magnificent Seven back.


The End